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Stool in the interior: universal convenience (27 photos)


The stool is a very convenient and versatile furniture module that can be original and functional at the same time. Home stools are practical, they can take on features of any style and a perfect aesthetic look. Special demand for stools in the premises of a small area. Types of stools can be infinitely different, limited only by the imagination of designers.



Stool and its advantages over the chairs

The stool was considered an obsolete element of the interior, but in vain. Design thought did not leave him overboard, the original stool again became fashionable. The stool is fully consistent with the modern style of life, where it is not so much pathos fundamental and large dimensions that are important as elegance, lack of bulkiness, mobility and versatility. Different models of stools easily fit into each style of the apartment and house, you just have to choose your own.



The stool is diverse

All stools that furniture stores offer are distinguished by their specificity, different materials of the highest quality from which they are made.


The designs and colors, styles and ergonomics of the stools are endless. But the choice always remains behind the strength of high-quality natural wood. Even the newest trends involving the experiment, speak about the constancy of the consumer's taste, relative to the stool made of wood. Convenient product for dining tables, kitchen cozy gatherings for country houses, verandas and estates.



Plastic seats have disadvantages:

  • Fragility;
  • Over-popularity;
  • Slight endurance.

There are variations of plastic stools that have an unusual appearance, the quality of the material is much higher, but it also affects the cost of the product. Surprisingly attractive stool made of transparent plastic.





She is also a godsend for the dacha or for the home - a metal stool. To combine such a stool can be in the interior of high-tech or minimalism. The seats with metal parts are not afraid of loads, are mechanically more stable, durable and reliable. The minus can often be a heavy weight of the product. Folding stools for the kitchen of light metal or metal frame will be the best choice for studio apartments and small kitchens. The wrought-iron stool looks great, it can decorate particularly expensive interiors, become the highlight of a more modest setting.




As a rule, stools from chipboard are the most budget option. They can be made from the remnants of materials in any furniture workshop. This chair is assembled from only four parts, it is comfortable, unpretentious, can be decorated in any color and equipped with a soft seat. Inside this stool, you can organize a box for accessories or children's toys. A stool with a soft seat, assembled from chipboard - the most popular kitchen stool.




Combined materials for stools - the most popular solution. A stool with metal legs that are chrome plated for greater aesthetics and a soft seat is an example. For stools with chrome legs and bar stools, leather seats are used either from leatherette or eco-leather. Their seats can be either soft or plastic or wooden. These stools are very comfortable for the hallway, kitchen, utility rooms. To the pleasant and beautiful top is attached footrest, which has a double function - creating comfort for the seated and giving greater structural strength. Folding stools also combine different materials.



In addition to the above, you can find stools made of leather, fur, wool, bamboo, cork, wicker, and so on.

According to its functional value, stools are divided into:

  • Kitchen;
  • Tourist;
  • Musical;
  • Special.




Examples of stools in the interior

Before you dismiss the idea of ​​stools and buy banal chairs, carefully weigh the idea and try to get rid of the stereotyped representation of this piece of furniture. You will be helped by a list of ideas regarding the setting and the place of the stool in it.

  • Cover on the stool. An old and favorite stool will change if you dress it in fabric or fur. The advantage of this method is that the case changes easily and is erased. It is possible to make an imitation of any style, successfully choosing the fabric.
  • High stool. You can create a small bar in your house by building a high bar, substituting bar stools and equipping this location with a keg. Bar stools are much higher than usual. They must have a crossbar, where it is convenient to rest with their feet. A stool with a back on high legs fully corresponds to the style of bars.
  • Designer stools for the hallway that will attract the attention of each guest and will be remembered by them.
  • A black stool in a white bedroom will add mysteriousness to the atmosphere as if in a picture from a magazine or a popular public on the Internet. A black stool can serve as a bedside table. Black and white colors, their combinations in any ratio - a win-win.
  • Loft-style stools should impart a patina of industry, as the loft style implies the motives of factories, warehouses, factories: bare brick walls, less comfort, chains, metal ventilation, a sharp contrast of light and shadow.
  • Stool transformer, which can turn into a ladder. These features are valuable for the workshop, garage, kitchen. Requirements for this element of the situation - reliability and durability. These are folding wooden transformers, or on a metal frame.
  • A small stool, decorated in bright colors - a great helper for a small child. He will need him for the hallway, to shoe at the entrance, as well as in the nursery. A round small stool will be interesting in the design of a ladybug or a representative of the plant world.

The shape of this piece of furniture is undergoing constant transformation. Stools of irregular shapes became fashionable: oval, cubic, spherical, triangular. There are models on wheels that are easy to move. Even children cope with wheels easily and with interest.