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Steam cleaner as the best assistant in cleaning the apartment


Steam cleaner - a device for effective cleaning surfaces with steam. Initially, the device was developed for use in medical institutions, today it is a popular device in the arsenal of most connoisseurs of comfort and cleanliness in the house. Modern household steam cleaner has the following features:

  • surface treatment - removing dirt from walls and floors with a ceramic coating, cleaning windows, plumbing equipment, kitchen equipment from materials resistant to temperature and moisture;
  • care for furniture with textile coating, carpets, curtains, wardrobe items. A modern steam cleaner for furniture has a set of special nozzles with brushes;
  • Effective cleansing of hard-to-reach areas: seams and joints of walls and floors, narrow gaps or deep holes in household structures and furniture;
  • destruction of dust and stains, the fight against the occurrence and spread of bacteria and microorganisms.

Disinfectant properties of the device are relevant to eliminate mold and other low-resistant types of microorganisms that die when exposed to hot steam.

Home steam cleaner includes the following basic equipment:

  • water tank with a heating element;
  • flexible hose, which is equipped with valves;
  • pistol with a trigger mechanism;
  • nozzles and accessories.

To understand how to use a steam cleaner, know that the mechanism of the equipment is extremely simple: the water in the tank under the influence of the heating element boils and in the state of steam enters the flexible hose. Then the hot steam flow comes out through the nozzle under pressure and is used for surface treatment. At the same time, the impurities on the coatings are washed away under the influence of microscopic droplets of hot water and removed under the pressure of a jet of steam. Using different brushes and nozzles, you can significantly increase the efficiency of the unit for cleaning the apartment.

The equipment is an electric kettle with a flexible hose to move steam to the nozzle. What can be cleaned with a steam cleaner in this category:

  • the device is of interest as a convenient device for cleaning small areas, relevant in the care of interior items, used in window cleaning;
  • Often, compact models are also purchased to maintain cleanliness in the car.

With the help of a handheld device, it is easy to care for clothes and shoes made from certain materials.

The design of this category of equipment resembles a household vacuum cleaner: the casing is equipped with wheels for moving on the floor and a flexible hose with a nozzle. The device is particularly popular as a powerful device with which it is easy to remove complex stains and grime, process various surfaces qualitatively, including lime compounds on plumbing fixtures and tiles.


  • impressive power - 1600-2300 watts;
  • continuous operation time of 30-60 minutes is determined by the capacity of the water tank. In some models installed tank up to 3.2 liters;
  • the complete set includes a set of nozzles for effective operation.

The disadvantages of the floor unit include the high cost of the product, but the high cost of the product is leveled by the excellent characteristics of the functional.

The device has high power and pressure parameters, has an impressive reservoir. The device is equipped with a mass of useful accessories, attachments and accessories, among which there is even an iron for smoothing textiles using steam. Implemented in the expensive segment.

Steam cleaner for home: how to choose the best model

The main criteria for the selection of domestic steam cleaner is considered to be:

  • power of the heating element - determines the rate of boiling water and the formation of steam;
  • pressure, steam supply intensity - an indicator not lower than 3 bar is necessary for cleaning the house;
  • water tank capacity - at least 2 liters of water is required for cleaning an apartment within 30 minutes;
  • hose length - with a short hose is difficult to handle hard to reach areas.

Also, when choosing, pay attention to the presence of additional functions, including a protective blocking of steam release and the option of continuous supply of hot stream.

To successfully select the best option of the device, it is worth studying the rating of steam cleaners for the house:

  • Karcher SC 2 - a universal model of floor type has a capacity of 1.5 kW, a capacity of 1 liter, a pressure of 3.2 bar, a weight of 3 kg. Famous manufacturers of steam cleaners from Germany provided the device with powerful functionality and ergonomic design. Additional functions also deserve attention: adjustment of steam supply, child protection system and device power - 6 minutes after connecting to the network, the unit is ready for operation. Average cost - 8500 p .;
  • GM-Q7 Multi Elite - a multifunctional steam cleaner can easily cope with the bloom in the bathroom and dirt on the stone floor, it is not difficult to smooth out dense matter with it. Power of the device is 1.95 kW, pressure is 3.5 bar, tank volume is 2.3 l. Implemented in the expensive segment at a price of 15 600 p .;
  • Endever Odyssey Q-901 - effective steam cleaner for the floor, heating time 8 minutes, power - 1.8 kW, tank - 1.5 liters, weight - 4 kg;
  • Smile ESC 922 - cleaning windows with a steam cleaner of this brand is not difficult, since the device is equipped with a convenient functionality, a cord of 5 meters, two attachments. Power - 1 kW, tank 220 ml, cost about 2 000 r.

With the help of a steam cleaner, it is easy to maintain comfort in an apartment, clean furniture and carpets, wash windows, fight dust, bacteria and pathogens. Choose a device for the home based on performance requirements, the benefit of the manufacturers offer a wide range of multifunction steam cleaners and models of narrow-purpose use.