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Rattan sofa: wicker finesse (24 photos)


Original wicker furniture is always in trend. The most popular and fashionable attributes are the white rattan sofa, chair and chaise longue. They often become the main decoration of the hall, terrace, attic, balcony or summer gazebo. Often, such furniture is used for arranging a recreation area located in the open air, and an object such as a chaise longue creates the convenience of being outdoors and is located on the lawn or by the pool. Wicker sofa is ideal for giving, and it is difficult to find the best attribute in terms of performance and design solutions.



Wickerwork technology

For the manufacture of wicker sofas and other furniture attributes used durable and flexible palm creepers, past special processing. In nature, there are vines up to 300 meters in length, while the diameter in large areas (up to 4 meters) remains the same. Color working lashes (natural and artificial) can be very different. Natural material is painted in four basic colors: coffee, honey, brandy and olive. Scourge of white color is obtained by bleaching, and such furniture is classified as refined and exclusive.



Features rattan sofas

Wicker furniture is a quality attribute with a long service life (30-40 years). For their manufacture, in addition to natural material, artificial, consisting of synthetic semi-circular and round fibers, is used. Choosing furniture for the cottage, you should pay attention to the armchair and artificial rattan sofa. Such attributes are represented on the market in various design solutions, which makes it possible to select a model in accordance with the style and color scheme of the room.

When furniture is purchased for outdoor use, it must harmoniously fit into the environment and the present landscape at the dacha, in a private house and cottage. Such furniture can often be found in hotels, summer cafes, bars.



Direct model

Modern versions of wicker sofas are very diverse. These are elegant products, the parameters of which vary in length, height and depth. Depending on the size, amenities are provided for two or more people. A large three-seater sofa with a minimum length of 200 cm, a height of 80 cm, and a depth of 85 cm is in great demand.

Folding option

Due to the high strength indicators, wicker furniture, arched under the weight of a person, takes on its original shape. Considering these features of natural material, furniture attributes acquire additional functions. Folding models have a number of advantages compared to conventional rattan sofas. The folding design creates a comfortable bed and allows you to seat a large number of guests.



Corner model

Saving space in the room and additional amenities creates a corner sofa, which consists of several separate sections (corner - 3 pcs., Medium - 2 pcs.). When assembled, this furniture is a single unit. Such a model can be placed not only in the corner of the room, but also in the center. Looks great composition from an angular sofa and rattan table.

Of all the options, only the corner sofa does not take up much space even in a small area and creates comfort for relaxation.




Advantages and disadvantages of rattan furniture

Natural and artificial material has a number of advantages, and the furniture elements made of them are popular with the owners of private houses, suburban real estate and various institutions. Without exception, natural rattan sofas are made by hand, which makes them unique in design. Each master puts his soul into his work, and in such products there are no defects.
Wicker furniture is inherent in:

  • lightweight, which allows you to easily move it to the right place;
  • high esthetics;
  • high quality and reliability;
  • resistance to moisture and sudden changes in temperature;
  • the absence of mold and a tendency to its formation on the surface, even after a long stay in the open air in the summer;
  • non-burning due to direct exposure to sunlight;
  • a wide range of models, a variety of forms and design solutions;
  • easy care;
  • environmental cleanliness and safety;
  • durability.

All products possess numerous advantages, but white wicker furniture looks very elegant and festive. Such attributes fit perfectly into any environment, both in the room and in the open space.





The use of rattan furniture in the interior and on the street

In the interior, it is advisable to install wicker furniture made of natural material, and for outdoor use the artificial rattan sofa is best suited. With such furniture attribute, the terrace or garden will be completely transformed, will acquire more functionality due to increased convenience and comfort. The standard set of summer cottages includes a wicker chair, including a rocking chair, a table, and chairs. If a white furniture set is placed on the terrace or in any other place, then exclusive and sophistication will be provided.



Modern garden furniture is represented by a large variety of wicker products:

  • lounge sofas;
  • swing chairs made in the shape of a cocoon;
  • dining tables of different parameters and configurations.

All rattan products are perfectly combined with textiles, genuine leather and artificial leather, glass. You can buy furniture from natural or artificial rattan in the online store, where there is a large selection of models in both color and design decision. With the purchase of woven attributes home comfort and comfort is guaranteed.