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Crystal tableware: varieties, rules of care (22 photos)


As you know, crystal in our life is an integral element of the festive table setting. The production technology of dishes from this material appeared more than five thousand years ago.

A high level of transparency is achieved through the use of lead in the material. If the amount of lead in a pot exceeds 10%, then it can be called crystal. The best dishes are those in which the level of lead is 30%.

Crystal glassware will have a higher cost than conventional glass and therefore requires a more careful approach to care. If you do not care for the glass of this type, do not clean it, then it will become muddy in a short time. In order for the crystal to remain brilliant for a long time, it is necessary to wash it in a solution with lemon juice or vinegar.



Crystal dishes can be represented by wine glasses, glasses, candy dishes, salad bowls, sugar bowls, spices, vases, jugs and many others.

High-quality crystal should not have any blotches and cloudiness, and if you hold it with a wet finger, it will ring. Chips, folds and roughness - a sign of a fake.

In the consumer market can be found various types of crystal. Each of them has its advantages:

  • Lead. The presence of lead in this pot is 36%. Such a species appeared more than 350 years ago. It is durable and is not subject to destruction under the influence of an acidic environment or alkali. The material is completely safe for human health.
  • Mountain. This species attracts a large number of people with aesthetic qualities. It is a brilliant, durable and durable material. With proper care, he will long please his unsurpassed external data. Most often, rhinestone is used in the manufacture of jewelry, lenses and a variety of expensive products. Products made of rock crystal can be of different colors, including smoky and black.
  • Barium. Reliable and durable material, which in its characteristics is similar to the lead, but has barium in its composition.
  • Bohemian. There is no lead in this species. This potassium-calcium glass, which is characterized by excellent aesthetic data.



Color and clear crystal

Today the market of crystal products offers dishes of various colors. It can be both transparent and colored elements. Color crystal glassware is obtained by adding certain additives to the composition. If you add cobalt, the material will turn blue. Cadmium or gold make it possible to obtain crystal with a reddish tint. Yellow and green colors are possible with the addition of iron. Using pure manganese, you can make dishes rich yellow.

Tableware made of Czech crystal is in high demand. This material is characterized by amazing transparency and high level of durability. Crystal from the Czech Republic is obtained through the use of special processing techniques. The fascinating scattering of the dishware looks elegant and expensive.

Czech glass and crystal ware combines harmonious shapes and smooth ornaments. She looks exquisitely on the table.



Czech crystal tableware is of high quality. It is made by combining modern technology and old traditions. The design decoration is exclusive and unsurpassed. A large number of elements is carried out manually. The product range is wide. It is represented by numerous wine glasses, glasses, vases, plates and many others.




Crystal Care Criteria

Any kitchen utensils need proper care. If you want it to last as long as possible and to please the eye with its unsurpassed appearance, it should be properly cleaned. Care of the crystal involves the observance of certain recommendations.

How to wash crystal dishes? Conventional dirt can be easily removed with a detergent and lint-free cloth. It is also possible to wash crystal glassware using velvet napkins and a small amount of starch.






If after washing the dishes there are unacceptable muddy stains, they can easily be eliminated by cleaning the material with a solution of salt and vinegar.

It is not recommended to wash the crystal in hot water. So he can quickly become cloudy over time. Wash the glass in warm water. Wine plaque is easily removed from the decanter or wine glass using soapy water. If you have not washed the old crystal for a long time, then you can remove the dirt with half a potato. It is a good cleaner.




To prevent stains on dishes, it is advisable not to dry it after washing, but thoroughly wipe dry.

Glass and crystal ware today is a frequent attribute of home holidays. The most important criterion for crystal is transparency. If the care is competent, then your dishes will look expensive and beautiful.