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Modern grunge style: how to create a provincial flavor with innovative solutions (23 photos)


According to the established stereotype, the grunge style in the interior is considered to be an authentic American trend, but in fact this interior decision has French roots. In the nineteenth century, the rich bourgeois, tired of the bustling cities, began to move to the provinces and develop their country estates in accordance with the fashion of that era. Since the villages did not have easy access to elite furniture, gold-plated and chic cornices, as well as to the craftsmen who could make popular ornate stucco, had to look for other ways.



The output was the creation of a new interior combination, which fully conveyed the atmosphere of antiquity with the help of inexpensive furnishing, decoration and decor. Gradually, the decision took root in Russia among wealthy owners of estates, representatives of the ruling elite, close to the royal family. In the modern incarnation, the grunge style places special demands on the quadrature of rooms, the size of window openings, and the height of the ceilings, however, the owners of spacious housing are increasingly choosing it.



6 key features of the grunge interior:

  1. Preferred shades are white, gray, marsh green, milky, brown, mustard; a more rich palette is permissible, but there must be a dusty subtone.
  2. Instead of paintings in a gilded frame, the walls are decorated with portraits or family photos.
  3. The mandatory components of the style are considered to be huge windows, aged furniture and household items, clarity in the placement of all objects, the presence of spaciousness, empty space.
  4. To describe grunge, you can use 3 words - practicality, elegance and simplicity.
  5. The situation should not contain hints on the social status of the owners, so expensive veneer, Venetian plaster, rare armchairs, gilded accessories, for example, are inappropriate here.
  6. The main materials used are wood, metal, stone and brick, natural fabrics, bronze forging.



The similarity of grunge and classic interior

Judging by the superficial impression, both directions have common features: the desire to use things and furniture of excellent quality that will serve for a long time, the priority of inexpensive antiquities, the creation of a simple, but respectable environment. In both cases, there is a monumentality, this is reflected in French roots: the bourgeois set up family nests, which were to be passed down from generation to generation.

At the same time, the grunge style in the interior gives preference not to chic, but functionality, in particular, durable teak furniture gradually replaced expensive oak, gilding and platinum forced out laconic forging.



In order to recreate the atmosphere of a rich province in your home, you need to embody modern functionality in the form of rooms on the basis of aged objects. The main thing is that the attitude of the world supports such echoes of the past, because this style is chosen not only by pensioners who have abandoned constant fuss.

It is better for owners of small apartments to part with their dreams about grunge: this style looks ridiculous in a limited area. The considered trend needs a lot of light and free space; there must be a separate resting place in the dwelling. This is not about the usual sofas: bulky tables surrounded by chairs designed for family tea parties will look more organic, here you can also call simple wicker furniture and soft puffs.



Walls and ceiling

The grunge style in the interior of the apartment does not accept the decoration of the walls with the usual paper wallpaper. An excellent option can be a plain textile coating, which has the original texture. Also welcome are wooden panels of rough processing, undisclosed brickwork, artificially aged cladding. Walls should not be perfect; here only accuracy and emphasized negligence in decoration are important. Materials, of course, must be natural, because every year they will look only better.



Designers advise to refrain from using the stretch ceiling, you should also not buy chandeliers - instead of them it is better to use forged lamps that can diffuse light gently, naturally.

A house or only a grunge-style living room can be complemented by a ceiling made of wooden beams. Such elements will have a different length and width, they are subjected to coarse grinding and covered with light paint, usually white. Surface treatment and relief texture express craving for naturalness, reveal the general direction of styling the room.

Ideally, these are huge openings, great if there is at least one window in the room in the floor. Recreating the grunge style in the interior of the apartment, it should be remembered that it is inappropriate to use tulle and full curtains, as according to the original concept, the sunlight should flow freely into the room.

Features of the composition of the furniture composition

A justified decision will be furniture with a classic look, which has no unjustified pretentiousness. Soft poufs, light chests of drawers with smooth outlines, sofas and armchairs in the style of the 60s, open wooden shelves are the standard minimum with which the grunge room will play in a new way.



It does not need to buy antique furniture, meaningless sideboards and useless rare samples or overall "Soviet" cabinets that will clutter the space.



Decor and textiles

All sorts of curtains do not match the spirit of the interior, but neat cushions you can afford. Products should contrast with the upholstery of furniture, it is necessary to choose such models that will not become bright spots on the general restrained background of the interior. Here, designers are actively using the original chair covers, blankets, made from natural materials.

At arrangement of rooms it is possible to use the carpets having long pile and quiet pastel coloring. If you want to see an ornament on the floor, floral and thick geometric motifs are permissible.



As a decoration can be used sconces, family figurines, floor lamps, forged candlesticks. The main rule is to avoid cluttering the space, overloading with small elements, it is also important that these gizmos have original performance. In particular, instead of paintings, a series of photographs of the owners of the dwellings should be used; postcards should be replaced with a collection of figurines. An unusual addition will be an unusual vase with flowers or an orchid in an interesting flower pot.



Grunge-style apartments can be creative if you add classic combinations with modern interpretations. Do not be afraid to go beyond, because only with a fresh approach, you can achieve an authentic interior!