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Yellow tiles: solar compositions (28 photos)


The yellow tile is always a bright and creative solution. At first glance it seems that such a catchy decor is used extremely rarely. However, there is an incredible amount of design techniques and original solutions that will help modernize the apartment with the help of solar accents.

Color psychology

Yellow ceramic tiles, especially represented by massive canvases, will positively affect any person. The solar palette invigorates, tones, stimulates mental activity.



Pleasant warm tones associated with summer, sun, warmth. Even the smallest bathrooms and rooms, devoid of sunlight, will seem much more comfortable and lighter thanks to the lemon or sand finish.

The yellow tile may actually be completely different. The color of the sun has its own special gradation. It can be warm and aloofly neutral, exude golden play and elegant haze.

Pastel yellow tiles for the bathroom or in the kitchen - a classic solution for the design of modern apartments. However, sometimes you want to move away from the rules and principles, choosing a completely unexpected option.

Beige, mustard, cream with lemon notes, caramel tile combined with all the shades of chocolate palette. Saturated tones enhance the composition, make the yellow accents deeper. Blurred chocolate shades make the composition light and airy.

The accents on the yellow canvas are best formed using red and orange tones. Thus, the design of the bathroom will be much warmer, and the situation in the toilet more comfortable. The golden wall tile always enlivens and decorates the interior.



Black and yellow

Yellow tiles and black accents - this is an unusually spectacular tandem. Contrast, rich, delicate decor favorably play in the interior of the bathroom.

It is not necessary to arrange in this way the entire floor or wall. It is better to make an apron in the kitchen, decorate the area around the bathtub or shower, focus on the wall mirror.

Gray and silver tones

To keep the yellow tile for the bathroom from cutting the eyes, the designers use shades of gray to make the composition more refined and restrained. It is noteworthy that the matte gray tile and the glossy tile with mother-of-pearl tints will cope with its important “mission”.

Some designers are even simpler: the yellow color of the finishing material is supplemented with furniture and fixtures with chrome-plated surfaces. It looks interesting skinal with photo printing, as well as drawings with bright lemon ornament on a gray canvas.




Indigo and Turquoise

The yellow glossy surface of the tile or porcelain stoneware will sparkle with new colors through the use of turquoise and blue accents. Probably, this is one of those unique duets, which organically looks not only in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

A kind of Egyptian style organically looks in the living room. Floor tiles in the interior will be appropriate and effective if the situation is supplemented with appropriate accessories that emphasize the coloring of the country of the pharaohs. It can be painted vases, original figurines. The wall tile will look organically against the background of scrolls, shelves with artifacts of ancient Egypt.



Yellow and green accents

The most popular size is tile 20x20. It is also the main element for creating eco-style finishes. Green and yellow palette, connecting together, allow you to create a cozy and fresh interior in the kitchen.

Wall tiles are associated with chamomile field or flowering dandelions. In any case, the spring atmosphere with flowers, romance and tenderness is guaranteed. An interesting solution for the kitchen is to replace the traditional apron with the original skinal. The base under the glass cloth can be decorated with the same colors (daisies and dandelions) or experimenting with gastronomic themes.



Stylistic features

Yellow wall tiles are associated with softness and warmth. The soothing and invigorating effect can be used in the interior of apartments of any stylistic direction. Yellow tones, green, gray and chocolate palette - ideal tools for ennobling small rooms.

Multi-colored decor is appropriate in spacious rooms. Small rooms (kitchen, bathroom, toilet) are better designed in soothing colors. Recently, tile 20x20 of bright yellow shades with balconies has become popular. Particularly colorful green, yellow and turquoise tiles look in the interior of glazed solariums.




Gold motifs

Considering the yellow tile as a key element for the decoration of various rooms, not to mention the gold version of the decor. Even the minimal use of such elements makes the room pompous and respectable.



If the kitchen seems too simple, the interior is faded and boring, a golden apron and creative installations that complement the luxurious finishes solve this problem. Designers consider gold tile as a complex decorative material. To create a truly stylish interior composition, it is necessary to remember the following recommendations:

  • Imitation of gold on the tile should be used as an additional decoration, not a base;
  • For gold ornaments on the wall is better to choose red, cream, black trim options. The golden apron can be added with chocolate elements;
  • “Gold” looks more spectacular not on a usual glossy canvas, but in imitation of some unusual textures. For example, copying the roughness of gold bricks, velvety rich textiles or chipped natural rough stone.

Gold motifs look interesting with a floral or geometric pattern. A sophisticated and elegant combination of golden ornaments on a sandy background.



Porcelain tiles for floors and walls

Porcelain tile is a ceramic tile with excellent performance characteristics. Previously, due to their impeccable strength characteristics, porcelain stoneware was used for flooring.

Designers are increasingly resorting to the use of this type of materials to beautify the walls. It is difficult to make an apron in the kitchen, and it is not always appropriate, but it will be interesting to experiment in the bathroom.



The sand-colored finish looks unusual when the floor smoothly transitions to the walls. At the same time, the wall installation is decorated with a mosaic mother-of-pearl rim. The upper part of the bathroom walls is painted with pastel paint (for example, cream or cream color).



The combination of wooden floor and wall cladding with granite imitating the texture of natural stones looks very original. For wet and tiny bathrooms or toilets, this is not the right decision, but the loft fits perfectly into the style of the kitchen.