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Ceramic sink: the pros and cons (22 photos)

A major overhaul in the kitchen is accompanied by a careful selection of a suitable headset, plumbing fixtures, a new dishwasher and many small, but important details in everyday life that will make your apartment more comfortable. Each of these points is important, here we discuss the choice of sink for dishes. If you are careful, do not like drastic changes and are somewhat sentimental, a ceramic kitchen sink is your choice.

First of all, you need to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of this type of plumbing.

Features of ceramic sinks

The cost varies in a wide range, both in principle and on any durable equipment. The price starts from five thousand rubles (the cheapest options at IKEA) and seeks to transcendent amounts. Most people do not need mosaic patterns and gold inserts, so we will consider the average price range, which ranges from 10 to 20 thousand rubles. For this money you can buy an excellent car wash with a guarantee and dirt-resistant coating that will ensure its durable use.

Sizes and shapes depend on your needs. In the modern market you can find round, oval, square, rectangular shapes of any depth and size. When buying, pay attention to the shape of the bottom: it should be sloping, so that water and cleaning do not linger in the corners.

Sinks happen to one or two bowls for washing. There are options with a panel for drying. The ceramic sink with the additional panel and one bowl is most convenient for small kitchen; it is the most popular option among users. Two bowls are necessary and convenient for separating dishes when washing, for processing vegetables, but such a "delicacy" will not fit in any kitchen.

It should be noted that there are both overhead washing and mortise. Mortise deeper and more stable, and overhead easier to install. By location, they can be both classic straight and angular. You can arrange the sink as you wish.

Modern ceramic kitchen sinks are equipped with built-in and additional accessories.

Built-in cutting board

There are options for round and oval shells, which are covered as needed with a wooden board for cutting vegetables. Excellent option for a small-sized living space. There is savings in space and practicality.


Colanders can be attached or foldable. Convenient devices for reclining boiled vegetables, washing fresh herbs and root crops, and so on. A wise hostess will appreciate this opportunity.

Dust chopper

The most useful built-in invention that will save you from the tedious pulling out of cleaning and other organic waste from the siphon. It is necessary to press the button, and all the garbage will turn into mush. The main thing is that the pipes will never clog again, and this is a significant savings on plumbing services.

In order to roughly imagine the cost and quality of ceramic washing, you need to familiarize yourself with the list of manufacturers, Russian and foreign.


The first thing that comes to mind of a resident of a big city is the question of where to buy everything for repair and construction - IKEA. Yes, ceramic kitchen sinks are also sold here. One model, Dushma, with one bowl and one wing, and only white, is brought to Russia. As you already know, this model has an invoice and mortise option, and the invoice is almost twice as expensive.


German manufacturers who possess not only the most extensive color palette, but also the highest prices. You can find models for 20,000 rubles, but not cheaper. But you will receive a guarantee for 30 years and a sink of amazing quality, with the use of which you will never regret about an expensive purchase.


They are also Germans, but along with all the advantages of Blanco, I would like to mention the tendency of this brand to minimalism: neat, compact and practical products that can be called true savings masterpieces. The price, of course, bites them too.


Budget prices, budget quality. The most valuable thing in these sinks is a large selection of devices, built-in and mounted: shelves, wings, stands, etc. Large selection of models from 15 to 50 thousand rubles. UK production.

The advantages of ceramic washing

Why choose pottery? In the simplicity of washing and care, she is the clear leader among all materials. The smooth surface has no pores in which dirt could linger. Special coatings for modern sinks have the strongest dirt-repellent effect, the fat just does not linger on it, and the limescale is easily removed. To care for ceramics do not need to use abrasives, rather ordinary rigid sponge.

Ceramics muffles the sound of water and the sound of plates, which is sometimes important, for example, in a family with small children.

Since ancient times, clay utensils have been valued not only for the plasticity of its material. Products made of baked and glazed clay had a truly magical ability: the products were stored in it longer, the damage was much less. The point of coverage, of course. Pottery does not keep germs on itself, it can be said, it cleans itself. In order to scratch the glaze, we need remarkable efforts - it is very resistant to wear and friction. The hygienic properties of such household items are much higher than any other sink.

Ease of use is relative. For example, it is impossible to throw heavy hard objects like pans into a ceramic sink, since it can break, and it will be difficult to transport it, since it has a lot of weight. However, the external qualities, ease of care, and the hygienic properties of natural ceramics overlap these disadvantages with interest.

According to all the above properties, a ceramic sink is a really great choice for tidy and attentive people who value their own time and have good taste. The classic features of ceramic sinks will never become obsolete, together with excellent preservation, your kitchen will look neat, giving the guests a pleasant impression about the hostess.

The disadvantages of ceramic sinks

Ceramic sinks by weight are much heavier than popular and cheap stainless steel. Clay (namely, real ceramics is made from it) is not the lightest material, and the weight of the product can vary from 14 to 30 kilograms. For the same reason, it will be difficult to install it alone - it is better to entrust this business to professionals.

Despite the strengthening layers of glaze and varnish, it is still quite fragile. It is not necessary to throw heavy hard objects into the ceramic sink - it can really split. Nevertheless, it easily endures temperature fluctuations, is not subject to deformation and scratches, does not peel off with time, even after twenty years it maintains its presentation.

The color scheme is not as rich as that of the same attributes made of artificial stone or stainless steel. Often in the palette of manufacturers of kitchen sinks, only white and black classic options. It is best to learn about colors in advance and order the shade that suits you.

Interior solutions

If you have decided that you want exactly ceramic sanitary ware, you need to choose a model for the style of your kitchen.

Ceramics perfectly fit into a classic style, country or Provence. They are united by a tendency to massiveness, reliability and delicate pastel colors, which is ideally suited to the milky-white surface of ceramic sinks and their bulky forms.

It is worth paying attention to fans of retro and boho - that is where the scope for fantasy. Bright curtains and fancy patterns will perfectly contrast with the original island of tranquility in the kitchen, and you can choose both black and white options - they will fit in any form.

Do not forget about the modern - among the modern sinks there is a suitable angular model that emphasizes your originality and practicality.