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Marine decor: the harmony of eternal summer in a cozy home (26 photos)

Marine decor in the interior gives an extraordinary feeling of lightness. Interesting little things from the sea evoke memories of the freshness of the sea breeze, the relaxing sound of the sea, the warm embrace of the sun. It is a symbol of romance, craving for travel, new unforgettable emotions.

To design the interior completely in a nautical style or to bring in the mood with the help of individual elements, those very avid travelers prefer. Some accessories can be made with your own hands, using the "pieces of the sea" brought from travels.

Main aspects

Typical marine accessories are usually filled with houses on the coast, so the spectacular Mediterranean style looks somewhat unusual in a modern apartment in a raging metropolis. However, if such a design was chosen by the owners of the apartments, most likely they pursued the idea in a particularly creative way, as well as decorating their own dwellings in a very unusual way.

Marine themes are often presented as a catchy installation on a particular resort theme or a couple of modest souvenirs brought from the rest.

Corals, shells, sea pebbles, stars, exotic attributes characteristic of a particular area - all this can be a worthy decoration for the house or play the role of source material for creating original jewelry with your own hands.

Original frames

The ways that decorate the frame, you can use for the decoration of lamps, table lamps, shelves, flowerpots with flowers and other familiar elements of home decoration. Particularly impressive is exactly the photo taken in the moments of rest, in a handmade frame.

The easiest way to decorate an item is to produce a sticker of selected materials. It is better to give preference to the smooth surface of the frame with a fairly wide canvas. The following material is preferred as a material:

  • Pearl imitation beads;
  • Conchs;
  • Sea pebbles;
  • Multi-colored sea pebbles;
  • Starfish;
  • Sand;
  • Coins imitating ancient pirate ducats;
  • Ropes (nautical ropes).

Dressing can be limited to the use of only one type of jewelry. For example, an elegant and romantic looking frame, completely covered with pearls.

However, their creative impulses do not necessarily hold back. The installation of sea stones can be supplemented with a bow of sea rope. A scattering of small shells or sea pebbles will be effectively decorated with a miniature figurine of a crab or a bright tropical fish.

Candle holders

In houses and apartments, where simplicity and convenience reign, sometimes there are not enough cute souvenirs. To give a sensation of comfort and warmth will help the original lamp. You can decorate the interior with your own hands, guided by personal taste and individual wishes.

Win-win - all the details of the candlestick disguise tight rope, imitating the sea rope. Such a textile transformation already looks aesthetically and atmospheric. The base of the candlestick is decorated with a big shell or starfish.

It will complement the decoration with a scattering of pearls or ancient coins attached in a chaotic manner. Even a small bow decorated in a nautical style will play its important role.


Marine decor is great to use with dishes of all types and forms. Moreover, it is not at all necessary to buy an expensive vase or a huge aquarium.

Old outdated dishes or simple bottles can find new life in the capable hands of a talented person. Options for styling mass:

  • The flavor of medieval ships;
  • The attraction of noisy taverns and restaurants on the coast;
  • Exciting emotions of long journeys;
  • Fishing theme;
  • Unusual seascapes;
  • Exciting acquaintance with the colorful underwater world of tropical corners.

Being inspired, you can create entire installations on a specific topic. The basis can be a nautical-style bottle decor that will complement the composition of ammonites, fish figurines, shells, and a little pebbles. Using decanters, jugs, wine bottles of dark green glass, you can create a very effective decorative element. Overflows and emerald highlights on their own look fresh.

Bowls, plates, bowls

The decor of seashells is able to turn an old deep bowl, which was lying around somewhere in the kitchen into an unusual vase or creative base for a marine composition. Enough old dishes carefully pasted over with small shells or pebbles.

The experiments don't end there. At the bottom of the dishes pour a little sand, laying starfish, corals, a couple of unusual stones.

Terrariums and florariums

All kinds of "dry" aquariums, florariums and terrariums - fashionable room decor in the marine or Mediterranean style. Interesting compositions that are created by professional decorators, offer to buy almost in any store. However, it is much more interesting to create a composition on your own.

It is based on a simple aquarium or other similar tank. Glass fragility will be particularly subtle emphasize the brutal rough stones located at the bottom of the container. To create a florarium fit and containers made of dense plastic. In the "bottle gardens" place plants that love moisture, forming around them installations of stones and the original marine decor.

The motives of the sea in the children's room

The interior of the nursery in the nautical style is a popular solution with modern designers. This current is convenient in terms of creating specific thematic stylizations of the room.

For example, a room for a boy can be arranged in the literal sense of a cabin. It has a hanging hammock, a rough bed, solid ropes décor, and window curtains simulate fluttering sails. In addition, the room is complemented by a mass of atmospheric relevant accessories. The child is also attracted to the selection of decor.

Thanks to the photobags you can make a budget version of the "sea location". For the basis take the image of a yacht, sea beach, the underwater world or the deck of a beautiful ship. Furniture made of wood or rattan will fit well into the interior, and small details will aggravate the desired effect.

Carpet blue will mimic the sea surface. If you wish, you can arrange exactly the floor covering in the form of the bottom of the sea or the abode of some fabulous water inhabitant. Today, 3D flooring is very popular and accessible to all.

Sea atmosphere can be created in other rooms. For example, a bathroom, a hall or a drawing room. A relaxing Mediterranean, sultry tropics, a neutral maritime theme - any ideas can really be implemented, spending a minimum of financial resources and your own efforts. The main thing is that the result will please the residents of the house, giving the apartment comfort, warmth and positive.