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DIY chandelier decor: new ideas and materials (53 photos)

Lighting is one of the most important elements of the interior, which can drastically change the visual perception of the room. Therefore, the location and number of lighting fixtures is always carefully thought out.

Great luck to immediately find the lamps that fit organically into the interior. But sometimes the ideal chandelier is hard to find, and the pleasing eye of the desk lamp dimmed and lost its original beauty.

At such moments, the hostess is thinking how to update the look of a new or so beloved old chandelier. Let us consider several interesting options for how to make the decor of the chandelier in the home.

Painting or painting

You can paint both the base and the ceiling itself. Often the chandeliers are updating the color when repairing an apartment. After all, an old chandelier will not organically fit into the updated interior.
For this, oil and acrylic paints are suitable, and they can be applied both with brushes and airbrush (only acrylic).

  1. The first stage is preparatory. It is necessary to detach the elements that we are going to paint. That is, to remove in the direction of light bulbs, cartridges and so on. Then you should get rid of the old paint and degrease the surface.
  2. Next, prepare the workplace. An outdoor area or at least a balcony is best (in other words, any well ventilated place). The floor is covered with newspapers or film.
  3. There should be several layers of paint, and everyone should dry well before applying the next one. As a result, the color should get saturated, and the surface is uniform. Usually, three or four layers are enough for this.

You can paint the ceiling in one color, but you can paint them with all sorts of patterns. It is better to do this with acrylic or stained glass paints (they fit perfectly on a smooth surface and do not spread out). It all depends on your imagination and creativity. It can be ethnic motifs, geometric shapes, birds, flowers, in general, everything that the soul wishes at the moment.

You can use different drawing techniques:

  • imitation of stained glass on glass shades;
  • gradient (smooth transition of one color to another);
  • volumetric painting (can be achieved by painting with large strokes; flowers are very beautiful in this technique).

If you are not sure about your drawing skills, you can use stencils. With them the most difficult drawings are possible!

Ceiling decoration

In addition to painting and painting the ceiling while updating the chandelier, you can use a variety of decorative materials:

  • rhinestones and beads of different shapes and sizes;
  • tapes and fabrics;
  • lace;
  • yarn;
  • feathers;
  • artificial flowers, butterflies and countless other materials.

Decorative elements are used at the final stage of the conversion of the chandelier. Since after their attachment it will be difficult to paint it, if you suddenly want. Attached elements with glue gun.

It is worth remembering that the chandelier is very hot during operation (when using incandescent bulbs). So, the jewelry must be fixed with the help of high-quality glue, which will not change its properties over time.

Creating a new chandelier with your own hands

Famous designers and decorators claim that anyone who wants to create an unusual chandelier for a chandelier can create one. On the Internet, a huge number of master classes from amateurs and professionals to create unusual chandeliers. Usually, simple materials are used for this, and the process is not time consuming.

The most suitable materials for creating a ceiling light is paper and fabric. They are in every home, easy to change shape, are inexpensive. You can also use threads and yarns or glass (for example, unusual bottles or vases). The most extravagant versions of the lamps can be made of plastic, cardboard boxes and even out of the box from under the coffee!

Starting from scratch is always difficult, therefore, below we consider several interesting options.

Chandelier from filaments

An interesting and fairly simple option. You will need a skein of yarn, a balloon and PVA glue.

So, we inflate a ball, then we make a through hole in a tube with a glue with a needle and thread a thread through it. Now we wrap a ball with this thread. This can be done both randomly and in specific directions, creating various geometric patterns. We wait for the glue to dry and burst the ball. This cover is not very strong, so you should pull out the ball very carefully. With a creative approach, using different textures and colors of threads, you can get a very creative and beautiful chandelier.

Chandelier "Cage for birds"

We need a thick wire, metal mesh, scissors and artificial birds.

First you need to assemble the frame of our future chandeliers. To do this, we make two identical rings with a diameter of 40 cm, cut a piece of metal mesh 30 cm wide and 126 cm long. Twist the mesh into a ring of equal diameter with our wire rings and fasten (twist the ends of the mesh onto the wire) between them. On the one hand, we fasten three wires, connecting them in the center of the circle and slightly protruding beyond the cylinder (in this place our chandelier will be attached to the cartridge). The frame is ready.

Next, cut off pieces of wire 40 cm (2-3 pieces). It will be birdies perch. So fasten (thin wire) to them the birds and place them inside our cage. The chandelier is ready. You can add it to the decor of the outer side of the cell, but here everything depends on your imagination.

Chandelier "Skirt"

The simplest and a bit strange in this collection. All that is needed is the upper platform, on which the “skirt” is fixed - round pieces of translucent fabric (preferably light colors), fastened in the middle. A fabric for sewing a tutu skirt or another bulk loose fabric will work well.

Often special cylindrical frames are sold for ceiling lamps. Many craftswomen use them. It is not surprising, because they are inexpensive, and there is no need to waste time on their creation. They are sold in any store for creativity. Such a cover is often covered with a cloth, but we will consider a more interesting option - we use tape. At the same time, we tie the first band to the bottom edge of the frame, stretch it well and throw it over the top edge, then come back down again.

To bend around the frame with tape should always be from the same side, it will be so beautiful. With a braid of the same color you can make only a part of the ceiling, then you can take a contrasting color. It is advisable to use up to four to five colors, so it will not be too motley and beautiful.

Original ideas

For travel lovers, you can make a pendant light from several small globes. Some of which can be left intact, and the other part is cut at the equator so that more light enters the room.

You can give a new life to old banks (which, by the way, can be with convex patterns and different colors), such loft-style glass ceilings will organically fit into any industrial style.

To do this, remove the covers (metal) from the cans and carefully, exactly in the middle, drill holes in them for the cartridges. Next, the cartridge is inserted and with cords-suspensions several such lampshades are assembled into a chandelier, creating a magical play of light in the room. Suspensions can be made of different lengths, so you can make a wave or another shape from the cans-ceiling lamps.

Let's return to the finished frames, except for the described options, you can use anything! Pencils, colored flasks, threads, and so on. In addition, chandeliers are currently gaining popularity, consisting only of a frame that is painted in an interesting color and has a minimal amount of decor.

Another unusual option: you can turn the cups with saucers, carefully (with a special drill for ceramics), drill holes in them and insert the ceiling. Great idea for a kitchen or dining room.

The above methods are just a drop in the ocean, there are countless options, and everything depends only on your free time and the flight of fancy.