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White wallpaper with a pattern: interesting combinations (59 photos)


Scientists conducted a study and found that color has a direct impact on the human subconscious. For example, red color adjusts to work, and yellow improves mood. White color is often used in interior design. This is a light and versatile color that can be easily combined with any palette.












Popular stylistic solutions

Consider the basic style solutions that combine this color:

  • Classic. The white color in the classic interior makes the room a noble, exquisite.
  • High tech. In this style, snow-white wallpaper is relevant. It is combined with red, black, silver and golden color. This interior looks elegant, luxurious.
  • Provence. White color is essential for such a stylistic decision. It is combined with delicate and pastel shades of green, blue, beige. Provence gives a feeling of peace, tranquility.
  • Minimalism. The interior is decorated in this style, it looks easy, restrained and stylish. With the help of white color you can easily emphasize all the winning sides of this style.
  • Retro. This style was widely demanded in the 60s. The white color of the wallpaper harmoniously in this case is combined with a geometric pattern.
  • Modern In this style, white wallpapers are combined with floral themes. Flowers of different types with leaves look very impressive.









How to correctly use white wallpaper with a picture?

If you think that your room has ceased to be cozy, then dilute it with white wallpaper with a pattern. Choose a pattern or ornament, depending on individual preferences. The white palette symbolizes innocence and serenity. According to feng shui, white color speaks of light and wisdom. It helps to attract positive energy. However, the white palette should be dosed in the room. It must be correctly combined with other colors without disturbing the balance of yin and yang. White wallpaper with a picture perfect for this task.






If the room is decorated only in white colors, the person in it will feel uncomfortable. This problem can be easily eliminated if there are any drawings or ornaments on the walls. There are several ways to properly dilute the white color:

  • A winning combination of white with patterns. Patterns on the wallpaper can be very diverse. Symmetric ornaments look especially attractive.
  • The combination of white wallpaper and patterns on them with different colors of the walls. Exquisite, bright look black and white wallpaper with patterns. If you prefer softer tones, white-gray tones are perfect.
  • The combination of white wallpaper with a pattern and contrasting furniture. This option will make the room original, catchy and fashionable.




White wallpaper with a pattern in different interior rooms

In the bedroom it is recommended to use white wallpaper with a rich pattern. A saturated pattern can have only one wall, and the rest are painted in a white palette. So we highlight the central zone in the bedroom. If you want to create a contrast against the background of such wallpaper, you can use bright furniture in the interior. With white wallpaper look great forged or wooden furniture.









The kitchen is often associated with cleanliness. White wallpaper for the kitchen with a picture - this is the perfect solution. They are not subject to such strong pollution, as monophonic option. If you choose washable wallpaper for the kitchen, then you will not have problems with cleaning. These wallpapers are perfectly combined with furniture, dark-colored worktop.

For kitchens, you can safely choose bright textiles, contrasting facades. They will harmoniously look against the white walls. The main thing is that the material of the wallpaper for the kitchen has a high level of quality. The fact is that the kitchen is a place where various dishes are cooked, so this place is more likely to be contaminated.



The living room is a room where people gather to socialize and have a great time. This room should be bright, cozy. White wallpaper with a pattern will be a great solution for the living room. With the help of white wallpaper, the space is visually expanded, filled with light. With snow-white wallpaper contrast furniture looks advantageous. Flooring can be any. Looks great laminate under a cherry or light walnut.

As you know, often in the hallway of a multistory building there are no windows. From this room looks dark and somewhat gloomy. White color helps to cope with this problem. Bright palette for the hallway is not the most practical option. This room is most prone to pollution. It is recommended to install panels, curb height of at least 0.5 meters.






Features of the application of wallpaper on the wall

Wallpapering does not take you much time if you know certain tricks of this process. The main thing is, before starting work, to perform high quality preparation of the wall. The wall must be pierced by eliminating the slightest flaws. Finishing putty should have a white color. The main work order is as follows:

  1. Primer wall with a mixture of deep penetration. Putting material is carried out by a thick layer.
  2. Wallpapering is done after the primer has dried. Place the application of the composition should be perfectly clean, as you will stick wallpaper in white.
  3. Glue preparation. Glue is selected depending on the type of wallpaper purchased. The rate of glue consumption per liter of water is indicated on the package.

Cut off a strip of wallpaper of a prescribed length and spread the wallpaper with glue. We carry out the smearing of the wall with a thin layer. Pasting is done gently from top to bottom. In this case, the wallpaper is gradually smoothed with a roller. It is necessary to roll the edges more carefully. Diluted glue is stored for 2-3 days. In order for the glue not to dry for a long time, it is necessary to cover the bucket with a wet rag.




The use of white wallpaper with a pattern gives the user a large number of significant advantages. With their help, the space is visually enlarged and filled with light. It is especially appropriate to paste over walls with such wallpaper, which are dark and located on the north side. White color is an excellent background for a variety of drawings. Majestically and luxuriously looks dark furniture, located against the backdrop of such walls.

Undoubtedly light walls are branded. It is recommended to use in addition especially for kitchen panels from easily washing material. Also try to avoid damaging the surface of the wallpaper.



White wallpaper and black pattern - a popular trend of the season.

Elegant white wallpaper with black pattern is a great option for people who have good taste. This black and white finish looks original and restrained. And if you add bright accessories, the interior will be more dynamic. There are a lot of black prints. It can be a chessboard, a zebra, geometrical figures, polygraphic drawings, floral ornaments and much more. The choice of ornament depends on your individual preferences.




If you lead a modest and secluded lifestyle, then you will be comfortable in a room where there are a lot of black images on white wallpapers. If you like noisy and entertainment events, then it is desirable that there be more white color on the walls. The predominance of white is particularly appropriate in dark rooms. If you want to soften the black and white background, you can add elements of matte and metallic shades to the interior. You can add a positive to the space by diluting the wallpaper with green, red, orange, purple.



When using colors of a bright palette, you keep track that they do not diverge from the general concept of the interior. If white color dominates in space, then it is desirable to dilute the interior with a cold gamut. In the romantic atmosphere of the room you can add a little purple, pink, peach color.



Thus, the white color is neutral and versatile. It is in high demand both in residential and commercial premises. Snow-white wallpaper with ornaments for the kitchen, bedroom or living room helps to visually make the space larger. With the help of them the space is filled with light and comfort.