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Bamboo curtains: exotic and charm (24 photos)


Sometimes completely simple, discreet and concise accessories, as well as household items can drastically change the atmosphere in the house, emphasize the color of the design composition, effectively convey a particular message in the interior. It is, first of all, about original and practical bamboo curtains.



Tribute to fashion or the eternal "actual"

Modern interiors, crowded with lifeless plastic, an abundance of equipment and various technical devices, are becoming less and less “homemade”, losing coziness and warmth. Not always futuristic style or brutal loft have to relax and mental comfort, which every person needs.



Bamboo roller blinds are a great solution that allows you to bring a touch of warmth or even exotics into the apartments of megalopolises. In addition, a colorful accessory can be used in different variations, solving many relevant design problems. The mechanism of many models allows to improve the space in the rooms with the most complex layout.

Bamboo curtains in the interior are represented by a canvas woven from thin but durable bamboo stalks by means of natural strong threads. The curtains look like a uniform textile, as the slats fit closely together.



Bamboo for doors

Considering bamboo textiles, one can notice its versatility in all directions. Such concise and stylish products can be placed not only in the window openings, but also on the door. For them, there is a place in the kitchen, and on the balcony, and even in the bathroom.



Bamboo curtains on the doorway can be of two types:

  • Horizontal (installed on top of a window opening or a door, good for small openings, lamellas rotate in different directions, forming different viewing options);
  • Vertical (the design consists of lamellas of different lengths and thicknesses, easily move right and left, allow you to clearly adjust the amount of light entering the room, visually expand the space, make the ceilings in the room higher).



Curtains of eco-friendly and durable bamboo allow you to solve several conceptually important tasks at once:

  • Split the space into several zones (especially when it comes to vertical models);
  • Save space;
  • Visually expand the space in the room;
  • Adjust the light at the discretion of the occupants;
  • To issue an interior, having underlined this or that idea.

Bamboo curtains can be hung in the traditional way above the door. They use simple wall curtain rods, which are mounted to the wall surface with screws. Another option is to install the structure directly in the doorway. Thus, an interroom arch can be decorated in a room with high ceilings or some non-standard structures.

Bamboo curtains on the windows - the easiest option to use the "cozy exotic" in the house. Products based on bamboo can be divided into the following types:

  • Curtains - this is a solid fabric with thin bamboo stalks that are woven threads. Distinguish bamboo roman blinds, roll mechanism and spring installation;
  • Curtains, blinds based on bamboo elements - a great alternative to the "dead" plastic. The design is similar to metal or plastic products, but it looks more "lively" and expensive;
  • Complex roman blinds, which are distinguished by a special lifting system, as well as an exclusive control mechanism.

Species diversity allows you to select several models at once for arranging various sites. For example, bamboo curtains in the kitchen is better to choose in the form of light curtains. Blinds will well fit into an interior of a study or a drawing room.



Curtains for a gazebo can be presented at once by several wide canvases. On the balcony is better to place very light, translucent structures.

Manufacturing of structures

Rolled curtains of bamboo straw or simple curtains can be made of elements of different thickness, fiber structure, and even the type of weaving. To change the color or tone, the canvases can be painted, varnished, with other special compositions, complemented with a variety of decor.

By the natural shade of the slats, one can understand from which part of the plant the fragment was taken. If they are whitish-beige, the material is taken from the inside. Golden tones, light brown, coffee, dark olive colors indicate that the bamboo curtains on the windows were made from the outer part of the trunk.

Bamboo accessories allow plenty to experiment. However, there are classics that will be hard to beat in any case.



This is an Eastern style. Here, textiles with bamboo elements will look perfect. Designers recommend complementing oriental interiors with low sofas, floor mats, and spectacular lampshades. A soft warm light should flow in the room, and the whole atmosphere should be relaxed, peaceful, and calm.

Bamboo as a raw material has a special structure and structure of fibers. From what technique was used during the creation of bamboo canvas, will depend on the openness and texture in the end.