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The furnace-stove with their own hands: design features (23 photos)


A variety of modern heating systems allows you to warm any type of premises. Dozens of types of boilers and stoves are effectively used for both residential and industrial premises. Despite the modernization and improvement of heating devices, there are such types of furnaces as the stove stove, which, due to its technical characteristics, remains in demand at the stage of arrangement of certain categories of buildings.



The advantages and differences of cast iron stoves

Modern stoves stoves are several types of devices that allow you to organize heating in the premises of a small area. The furnace-stove can be made of different materials, differ in design, size and principle of operation. Such heating devices are especially popular in the following types of rooms:

  • in country houses;
  • on the garden plots;
  • in small country houses;
  • in household structures;
  • in bath annexes.

The most famous and sought-after model of such a mini-stove for heating is a cast-iron stove "potbelly". Currently, the assortment of such long-burning burzhuek, produced by both domestic and foreign manufacturers, is so diverse that it allows you to choose a suitable "stove" not only for the cottage, but also for the house. Thanks to new trends in the design and decor of housing, a small and medium size cast iron stove is applicable as an unusual fireplace.



The stoves stoves in the interior fit perfectly into the popular loft style, complement the space, provide coziness and a comfortable stay in the room. Use this design as a fireplace, but you must first calculate the total area of ​​the room where you plan to install.

The optimal size of the room in which such an improvised fireplace will cope not only with the decorative, but also with the heating task, is the area from 55 to 65 square meters. It is much better if the mini-fireplace is installed in the center of one of the walls, where there are no window openings. It is permissible to paint metal stoves of the stoves, to complement them with suitable decorative elements.



It is recommended to enclose such a home fireplace with ordinary building bricks on the back and each of the side walls of the structure. Laying bricks should not be made close to the stove surface, leaving a free gap at a distance of 12-15 cm. Having conceived the construction of a small fireplace within your own home, each owner should remember that the use of “bourgeois” is convenient because they are mobile and allow movement from the place in place if necessary. But designs made of cast iron can only serve as a good basis for fireplace objects, excluding the possibility of making them by hand.



Making homemade "burzhuek" horizontal type

The self-made furnace a potbelly stove, as a rule, is made on the basis of the fulfilled cylinder for gas. The stove-stove from the gas cylinder is the best option for mini heating devices for garden houses and small utility rooms. There are two options for homemade design, depending on the location of the cylinder:

  • vertical;
  • horizontal.



With any method of manufacturing "burzhuek" long burning, you need to take care of their safety and take all fire prevention measures. For this purpose it is not enough to remove the gas residues from the cylinder; it is necessary to additionally rinse the container from the inside with clean water. Such manipulations will ensure the safety of the use of used containers and completely clear the container from the inside. Considering the horizontal location of the stove, it is worth considering what the device will be heated in the future. If the stove requires a wood stove with wood stove, then placing the cylinder horizontally, we will get an ideal device for heating that is not inferior to powerful factory boilers.




In addition, wood-type stoves of the horizontal type can be used not only for heating rooms, but also for cooking, heating food. After cleaning and washing the cylinder, you can proceed to the direct work on the creation of the furnace. There are many ways to produce homemade “stove”, but it is recommended to adhere to the following algorithm of actions:

  • Cutting the top of the container grinder or other suitable tool.
  • Fixation (welding) of reinforcing pieces in the inner balloon space.
  • Marking of the furnace compartment, slotting at the bottom of the cylinder of a rectangular hole, which later performs the function of entry.
  • Drilling a few holes in the bottom of the kiln to remove excess ash accumulations.
  • Determine the desired height of the structure. Taking this into account, measure the “stove” legs suitable for the length and weld them to the bottom.
  • Top of the workpiece to provide a chimney. The element is welded to a pre-cut hole.

In the case when the stove is made with a hob, then a metal frame is additionally welded on top of the container, the most suitable in size. Such a stove with a hot stove with a burner will do an excellent job with the tasks of heating the air and preparing food not only in the country, but also in other buildings without central heating, for example, in warehouses, garages and work rooms.

The stove for the dacha, made of gas cylinders on the vertical principle, is different in that it takes up much less space than a home-made horizontal heating design. Most craftsmen prefer to make the oven just according to this scheme, since it is much simpler than its counterparts:

  1. Marking the desired location of the ash pan and door.
  2. Installation of suitable dampers on the slits made.
  3. Measure 10 cm from the entrance to the furnace and, at the indicated level, weld several rebar grates.
  4. Welding the legs to the bottom of the device.
  5. Side holes are drilled for the chimney, to which a metal tube is welded.

The upper surface of such a stove is relatively small, so it is quite difficult to assemble such a construction with a stove. For these purposes, the furnace should be positioned horizontally. The main advantage of the vertical design, except for small dimensions, is the rapid heating of the air. The stove of the stove is a summer cottage of the vertical type is often used to warm cottages after the winter period or to increase the air temperature in industrial premises with negative temperatures.




The ability to make a furnace with a water circuit yourself

What is the need to make such a stove yourself? In fact, such devices are quite expensive for the price and, accordingly, are not available to all buyers. And the need for such a furnace is great among the majority of the population. That is why, using the experience of experienced craftsmen and home craftsmen, you can quite successfully make such a "stove" with your own hands.