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The revival of the Biedermeier style in the interior (22 photos)


Housing most of the citizens can not boast of volumetric space and a large area, but it can be an excellent basis for the Biedermeier style, embodying stability, neutrality and modesty. It is applicable both to residential premises, and to restaurants, hotels, cafes, reception offices. Despite the superficial simplicity, this trend helps to revive any room, bring in it a genuine feeling of home comfort.



The history of style dates back to the nineteenth century, at a time when the works of the poet Ludwig Eichrodt were popular in Germany. He worked under the pseudonym of Gottlieb Biedermeier, which was the source for the name of the new interior. Eichrodt wrote ironic poems about the provincial teacher, ridiculed the character's philistine tastes and his philistine interests. But the household structure described in the works very quickly spread among the Germans, it became popular in Austria as well: these trends were used in everyday life and in art. In Russia, the style became popular not only among ordinary citizens, it was introduced in the royal dachas, in noble and landlord homes.

Biedermeier is quite democratic, it does not make clear requirements to the height of ceilings, the area of ​​the object, the forms of door and window openings. The interior excludes any manifestation of luxury, rather, it is characterized by soft forms, accuracy, intimacy, quiet tones, conciseness, balance of proportions, symmetry is not at all mandatory. Simplicity, minimal decor, attraction of light - these techniques help to create an atmosphere of comfort, material well-being and psychological comfort.



Overview of typical solutions:

  • finishing materials of any color are permissible, but the background should be exactly monophonic;
  • accents are a few bright colors and furniture;
  • preference is given to warm light shades, for example, pink, yellow, blue;
  • if a drawing is applied to the walls, then it is certainly a thin strip or simple ornament;
  • The best flooring is wooden; plain carpets can be used as decor.

For pasting walls use striped or floral wallpaper, sustained in bright colors, they can be separated by architectural elements. Beautifully look vaulted ceilings, deep window openings are complemented, for example, soaring muslin curtains. If space permits, you can take advantage of an interesting interior technique: arrange a circular wall niche in the corner and embed an elegant white stove in it.

The Biedermeier style in the interior is expressed by consistency of proportions, it creates a holistic impression. The dwelling, decorated in accordance with this direction, looks calm, so the rooms should adhere to the traditional geometric forms and light furnishings.

Collections of modern manufacturers, as a rule, fit well into the idea of ​​Biedermeier, because their main characteristic is practicality. It is possible to mix styles, but it is necessary to simplify the details. At the same time, Biedermeier-style furniture should be neat and comfortable, absolutely functional - no useless additions.



When choosing furniture, the focus should be on the good quality of models and their relevance in a particular setting. The style emphasizes family values, simple everyday comfort, on the basis of this sets are selected; it is important to avoid ostentatious wealth. The advantage of light-colored products: chairs, tables and sofas made of ash, pine, maple, birch, cherry, and pear are an excellent solution. Distinctive features of the "right" furniture are bent turned legs, curved backs of chairs and sofas, the presence of floral ornaments. When choosing a suitable upholstery, attention should be paid to striped reps and chintz-colored, for fixing the facing fabrics can be used studs with porcelain hats.



Ideal beds are very simple in design, the height of the backs on both sides should be the same. Smooth wood without decorations becomes the optimal basis of the product, but let's say colorful textiles, combined with curtains and tablecloths.

The traditional attribute is considered to be compact glass sideboards. Their shelves can become a repository for collections of fashionable trinkets or fine china. It is permissible to use embroidery in the decoration of the premises, floor or wall clocks with combat, sentimental decorations.



If there is a painting, it illustrates domestic scenes, the main thing is a clear drawing of characters and details.

The scarcity of accessories can also be called a key feature of the considered style. Here, the main decorative load is placed on figurines, pictures, painted with watercolor, souvenirs. Photos in frames, placed on shelves and dressers, decorating walls are welcome. Fireplace, velvet curtains, indoor flowers on beautiful coasters can be a harmonious addition to the interior.




Since the interior welcomes the completeness of appearance, designers recommend decorating in the Biedermeier style the whole floor of the cottage, completely a cottage or apartment. Rooms should give a feeling of spaciousness, a separate corner can be taken under the shelves of house plants. Furniture should be diverse and versatile, appropriate wardrobes, sliding tables, dressing tables, dressers, sofas. Finally, the main rule is to avoid stone and tiled surfaces, they look cold, it is better to give preference to warm wooden textures.