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Shower plate with ladder: the device and the possibility of using the bathroom in the interior (20 photos)

The shower plate is a rectangular, square or semi-circular product, as a rule, it is based on durable, dense, foamed polystyrene. An integral component of the design is a linear or compact drainage channel, the so-called floor drain. The surface of the product is finished with a waterproofing sheet, which ensures comprehensive tightness and reliability of the shower cabin. Ladders are complemented by siphons that have enhanced throughput.

The specifics of the use of shower plates

On all sides, the product has a small slope to the drain hole, calculated during design and production, which eliminates the risk of water spillage, and timely discharge of the spent liquid in the right direction. The design is equipped with such a siphon, which is able to divert any amount of water - this condition is especially important for those who use the top tropical shower, often includes hydromassage panels.

Key benefits:

  • quick and easy installation;
  • no need to dry the concrete solution;
  • there is no need for a separate slope arrangement facilitating the withdrawal of water.

The shower plate with a linear drain and modified with a compact drain - both are designed for arranging the shower stall without the notorious pan. This solution is demanded by people with special needs, it is also often introduced into public hygiene facilities: in the souls of hotels, hospitals, sports facilities. Plates do not have a threshold, which facilitates access to water procedures.

Features of the introduction of structures

The shower plate with a ladder is installed at the stage of finishing works during the flooring. As soon as the stove sits in its allotted place, you can immediately proceed to the lining of ceramics or other materials intended for rooms with high humidity.

The special coating, which is the top layer of waterproofing fabric, has high rates of adhesion to standard tile glue. A special template is included in the package, which significantly simplifies the procedure for cutting ceramic tiles: thus, the installation of a shower is performed much faster than in the case of a tray.

For the manufacture of the base used reinforced polystyrene, which has a sufficient level of strength and resistance to deformation for this area. Moreover, the demanded shower plate with a compact ladder differs from the linear analogue, for the most part, only by the shape of the drain.

A little about the device ladder

The simplest modifications look like plastic, metal or metal-plastic devices designed to collect and remove fluids from the floor in a wet room. They have a simple configuration, convenient, trouble-free, relatively cheap.

The product consists of several components:

  • water intake funnel (it is supplemented with a flange) - water is collected in it, in the lower part there is an outlet connecting pipe leading to the sewer. By means of a flange the waterproofing membrane is fixed;
  • decorative grille - removable component, screening large debris;
  • the siphon serves as a water seal, it does not allow unpleasant odors to penetrate from the sewer into the room.

In addition to directly removing the water, the ladder solves the following tasks:

  • prevents the formation of blockages due to debris in the sewer;
  • creates comfortable conditions for regular cleaning of the drain;
  • protects the room from the penetration of moisture and odors from the sewer pipe.

The gangway can be located in the center of the shower room (a small offset to one of the walls is permissible). In this case, the bias should be shown from all sides.

Drain, hidden in the corner, will not be evident, with this option, the slope must go from two planes, so that the drain goes to the desired area.

If the ladder is located near the wall, the slope from one plane is provided. As a rule, slotted plums with a high carrying capacity are arranged this way. Such models have an aesthetic performance and rarely clogged.

The shutter provided in the ladder may be dry or wet. The latter is inconvenient due to the fact that during a long simple shower stall unpleasant odors begin to enter the room. The dry shutter is more efficient, it completely isolates the room from the centralized network.

The possibility of introducing into the interior

Manufacturers offer a variety of ranges of shower plates, they can be successfully used in any area of ​​the bathroom, it gives a certain amount of room space planning. Products enjoy an enviable demand from modern designers:

  • there is no pallet that restricts access and freedom of movement;
  • Laconic execution of a rich assortment of grids contributes to the full implementation of even non-standard projects.

Shower plates should be used in rooms that are designed for people with special needs. There is no threshold here, so a wheelchair can be easily placed in the hygienic area.

In public places, for example, fitness centers, gyms, hospitals, swimming pools, showers in which are equipped with plates, the care of wet areas is greatly facilitated. In particular, the absence of cavities and additional angles accelerates the cleaning of the room. Finally, it is also important that the plates have a high level of resistance to mechanical stress and are not afraid of intensive use - even a negligent attitude will not affect the functional and aesthetic qualities of the products.

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