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A stylish solution for any garden: flowerpots for flowers (24 photos)


Each owner of a personal plot or cottage seeks to maximize this space, creates a unique design of his own oasis among the urban jungle. On what tricks only people do not go to decorate their garden.



Flowerpots for decorating giving their own hands

Very often in the streets of cities and villages you can see flowerpots of bottles or tires. They decorate kindergartens, courtyards of high-rise buildings and garden plots. This solution is very popular in cases when it is necessary to decorate the site without any special financial costs. I must say that from scrap materials you can create flowerpots for flowers of any complexity and height.

Flowerpots of tires do not require a person to have a certain experience and skills. To create truly unique products, it is enough to have a fantasy and a small amount of free time.



Country plots, decorated with flowerpots of scrap materials, in particular of rubber, look very original and non-standard. Large pots from the wheels can be decorated so that none of the guests would guess what material was used. Planting flowers in a flower garden is carried out in early spring, so it’s better to implement your wildest and brightest ideas at this time of year. Having made such a beautiful flower garden, you will be able to enjoy the hand-made "paradise corner" for several years in a row.

If you want to make flowerpots for flowers from rubber, use tires imported. Russian manufacturers make them tougher and rougher, it will be harder to work with such material.



Flowerpots for giving and a personal plot

Along with tall flowerpots, flower beds and flower beds, you can use small pots in which you plant annual plants. Such an idea will only complement the overall impression of comfort and well-being. Small vases for summer cottages do not take up much space, they can be placed anywhere in your site, and if necessary, rearrange them. Small plastic flowerpots for flowers are easy to bring into the house if it is raining outside or you are going to leave the cottage for a few days.



Variety of flowerpots

This garden decoration can be made from almost all known materials. Let's consider the main types of flowerpots for the garden and garden. Each of them has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

Clay products

This material is characterized by high plasticity, in the skilled hands of the master becomes very pliable and takes any form. The surface of a flowerpot made of clay can be decorated with stones, intricate patterns, designs and glass.

The clay pot, which previously underwent the roasting procedure, acquires a beautiful terracotta shade, and the material becomes more porous and textured. In such a pot, the roots of the plants will never rot, because the clay is perfectly breathable.



A rock

Outdoor vases of this natural material are very practical and durable to use. A variety of types, designs and methods of decoration makes it possible to create unique flower arrangements. It must be said that in such pots the plants do not require frequent watering, since the moisture remains in the soil for a long time.

It is worth creating stone flowerpots with your own hands only if you have special skills to work with such material. If you do not know how to create stone sculptures, you should not despair. On the shelves you can easily find a large number of square, rectangular, triangular and round pots of any design.

When purchasing outdoor flowerpots made of stone, buy special antiseptic agents. This material does not pass air, and the roots of plants can rot.




Wood fits most harmoniously into the overall picture of any garden; therefore, it is actively used when embodying the ideas of decorating the suburban area. But wooden vases have one drawback: their appearance quickly deteriorates under the influence of water.

In order that the wood flowerpots delight you with their beauty much longer, treat the surface with a special impregnation and cover the pots with varnish. Now even the most moisture-loving plants can be planted in them.




Outdoor vases of plastic are found almost everywhere. Due to the relatively low cost and variety of forms and textures, they are successfully used to decorate a garden of any stylistic orientation. Flowerpots-flowerpots made of plastic can be supplemented with small plastic pots, plaster products, and rubber figures. Whichever design you choose, such decorations will harmoniously fit into the overall style of the garden.

If concrete flowerpots for flowers and metal flowerpots do not differ in a variety of textures, their plastic counterparts sometimes strike with a wide palette of shades, shapes and designs. With the help of them you can create truly unique and complex compositions.

As mentioned earlier, concrete vases, in fact, like stone and metal, are used for growing annual plants. In plastic analogues can be planted and perennials.



Custom solutions

Outdoor flowerpots for flowers can be made of various materials. We have already described in detail the most famous versions of the pots, but there are also not so common, but equally interesting ideas for creating flower gardens in the garden.

  • You can decorate a gazebo and a recreation area with small glass pot. It looks very original glass vase of large size near the porch of the house or on the stairs.
  • Concrete vases can decorate the country paths of pebbles and rubble.
  • If the garden design uses a huge amount of forged jewelry, it will be complemented by decorative metal flowerpots.
  • For the fence and trees of the garden plot you should buy hanging flowerpots. The higher the fence, the more spectacular the floral arrangements will look.
  • White garden vases look beautiful against the green curls of trees and variegated colors of flowers.
  • You can always make your own garden vases. To do this, you can use everything that comes to hand. For example, you can create a bright composition from old, holey buckets, make a product from plastic bottles, old worn tires, and even unnecessary dishes. Be creative, and your crafts will be a great addition to the garden or the garden.

Vases are not only functional load, but also serve as an excellent decoration of your land. With the help of these products you can create complex designs from flowers, playing with the shape, texture and color of flowerpots.



Of course, you can use ready-made pots, which are sold in every store. Among them it is easy to find a suitable option for every taste and wallet. But for those who have a rich imagination and loves to approach the decoration of the garden outside the box, another option is suitable - creating your own flowerpot. Arm yourself with paint, brush, varnish, stones and ribbons for decorations, and your garden will soon begin to play with new colors.