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Sink from granite: features and use in an interior (21 photos)


Washing in the kitchen is an indispensable and indispensable item, without which it is impossible to equip a single house. Kitchen sinks made of granite are made from a special material, which includes granite chips of natural origin. Manufacturers claim that the products are characterized by high resistance to damage and the effects of various chemicals. Today, various models of sinks are produced that meet all the requirements of consumers.

Despite the fact that the sinks are called granite, in fact they are made of composite material, which is characterized by high physical and technological parameters. The composition of the composite consists of granite chips (80%) and polymers (20%) that perform the binding function. Composite composition facilitates the processing of sinks in the production process, which allows you to give them a variety of shapes: round, triangular, rectangular. According to the characteristics of the material in no way inferior to natural stone.

Sink from granite for the kitchen has its pros and cons, which are important to consider when buying such a model. They have some unique properties that are reflected not only in appearance, but also in technical characteristics. The advantages of the products include:



Durability and reliability

The service life of kitchen sinks made of artificial stone is 10 years. Such indicators are typical for granite and marble, as well as for natural stone. This material is considered more durable compared to ceramics. Manufacturers claim that with proper care and careful handling, their products can last for several decades.




Special technologies of creation lead to the fact that no dirt accumulates on the surface of the sink, as well as microbes and pathogenic bacteria. The surface of granite and marble does not emit unpleasant odors and is not covered with an unpleasant slippery coating. Composite materials are not characterized by increased radiation background, which is often characteristic of products made of natural stone.



High strength

According to some data, artificial granite is 2-3 times stronger than natural. It is noteworthy that the composite is more reliable than concrete. Sinks are not covered with cracks and chips in the fall of metal utensils and heavy kitchen utensils.

Ability to repair defects

If small holes and scratches appear on the surface of the sink, it is enough to rub the area with damages with sandpaper and then polish it. Broken fragments of the product are well glued with acrylic glue. As a result, there are no seams left in place of the chips, and the sink takes on its original appearance.




Sink made of artificial granite has several drawbacks. So, it is impossible to put metalware strongly heated on a fire on the fire: frying pans, pots. Hot objects can leave noticeable stains on the surface of the sink. If a really heavy thing is dropped on a sink, a crack or spall can occur on it. Such cases are quite rare, the quality of the shell is of great importance.

Most users complain about monolithic sinks of granite and marble. Such models have appeared on the market recently and represent a table-top which is cast together with a sink. According to external indicators, such kitchen sinks made of round and rectangular artificial stone occupy high positions, since no seams remain after installation. The main disadvantage is that if the product is damaged, it will be necessary to replace the entire structure as a whole. According to statistics, it is monolithic variants that most often suffer from cracks and chips.



Use in the interior

Every year, new trends for the kitchen space appear in the field of interior design. Touched these ideas and sinks. Consider the recommendations of experts in the selection of products for different interiors.

Sink made of natural granite or marble, matched to the tone of the tabletop - the reception is not new, but popular. Especially successful would be a similar solution when choosing a mortise model. It is mounted flush with the table top, so it looks like a single design. This sink fits perfectly into the selected design. It is quite easy to choose a tabletop that will match the sink in color, but the reverse process can cause some difficulties.



You can experiment not only with color, but also with the configuration. Round models not only look attractive, but also have a greater capacity compared to the rectangular of the same volume. Corner sinks are installed in the L-shaped or corner kitchen furniture sets. It is better in this case to give preference to light tones in order to increase the functionality of the working area.



Round, oval, triangular and rectangular shells are increasingly being made in natural natural shades. Today brick, coffee, bordeaux, graphite and other attractive colors that are found in nature are in fashion.