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Swing swing doors: design features (20 photos)


Pendulum, or, as they are sometimes called, swinging doors, are one of the options for swing construction, but unlike conventional interior doors, these doors can swing open to anyone entering in any direction: from themselves or themselves. The pendulum doors received their name due to the fact that their movement is in many ways reminiscent of a pendulum swing.

Design features of the swing door

As already mentioned, the main difference between the interior doors of the pendulum type is its ability to open when you press on its canvas from either side. How is this effect achieved? The secret of such opportunities of interior swing doors is that they have unusually arranged hinges that allow the hanging of the hanging fabric in any direction. While using conventional sheds, it is impossible to get such behavior from the door.



In most cases, mounting pendulum doors involves fixing fittings to the floor and to the surface of the ceiling with the door closer directly to the floor, but often also hinges are installed on the side of the panel.

Swing Door Applications

Usually such doors are often installed today by the owners of apartments, cottages and houses, but very often they can be seen in the door openings:

  • production premises;
  • trade enterprises;
  • refrigerators;
  • restaurants, cafes, canteens;
  • hotels;
  • medical institutions;
  • entertainment centers;
  • sports facilities, etc.

In order to fix, if necessary, the sash doors of the pendulum type at an angle of 90 °, these structural elements provide lugs in their lower part.



Types of swinging doors

Doors of the pendulum type are distinguished primarily by the material used for their manufacture.

Pendulum glass doors

The use of glass makes these door systems as suitable as possible for mounting in apartments with the most modern interior.

Appearance, which have pendulum doors of glass, does not change during the entire period of their operation. It is used in such structures is not ordinary glass, and special, for example, for expensive models choose red-hot.

In cheap door systems, thick ordinary glass can be used, but covered with shock-proof film. If necessary, glass sheets can also be glued over with a dubbing film, which allows to hide the situation in the room located behind the doors.




Wooden swing doors

They are relatively cheap and very popular option for interior doors. And one of the reasons that they are so in demand, is their excellent appearance. However, since wood is not a very hard material, even with small bumps that a wooden sheet may experience, dents, scratches, etc. may appear on it. And it is almost impossible to disguise and hide these mechanical damages.

PVC pendulum doors

The use of polyvinyl chloride for the manufacture of such doors is quite common. Plastic products are known to have high wear resistance, durability, and relative impact resistance. PVC door designs are available in a wide range of colors. They can be solid or have glass inserts: small, medium or very large.



In addition to the features of a pendulum door listed in this chapter, there may be a difference in the number of flaps they have. In particular, such products may be single-leaf or double-leaf. And if the width of the door opening is large enough (for example, 1.2 m or more), then it will be logical to mount double-wing pendulum doors.



Characteristic features of oscillating door systems

  • The opening is carried out by lightly pressing the sash, which can be very convenient for such areas as the kitchen, if the hands are occupied with something.
  • Closing occurs automatically in the presence of a closer.
  • Missing door frame.
  • The movement of the valves can occur in any direction.



Advantages of pendulum designs

  • Safety of use.
  • The possibility of passing a large number of people through the doorway with the provision of a certain degree of sound insulation and thermal insulation.
  • Repair is allowed if necessary.
  • There is no requirement for special care (sometimes it is enough to wipe the door surface with a damp cloth).
  • The presence of a wide variety of models, as well as color solutions.
  • Aesthetic design.



Disadvantages swinging doors

  • More difficult, when compared with conventional hinged doors, the opening system. A very precise setting of both lower and upper loops is required in order for there to be no axial displacements.
  • Poor heat retention in the room.
  • Insufficient effective sound insulation.
  • It is necessary to have on both sides of the door a free unoccupied place so that the doors do not meet any obstacles when opening.

The scope of swinging doors is extremely wide. Due to the fact that they are easy to open, they can easily be used by children, old people, and wheelchair users. Such doors will be suitable for kitchens and passage rooms.