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White ash doors: combinations in the interior (20 photos)


Entrance and interior doors not only perform the demarcation and noise insulation functions in the room, but are an important design element. Properly selected doors can be the final feature in the interior and will be combined in the same style of the room in the apartment. Doors of light shades, for example, ash “white pearl” or ash “latte” visually expand the space and are distinguished by an elegant appearance, well combined with various modern interior styles.



Material properties

Doors made of ash are often compared to oak - so strong is this wood. In addition, ash has certain qualities:

  • very high fiber density;
  • it does not crack and does not crack with time;
  • resistant to rotting and exposure to temperature;
  • ecologically safe, does not emit toxins and does not have an unpleasant smell;
  • not subject to drying out and rotting.

Despite the surprising strength, it is not recommended to make entrance doors from ash without a certain protection - this wood reacts negatively to the constant exposure to moisture. Usually, ash doors are used only if double doors are equipped in the house or apartment: an external entrance door, usually metal, and an internal door leading to an apartment.

For the same reason, a bad reaction to water, an interior door in the bathroom will require mandatory treatment with special impregnations to protect against moisture.

Light ash has a noble color with a pronounced wood texture. Various variations of shades are possible:

  • ash gray;
  • ash latte;
  • ash vanilla;
  • ash white pearl.

These colors are ideal for modern interiors: Scandinavian and eco style or minimalism.



Doors in ash color blend well with other shades in the room. Natural eco-style colors will complement bleached ash. Ash gray perfectly harmonizes with calm and cold colors, good in a strict classical interior and minimalism. Pearl ash is suitable for soft and pastel colors, and the color of latte is an ideal complement. The freshness and air of the ash-tree bring light to the room. Tint ash white pearl can create an interesting contrast effect.

Combinations with other woods are also possible: pearl ash doors will shade light walnut wood and add warmth to it, and gray ash looks good against the background of a plum tree.

However, some types of wood will look strange, for example, white ash pearls are not combined with beech, although both shades are light.

On all types of doors metal handles look good; gold-plated ones are most often used; for interiors with cold and muted shades, you can choose chrome-plated ones.

On the modern market there are wooden doors of ash of various types, from which you can choose the most suitable option for the interior. The most common options are doors made of ash veneer and solid wood.


The doors of solid ash differ in their durability and strength, they are little exposed to external factors and temperatures, retain heat well and do not let sounds through. Due to their durability, they can also be used as entrance doors.

Also ash doors distinguish the undoubted nobility of appearance, beautiful wood pattern makes them an elegant addition to the interior, and the color will not fade with time.



The shades of ash white pearl and ash latte look particularly impressive - such doors will look good in modern eco-design rooms and in a cozy country house, gray ash will fit well into an apartment with elite repairs.

Doors from solid ash are, perhaps, the most expensive option for the interior of an apartment or house, however, the demand for them does not fall - because in its qualities and beauty, ash is not inferior to other valuable wood species, which can not affect its price.



Varieties of models

Doors with various glass inserts are usually made of veneer and are used as interior. The colors of the inserts are diverse and are combined in different ways with the shades of the doors.

Gray ash next to cold bluish glass will perfectly fit into a minimalist design, and pearl or bleached ash will be complemented by the insertion of pinkish or frosted glass.



A blank door, usually made of solid wood, can be used as an entrance door or will be an excellent solution for a bedroom, as it is distinguished by good sound insulation. Pearl ash will perfectly complement the pastel colors that are commonly used for bedrooms.



Also, you can often see models with inserts from laths, solid wood or MDF - such a door can in some cases be used as an entrance door (for example, as a second door), it retains its sound-proof qualities and does not transmit light, while it looks more interesting than a solid canvas.




Light ash doors are the best choice if you are looking for durability and elegance. A large variety of models and colors will help you choose the doors for any interior, and their quality and beautiful appearance will delight you for many years.