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Facing the fireplace: a professional approach (23 photos)


The fireplace in each living room is a place where family members and friends can gather in the evenings in order to sit in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Of course, to create a cozy home corner, you have to make a lot of effort. First of all, you need to understand what material your fireplace should be made of. The material is the main element of any fireplace - facing the fireplace with stone, brick or sandstone can make a great aesthetic impression on any person entering the room where the fireplace is located.



In this article we will try to understand the following points:

  1. Technology facing the fireplace.
  2. What materials for facing the fireplace best suited?
  3. Options for facing the fireplace.
  4. How is facing the fireplace mosaic.
  5. Features a false fireplace.
  6. Features facing electric fireplaces.

Ceramic tiles are created on the basis of baked clay. In terms of characteristics, it has similarity to the refractory brick, which is used to carry out the masonry. The special structure of the material is subject to expansion during the heating process. The upper part of the ceramic masonry is very often processed with the help of glaze, thanks to which the tile becomes water-repellent. Also from such a ceramic surface it is easy to remove dust, soot.



This type of tile has its own special dimensions, different shapes, as well as special shades. Facing corner fireplaces with the help of this material is carried out according to a rather simple scheme. Facing the fireplace with your own hands in this case can be carried out using a simple construction grinder. The fixing of the plates themselves is carried out on the basis of a special adhesive with a heat-resistant composition, or you can use a simple clay solution, which also contains table salt and sand.

Before facing the surface of the fireplace is usually removed facing the fireplace, which was previously. Paint and plaster are also completely removed. If you have a stone cladding fireplace or brick, the surface is moistened.

Facing the fireplace with artificial stone and facing the fireplace with natural stone is one of the most popular types of finishes. The use of natural stone as a cladding material can go into a fairly round sum for the owner of the fireplace. As well as the marble cladding of the fireplace, which requires special equipment. Most often, a fireplace is faced with such stone materials as limestone and shell rock, because it is convenient to work with them.

Such material as porcelain, is characterized by a high level of strength, as well as a large variety of shades and colors. With this facing material, you can give the surface a special appearance (as is the case when facing the fireplace with marble).

Facing the fireplace with porcelain stoneware is made by using glue solutions or frame installation, which has the form of a metal profile. The most common purchased option number two.

This kind of lining is typical for fireplace installations, where there are a large number of different slopes, as well as uneven surfaces. With the help of porcelain stoneware, you can disguise any problem area, giving the equipment a stunning appearance.

Most craftsmen try to create wood veneers for wood-burning fireplaces. This is an excellent decorative material that gives the fireplace an aesthetic look.

Wood facing of a fireplace is carried out not on the same technology as facing of a fireplace by glass or a natural stone. The glass surface needs only to be cleaned of dust, the wood will have to be pre-impregnated with a preparation that is able to prevent ignition. It is also necessary to carry out incomplete finishing, in which the tree must be located at a great distance from the hearth itself.

It is recommended to choose rocks that are resistant to elevated temperatures.



Fireplace cladding

This finishing material is most often used to create electric fireplaces. It allows you to give the fireplace installation an unusual shape. When the finishing work comes to an end, the construction will need to be covered with plaster. If necessary, the surface can be decorated with artificial stone.

Using bricks for finishing

If the brickwork has a high level of quality, then it may undergo a slight modernization. To do this, you have to wipe the seams, and in the case of special need to carry out a thorough polishing. The outer side of the fireplace is subjected to the application of a salt solution capable of imparting a particular saturation to the hue of the desired material.

With the help of tile-based finishing, you can give the room a special look. To create this material, a special clay with a refractory structure is used, as well as quartz sand. Tiles can be angular in shape, with a straight structure, and also be shaped.