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Buffet table for a beautiful holiday (28 photos)


The buffet table is an opportunity to decorate the holiday with various, beautiful and interesting dishes, but it also provides an opportunity to treat everyone present and excellent communication.

There are some rules of the buffet table, which are mandatory for any reception. Other conditions each host of the evening or the manager of the holiday can be adapted to a specific celebration. In all this it is worthwhile to understand in order to prepare for the event as best as possible, but first it is worth knowing what is customarily called a buffet table.



Fundamental principles of the buffet table

To more clearly understand the idea of ​​such a meal, let's see what can be considered a buffet:

  • There are no usual tables and chairs. Free access to the tables with snacks and desserts so that everyone can choose their food, serve themselves and move away.
  • It is necessary to lay the table with mini-dishes "for one bite".
  • The principle of self-service (although under certain conditions, the presence of waiters is allowed, which will help guests to choose dishes at the table or carry snacks on trays around the hall).
  • Communication and negotiations - this is the main reason for the meeting.
  • Buffet can be part of a festive program or business negotiations.
  • The duration of the meeting from one hour to two.
  • The venue can be a gazebo in the open air, an office, large rented halls or at home a small room in an apartment.

Of course, these are just some of the principles for holding a festive event with a buffet table. And the rules are very flexible. For example, the simplest buffet with sandwiches and drinks is suitable for a simple buffet. More refined meetings will be accompanied by several changes of dishes from hot and light cold snacks to champagne and dessert. The main thing is that the one and the other option will appear as a buffet.

An excellent option is the buffet on the birthday. It is a celebration when dancing and karaoke are appropriate. To free up space for the dance floor, a buffet is arranged. And even the fact that guests can freely move around the hall has a positive point - most of the guests will actively take part in the festive program. There will be a place for those who want to sing.

In addition, close comrades, friends and relatives usually gather for a birthday. They have something to talk about. And the buffet table allows such informal communication for all. No one is limited only to the company that is closest, as is usually the case with a feast.



No cost and a children's holiday without a buffet. This is where true conditions are needed for true fun. After all, children no matter whether there are hot dishes and how good the meat and side dish to it. They will appreciate the sweet dessert and bright snacks, but the main thing that awaits the baby’s soul is the opportunity to play, move. Buffet option - this is exactly what will fully satisfy all the needs of kids.

Another important event can be decorated with the idea of ​​such a design. Buffet at the wedding - the right decision if it is celebrated in a small room, or decided that the dishes will be prepared with their own hands. What other advantages are there? You can invite a fairly large number of people. The buffet table allows you to make the menu corresponding to this extraordinary event, diverse and interesting, but at the same time reduce the cost of it.

For corporate events, a program that includes contests and quests is thought out. Having fun and socializing is the main thing why colleagues have gathered, and therefore the feast is being replaced by a buffet table.



Arrangement of tables and table setting

The main condition for the buffet is that the access to the tables is convenient for all who want to be treated. It is for this reason that there are several criteria for how this can be done correctly. The tables themselves are different from the dinner in height. For a buffet table, the usual height is from 90 cm to 110 cm. The table can be one, or they can be set several.



Buffet tables:

  • If the arrangement of tables is made along the walls, then the tables themselves should be narrow and long, and the distance from the table to the wall should be not less than 1.5 m;
  • In the middle of the hall, tables are installed in the form of letters "Ш" and "П", only if the area of ​​the room allows the number of people to be freely mixed between them;
  • There should be another group of napkin tables, used dishes or ashtrays.

And one more small nuance. Be sure to cover the table with a tablecloth. Its length should be such that it does not reach the floor only 5 cm. You can cover the table with a usual tablecloth, and on top of it use a special buffet table skirt for tables.



As for serving, on a table with snacks should be:

  • plates (by the number of guests), stand a stack of 7-8 pcs .;
  • glasses, stand in a group;
  • appliances (snack bars, dessert, fruit knives and forks), there should be more than plates;
  • napkins.

After equal distances, drinks, fruit vases and flower arrangements should be placed on the table. The presentation of dishes on multi-level trays will look beautiful. And from the snacks themselves, you can make a certain shape.

How to arrange a buffet table? Everything will depend on the occasion for the event and on the age category of the guests. The design will differ both in the ideas of the decor of the tables and in the snack menu.



Here are some tips on how to decorate a buffet table for children:

  • The decoration can give a special charm to the holiday, if it contains the plot of a fairy tale or a cartoon favorite by the kids. You can use toys or tablecloths with an appropriate ornament for this.
  • Some desserts or dishes themselves can be a decoration, supporting the theme. For example, snacks or cakes in the form of ships at a pirate festival.
  • Every child likes balloons. They can arrange the table itself, securing fun colorful balls between dishes.



What kind of snacks do you prefer?

For the buffet table you need small, portioned snacks. There may be a lot of ideas on composing compositions from products, they are all divided into:

  • Sandwiches;
  • Tartlets with julienne or pate;
  • Salads served in glasses;
  • Canape;
  • Cutting;
  • Vegetables or fruit;
  • Snacks on skewers;
  • Dessert.

All these dishes should be small in size and can be eaten without the help of a knife, but the main thing is that the products in the appetizer match each other according to taste parameters. Taste in snacks is the most important. And do not dwell on one product for the dish, it is worth considering the options for combining several ingredients that complement each other.



The design of appetizers is also important, the originality and visual appeal of serving dishes are welcomed. It is desirable that the color palette was rich and vibrant. I would like to see on the buffet table that one snack includes several colorful, and most importantly, delicious colors.



Drinks for the table

We cover the buffet table with dishes, which must necessarily be suitable drinks. They are placed on the table in a certain order: in the center there should be alcoholic beverages, along the edges of the water and juices. Of the alcoholic beverages on the table must be wine (red and white, dry and sweet), chilled champagne and vodka. Tea, coffee (cognac can be served) and sweet liqueurs are served to dessert.



Interesting ideas for a buffet table

Easy menu for the buffet table can be in several versions. For example, it may consist only of dessert dishes or include several changes: cold snacks, hot dishes, dessert. And each time there should be a choice of several options for snacks, dishes or sweets. It is important that the table setting is so comfortable that guests do not have to reach for the dishes.