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Floor air conditioning: mobility and functionality


Floor air conditioning - a popular type of climate equipment - is used in the arrangement of urban apartments, offices and country houses. The device is especially relevant also in cases where it is necessary to quickly provide a comfortable microclimate in a removable room, as the unit is easy to install and operate, is implemented in an affordable price range compared to the classic types of split systems.

There are the following types of device:

  • monoblocks - the evaporator and the condenser are in a single package, the unit has compact dimensions and mobility;
  • portable split systems - the device consists of external and internal blocks, it is distinguished by high performance. The body is equipped with wheels for easy transportation;
  • home split-systems of floor-to-ceiling type - the indoor unit is installed in the lower part of the wall or under the ceiling. The design is successful in providing an optimal microclimate in rooms with an impressive area.

When choosing a floor air conditioner for your home, you must take into account the characteristics of each of these types of climate equipment.

The device consists of a single case with a compressor, a condenser, a fan, an evaporator and other elements, equipped with a flexible air duct. In fact, the principle of operation of the floor monoblock air conditioner is extremely simple:

  • air is used from the room where the mobile device is installed;
  • the air mass passes through the filter, is cooled in a special compartment and returned to the premises;
  • warm air flow is brought out through the duct;
  • condensate is collected in a special pan.

Mobile floor air conditioners in this category consist of two buildings:

  • indoor unit with an impressive weight mounted on the floor;
  • the outdoor unit is fixed outside the window, can be placed on the balcony;
  • flexible hose with refrigerant pipes connects both air conditioner housings.

The indoor unit is equipped with transport wheels, which allows it to move comfortably, despite the considerable weight of the structure.



The competitive advantages of mobile split systems include low noise in the process of the device. Higher efficiency in comparison with a monoblock is another advantage of this floor air conditioner, and there are a lot of other advantages of use:

  • ease of installation - does not require a special set of tools, you can install yourself;
  • ease of operation, maintenance and care;
  • relatively low power consumption;
  • long term quality operation.

As the rating shows, the main disadvantage of the floor split-system is the relatively high cost of production. This disadvantage is leveled by the work efficiency, functional capabilities and beautiful design of the climatic equipment. Another, no less significant minus in the piggy bank is a short freon highway, due to which the installation possibilities of the blocks in the space convenient for a particular room are limited.

The device is an internal case and an outdoor unit.

When floor air conditioners are installed in the lower part of the wall, the cooled air flow is directed upwards, but if the structure is mounted in the subceiling zone, then circulation occurs over the entire area of ​​the upper space of the room. For the effectiveness of providing a comfortable microclimate in spacious rooms, floor-to-ceiling air conditioners are most often used, since this category of equipment has more power than other models.

The independent floor conditioner without duct is the actual solution for those who often change their location and strive for comfort. Such a device provides ease of transportation from one room to another, from a city apartment to a cottage or to an office. It does not even raise the question of how to install a floor-mounted air conditioner, since for the full operation of the mechanism only a network connection is required. The device is designed to generate cold, no condensate is produced, therefore there is no collection for liquids, which simplifies the construction as much as possible.

Characteristics of mobile models of climate technology differ in operational parameters and design, so the question of how to choose a floor-mounted air conditioner must be approached with great care. When buying a monoblock or split system, pay attention to the following indicators:

  • functionality - each model of the climatic equipment provides cooling and heating of the allocated space. In the ranking of the best floor air conditioners, there is a separate category of units, which, along with the basic functionality, also have options such as air ionization, purification from impurities, moistening and others;
  • unit power - for quality service, for every 10 m² of room space, a power of 1 kW is required. Compact monoblocks are effective for areas of no more than 25 m², and for larger rooms it is necessary to choose floor air conditioning among categories with a capacity of 4 kW;
  • condensate collector - mobile air conditioners are equipped with a special tray in which condensate accumulates. To eliminate difficulties with constant checking of the accumulated liquid level and timely discharge, choose a room model with a built-in evaporator;
  • noise performance - when choosing a design, be sure to specify the noise level of the operating unit. As the rating shows, the best outdoor air conditioners have a low-noise external unit that ensures quiet operation of the device;
  • the presence of a remote control increases the comfort of operation, provides the ability to set the desired mode of operation from a convenient distance;
  • aesthetic parameters - the design of modern devices is carried out in a different style, it is easy to choose the optimal model for an office or a small lobby, city apartment or cottage. Keep in mind that the presence of a climate device should not disturb comfort, so choose light-weight units with low weight, quiet and convenient for transportation. To move the structure is not accompanied by loud sounds, buy a device with rubberized wheels.

Examine the review of popular mobile models, determine the manufacturer, specify all the pros and cons of the considered equipment. Also, a lot of information can be found by reading reviews of real users who have already purchased one or another model and share their impressions of a positive or negative nature.