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Cabinet case: beauty, ergonomics and modern chic (24 photos)


The case case - the excellent decision for storage of things in any room. Once these compact pieces of furniture were considered a real find for a practical inhabitant of the Soviet Union. Modern narrow cabinets look so modern, stylish and original that such attribute cannot be called a relic of the past.


In fact, absolutely in any home there is a place for compact and versatile furniture. However, the designers provided for all possible options for the interior and developed several types of canisters. There are such types of designs:

  • Corner;
  • Diagonal angular;
  • Built-in;
  • Suspended cabinet case;
  • Floor type, standing apart from other pieces of furniture.

Corner closet-case or spacious storage for clothes can be decorated so that this attribute will fit any interior.



Sometimes a wardrobe with a mirror or a double-wing version is combined with a wardrobe. Thus it is possible to use the usable area to the maximum. The room looks neat, tidy, there is no feeling of littering the space with small household attributes.



Pencil stand alone in the room

For the living room or bedroom most often get a wardrobe with shelves on wheels. Such structures can ride on a special "rail". Furniture can be moved anywhere in the room or moved to a completely different location.

High cabinet cases are used in rooms with very high ceilings. It is inexpedient to do built-in constructions, and I also do not want to refuse a convenient furniture attribute.

Chipboard is a chipboard fastened with a number of formaldehyde resins that are safe for humans. The material is popular due to the low price, excellent strength characteristics, convenient in terms of operation. Such a cabinet for the kitchen and hallway - the perfect solution.

However, the material is known for its shortcomings. Chipboard is not amenable to fine processing. Simply put, it is impossible to make elegant unusual products from it. A traditional case with drawers or a double-winged element with shelves represents simplicity and conservatism in a modern interior.

MDF is formed from the smallest chips, even smaller than chipboard. Sawdust is glued with paraffin and lignite. Such material is much more suited to the "golden" eco standards.

Modern masters MDF conquered its delicacy, a certain pliability, ease of use. Pencil box sliding or beautiful book element, narrow ornate designs, original stylish designs - a good master of MDF parts is able to create a true masterpiece.

Any form or color of the product, freedom in the choice of textures and accessories makes this material extremely popular. Do not forget that such a cabinet with drawers, as well as the previous versions, remains in the category of budget generally available products.

A kitchen cupboard made of pine or other tree species is considered a real treat. It is advisable to acquire such an attribute if all the furniture in the house is made of the highest quality wood.
Such a closet-case for the bathroom will not work. Usually the floor expensive attribute of the color of wenge or "dark walnut" is placed in the living room or study. An expensive and beautiful closet-case for books will become a real decoration in the house.

Appearance of canisters

You should not take this piece of furniture only as a practical and functional thing, not burdened with a special style and aesthetics. In fact, any artistic idea through special techniques can be implemented on the facade of the case. Thus, the conservatism of forms and versatility of the product is preserved, but the aesthetic value and exclusivity of this interior item is significantly increased.



Photo technology

Children's wardrobe-decorate in a special way. A simple wood texture or gloss black is clearly not to please the child. The easiest option to decorate the facade of the case is to apply any photo to the surface.

For the children of the nursery and primary school groups will suit your favorite cartoon characters or fairy tale characters. If the interior of the nursery is stylized in a special way, photo printing on the front of the cabinet will help to strengthen the design idea. For example, if a room imitates a submarine, the closet automatically transforms into a huge window through which you can see the amazing inhabitants of the seabed.

Eco trends are becoming more popular. Designers every day come up with new options for how to beat natural textures or materials in a modern interior.

Depending on the stylistic direction and the basic idea of ​​the designer, completely different "gifts of nature" are played up. For example, rattan on the basis of the "walnut" shade goes well with glass. This cabinet is perfect for the interior in a Mediterranean or Spanish style.

Continuing acquaintance with fresh trends and exclusive designs of designers, special attention should be paid to such unusual decorations as a lacquer and lacobel. The first option is a translucent frosted glass, one side of which is coated with a special lacquer.

This allows you to turn an ordinary cabinet with glass into an original and elegant product. Such a solution is even suitable for a kitchen or a children's room: there are no traces of children's fingers.

Lakobel is an opaque glass. Special paint is applied on one of the surfaces. The glass element loses its transparency, but acquires an interesting color. Furniture with lacobel will give the interior a special brightness and style.


Rhinestones - the choice of bold and extravagant personalities. Imitation of precious stones, as a rule, is carried out at the expense of special processing of lead glass. Small but very attractive details are used everywhere: from the décor on accessories and in jewelry to decorating dishes, mobile phones and nail plates.

Despite its diminutiveness, cabinet cases can be considered a very capacious attribute in modern apartments. Moreover, modern devices, as well as conceptually new storage systems, simply amaze with their thoughtfulness and certain universality.

Standardly, the cabinet volume is divided into three segments:

  • The lower part is reserved for storage of shoes;
  • The middle segment is for things that every family member uses every day;
  • The upper part of the locker is necessary for things that are rarely used (for example, seasonal items for the beach).

Functionality and capacity do not always depend only on the size of the canister. Having correctly defeated the workspace, it is possible even to store a tremendous amount of things in the miniature locker.

The most modern cabinets are equipped with a pantograph. This is a unique mechanism that allows you to easily lower or raise the bar with hangers. Thus, it is possible to locate the pantograph high enough, thereby freeing up more space in the lower segment of the cabinet.

In addition, the case can be equipped with the following devices:

  • Mesh baskets are fixtures made of metal or plastic. They are mounted on special racks, equipped with rollers that allow the system to move at its discretion;
  • Bars, where things are placed on special hangers;
  • System consisting of trouser holders;
  • Hangers for belts or ties;
  • Shelves designed exclusively for shoes;
  • Containers for storing small items;
  • Household organizers.

In addition, in a relatively large cabinets can be allocated a special place under the ironing board or compartment for a vacuum cleaner. It can be located and mount for iron, storage for other household accessories.

Favorite coloring "nut" or favorite sandblasting decor - these are just details. We considered the functional aspects associated with the fullness of the cabinets of cases. However, an important role is also played by options for combining facades of wardrobes. There are several groups:

  • The classic version is a solid façade formed from wood chipboard sheets or completely mirror-like surface of the canvas;
  • Geometrical facade - compartment doors consist of separate rectangles of fractions, which are made out of glass, mirror cloths, chipboard, other finishing materials at the discretion of the master and designer;
  • Diagonal option - the facade consists of metal profiles that divide it into certain fragments, heading towards each other;
  • Sectoral facade - profiles divide the facade into separate cells. Each element is made separately according to the design idea;
  • Wave - curvilinear type profiles form a soft design consisting of smooth lines.

In addition to the aesthetic importance of the combination of facades, the practicality of each of the options also plays an important role. The nuances of surface care depend on how exactly the cabinet will be. For example, it is much easier to care for a matte canvas than for a mirror. The more "capricious" surfaces, the more hassle will bring cleaning.