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Ceiling "starry sky" in the interior: millions of galaxies overhead (22 photos)


Stretch ceiling "starry sky" is one of the most popular finishing solutions in modern apartments. The widespread introduction of lighting technology allows you to create unique compositions that, even in terms of pricing, are becoming more perfect and accessible with each passing day.



The story of the emergence of "star" trends in the decor

It is believed that the idea of ​​creating suspended ceilings with a "heavenly" theme originated in America. Bill Witherspoon - an artist and a creative person - once urgently visiting the dentist's office, could not pay for services. The client will offer the dentist an original way to pay: Bill decided to decorate the office ceiling with drawings imitating the sky. Visitors to the dentist enthusiastically responded to such an unusual design, given that sitting in a chair, they could admire them indefinitely. Over time, star sky imitation has become one of the most sought-after installations in modern interior design.

Options for every taste

Technological breakthrough allows you to make a variety of projects to decorate the ceiling: with mounted structures, with optical fibers, LEDs, using large-format photo printing, combining an incredible amount of traditional finishing materials and new technical devices. Considering the "cosmic" concept of decor, today we can distinguish two main types of ceilings that allow you to make the effect of the starry sky:

  1. The dynamic ceiling is a rather aggressive solution, which involves the use of dynamic effects and various programs for regulating brightness, color overflows and flicker intensity. Such a ceiling under the starry sky would be more appropriate in the living room or in the kitchen to give a festive mood. In the bedroom or children's room too dynamic picture will be tedious;
  2. Static ceiling - star imitation, smooth and natural, fascinating smooth twitching. Such a relatively neutral flickering decor can relax, preparing for bed.

From the standpoint of price and security, "static" is preferable. In the process of installation, less electronics is required, and the suspended ceiling “starry sky” is lighter and more reliable. Dynamic ceiling looks spectacular in clubs, cafes and other entertainment venues.



The most popular options "space" ceilings

The ceiling of the "starry sky" with or without twinkling is a universal option for virtually any location. The finishing solution will complement the extraordinary atmosphere in the kitchen, bring some magic to the children's room, make the atmosphere in the bedroom romantic and relaxing, and turn the living room into a center for contemporary art. It remains only to determine the technique of arrangement of apartments.

Stretch ceilings and graphics

The most popular way to make a “space” in your apartment is to use a suspended ceiling with a starry sky, applied as a graphic image. It is extremely simple and always beautiful. On the matte film put a real photograph of outer space in high quality.

This option can be supplemented with at least simple sconces. With the help of lighting devices it is easy to create a muffled light, light twilight.

Photo printing is often complemented by a backlight of LEDs - a popular and completely eco-friendly option, allowing you to admire the "stars" from a special angle. The stars will not be bright and bright, but the entourage itself will be very spectacular.



In fact, the flickering space design of ceilings can be created perfectly in any format, adjusting the intensity of the pattern, the power of flickering, the brightness of the lights, experimenting with modes and various characteristics. For example, only white flickering points or color elements can be involved in lighting, the ceiling lighting can change color, the intensity of the glow, gradually lighting up and suddenly fading out.

In order to keep the stretch ceiling imitating outer space always pleasing, the fiber is complemented with a bright pattern. Photo printing will allow you to admire the ceiling in daylight, and the backlight on the optical fiber ensures a magical sight in the dark.



Planetary scales on the ceiling of a modern apartment

Considering such wide technological possibilities, designers constantly offer fantastic ideas for decor. The two-level ceiling with the image of any planet deserves special attention.

A special refinement lies in the fact that the central element of the ceiling is a huge celestial body. In order to make the picture look realistic and colorful, the same photo printing is used. The image may complement other stars, but in a particular case they do not need additional emphasis.

The use of LEDs is still considered quite expensive, but justified in terms of impeccable performance, safety and reliability. It is not surprising that many experts recommend decorating the ceiling of the “starry sky” plasterboard or the magical cosmic bathroom decor with the help of LED compositions.

LEDs play the role of stars. They are arranged in such a way that the two-level stretch ceiling really looks like a cosmic void. It is better to think over the decor in advance and make it extremely effective and realistic.

The ceiling in the form of a starry sky is a special refinement. Many, having decided on a similar design, prefer not to save. This concerns both the quality and exclusivity of the material, and the effectiveness of the very presentation of such an unusual interior element.

Creating a "space" on the ceiling in any of the rooms is usually not limited to two or three techniques. However, there are quite worthy monocompositions. Particular attention should be paid to photo prints made with fluorescent paint.