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Bedroom in loft style: bright ideas for design (25 photos)


Making the bedroom in the style of loft again became popular. This original style came from America, where the first began to adapt industrial premises for housing. Loft combines space, walls without finishing, wooden floors, beams and engineering structures. Despite the seemingly uninhabited view, the loft bedroom can be very comfortable, cozy and comfortable. If you think over all the details, a modern loft-style bedroom will become a place where you can enjoy your time after a hard day’s work.



Features of loft style bedroom design

The design of the bedroom in the style of a loft has its own characteristics. You can get a single composition only if you follow the rules for decorating a room in this style. These include:

  • Industrial traits. The interior should contain coarse cast-iron batteries, concrete, brickwork and engineering structures. Forged items also look appropriate, and will add expressiveness and sophistication to the interior.
  • Space and freedom. Bedroom design in the style of a loft is quite difficult to organize in a small space. We recommend an open plan without division into rooms. The bedroom in the attic in the loft style with open beams and ceilings also looks original.
  • The choice of furniture. Bedroom furniture in the loft style can be both modern and antique. The combination of old and new furniture looks best. For example, a massive leather chair goes well with a modern glass table.
  • Big windows. The loft bedrooms should be spacious and bright, so windows should be large and unbalanced. You can use only light and weightless tulle.
  • Second floor. The loft-style bedroom can also be located on the second floor. A good solution would be to place a bedroom in the attic in a loft style. High ceilings, exposed beams and sloping ceilings are the main elements of this design.
  • Unusual design elements. The interior of the bedroom in the loft style must be decorated with non-standard items. It can be lighting fixtures of unusual shape and color, ottomans and banquettes of bright colors with rivets or unexpected prints, posters and graffiti. The white bedroom is decorated with an elegant chandelier, original floor vases and sculptures, elements in ethnic style, as well as wooden furniture with glass.

To design a bedroom in a loft style, you must follow all the recommendations and rules, use bright colors and combinations, as well as experiment with combinations of classic and modern furniture.

One of the rules for creating a loft style in the interior is the lack of decoration on the walls. In order not to violate this rule, you can leave only the central wall in its original form, using white brick or concrete for it. It is next to this wall you can put a bed. The remaining walls can be decorated with rough plaster. This design option will help avoid the feeling of lack of repair in the room.

Do not forget about one of the basic rules of this style - space and a lot of light, so the windows should be made large without massive curtains and blinds. As a last resort, use lightweight tulle at the sides to create a feeling of lightness.

Coarse beams on the ceiling and open communication systems are also an essential element, so the ceiling is most often covered with wooden planks or painted with light paint. The latter option will make it so that even a small bedroom in a loft style will look spacious and bright.




Attention trifles

The loft-style living room most often includes wooden, leather and glass elements, coarse beams, brickwork, old posters and open communications. It will be problematic to use all these elements to decorate the bedroom.



It is necessary to pay attention to the main element of the bedroom - the bed. In order to focus on the bed, it is best to put it in front of the central wall without decorative decoration. It is recommended to choose a bed in the same color range as the central wall. If you wish, you can paint the brick in a milky or beige color and choose a bed for this shade.



The ceiling can be left unpainted, or you can paint it with light paint to match the color of the bed. Be sure to add to the interior and other pieces of furniture. A leather armchair, an old fan, soft puffs with rivets will add to the room of exquisite harmony.

The loft style for the bedroom design implies that the sleeping place becomes the central design element, and the rest of the furniture, decorative elements and bold finishing options complement the interior and make it complete.

When choosing furniture, it should be understood that the bedroom in a loft style should have a bit of it, so you should choose not only stylish, but also functional interior items. The main element is the bed. It should be large, comfortable and made in a rough style. Bed is better to choose from metal or wood.



At one of the walls you can put a massive closet that will hold everything you need. It can be both closed and open. In order not to create the feeling of cluttering up furniture, the closet can be masked so that it merges with the wall.




Loft-style interior is often chosen by creative and extraordinary people, so you can combine a bedroom with a study or even a bathroom. Thus, the variety of solutions for such an interior will allow you to choose the perfect solution for each person.




Particular attention should be paid to the lighting for the bedroom. In such a room there should be an abundance of natural and artificial lighting, so one even a very large chandelier in the center of the room will not be enough. By itself, the chandelier should be unusual. This could be a metal or wood construction, as well as several coarse ceiling lamps. You can also just hang the lights without the ceiling.



In addition to the central chandelier, zone lighting should also be used. It is necessary to put table and floor lamps, as well as to install sconces near the bed. Natural lighting should give large windows without massive curtains.



A loft-style bedroom in the apartment is an original solution for courageous and extraordinary people. The use of original ideas, as well as unusual pieces of furniture and interior will provide a unique room for rest, which will fully reflect the individuality of the person.