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Holders for toilet paper: standard options and original ideas (21 photos)


Often the bathroom and toilet are combined into one compact room. In a small room, any thing must have its specific location. It is order and cleanliness that give the room comfort, and the ergonomic arrangement of objects is always advisable. This fully applies to toilet paper holders.



Make these things from plastic or metal. When choosing a material, it is desirable to take into account that the plastic weighs a little, is simply attached and easy to clean. However, it fades quickly and breaks easily when handled carelessly. Metal models have a more presentable appearance and are chrome plated, brass or copper coated. However, it is recommended to keep in mind that spraying can get around in conditions of high humidity.

In order for the toilet paper holder and air freshener to last a long time, you should choose a stainless steel construction (even with a higher price).



The toilet paper holder is available in two types of fasteners (different designs and materials). The paper roll can be placed on the holder vertically or horizontally (the most common option).



This is the most common and compact type of paper fastener. The main advantages: a variety of models and manufacturers, it is easy to attach in a convenient place. Buyers are offered several types:

  • toilet roll holder with lid: paper roll is put on the hook-holder. In this device, the paper remains visible, but is covered with a dust cap. There are plastic (multi-colored) and metal (chrome, matte, brass). The toilet paper and air freshener holder looks comfortable and original. Lattice basket-stand is located next to the holder. Advantages: you can visually assess the stock of paper on a roll, light weight, just attached to the wall. Disadvantage: the paper is not protected from water splashes, the metal holder of toilet paper with a lid is sensitive to moisture;
  • closed holder: a roll of paper is placed in a container closed with a lid. The end of the paper is pulled out through the slot. It is made of plastic of different shades. Dignity: the paper does not fall on the dust and water splashes, aesthetic appearance. Disadvantage: it is impossible to visually estimate how much paper is left in the roll;
  • Built-in toilet paper holder can be called the most aesthetic design. The device is installed in a special niche and can be easily removed if necessary. Paper tape is pulled out through a neat decorative hole in a special pad. Pros: the device is not visible, the paper is protected from dust and moisture. Minuses: a special niche should be equipped at the stage of room repair: visually it is impossible to estimate the amount of paper on a roll;

At what height to mount the device is selected individually. It is considered to be ergonomic to mount the holder in front of the toilet bowl (at a distance of 25-35 cm from the edge) and at a height of 60-75 cm from the floor.




Toilet roll holder

It is advisable to install these types of holders in spacious rooms where there is a place for various objects. Sometimes plumbing is installed in the middle of the wall and the holder is difficult to locate in an accessible place, so the main advantage of the floor construction is the ability to place it at a convenient and close distance from the toilet bowl. Manufacturers offer two types of products.

  • Standard holder - stand with open holder for a roll of paper. As a rule, such models are made of metal. Advantages: it is not required to hang up on a wall, is established / rearranged to any place. Disadvantage: water splashes may fall on the paper.
  • The multifunctional holder may have additional attachments for the cleaning brush and spare paper rolls. The toilet paper holder and freshener are equipped with a stand for a balloon freshener or automatic. Advantages of the design: a compact arrangement of several objects, it is easy to rearrange to the right place.




How to make original holders for toilet paper with your own hands?

It happens that at this point in time there is no need for an expensive / permanent paper holder. For example, when moving and the upcoming repair (when there is no bathroom planning yet). Or in the country - I do not want to specifically buy a holder only for the summer toilet. Unusual toilet paper holders are easy to make on your own. Most practical to make the holder of plastic bottles. Materials will be needed: 3-5 liter plastic bottle, knife, wooden skewer for kebabs.

  1. The bottle is marked in the middle and cut with a knife. At the same time, it is necessary to try not to leave sharp "burrs" on the plastic. For the holder use the item with a lid.
  2. Holes are made at the sides of the bottle.
  3. A roll of paper is put on the skewer and inserted into the bottle.
  4. The design is simply hung by the handle on the bottle cap.