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Green ceiling in the interior: features, types, combinations with other elements of the decor (26 photos)


In the Land of the Soviets everything was the same and patterned. Women wore the same hairstyle, while men drove cars of the same type. And the repair had its own rules, the same for everyone, and at the base of it lay the whitewashed ceiling. Today, in the era of rapidly developing technical progress, ideas about design have gone far beyond the jars of white and homemade paste. Ceiling can now have completely unpredictable shades and colors. Aloof among them is the palette of green, about which we will be talking today.



Proximity to nature

I must say, the green color of the ceiling is considered one of the most optimal for the human eye. It symbolizes proximity to nature, harmony and tranquility, radiates calm and creates a unique feeling of comfort in the room. Stress and irritation go away; they are replaced by relaxation and peace.

In this color palette includes dozens of shades from white and light green to richly emerald. Even if you are not an ardent fan of green, you can choose the right tone without much difficulty.



In what room can you implement such a project?

It should be noted that this color is quite versatile, so it can be used in any room of your apartment or country house. A green ceiling in the kitchen will help create an aura of friendliness and cohesion, making this place the center of attraction for all households. Ceiling in the bedroom will contribute to relaxation and relaxation. In the recreation area it will be comfortable to engage in your favorite hobby during the long winter evenings away from the hustle and daily problems. In the nursery, green-colored ceilings are especially appropriate - children love bright colors, and therefore will gladly accept the idea of ​​creating a "lawn" at the top. In addition, many professional designers welcome the shade of a burgeoning spring in the design of cafes, restaurants and other catering facilities.



If you still have not made a choice in favor of a particular type of finish, we recommend paying attention to the stretch ceilings. They are good because you can play with light here, installing spotlights and lights, and decorate the canvas itself with patterns and drawings. In combination with properly selected wallpaper on the walls, the effect will be simply amazing. In addition, you always have a choice: you can stretch both the green glossy ceiling and the material with a matte finish.



The best combinations

What do you think, what combinations are considered the most profitable? The green stretch ceiling perfectly adjoins to blue and yellow elements of a decor. And the more the first, the colder the atmosphere in the house will seem. As for the latter, mixing with it, on the contrary, brings notes of warmth and comfort of a home hearth.

  • The cool tones of blue-green are combined with blue, beige, gray and white.
  • If the walls are made in a light blue style, complement the design with red, orange, yellow and coral shades.
  • Stretch ceiling green in a pronounced dark palette - an option, of course, quite extravagant and unusual, but appropriate enough, for example, in the bathroom. In combination with the walls in a bright palette, it looks very status and luxurious. And if you add a spotlight, the effect of the presence of the deep ocean is guaranteed.
  • Juicy greens perfectly coexist with brown, blue, pastel and gray wallpaper.



Materials used

The most economical option for the design of any room has always been considered water-based paint. It can have both glossy and matte effect. If you cannot find a suitable palette in the store, buy a color scheme and white composition and mix everything up to the desired tone. Here you can experiment as your soul desires. Cover the first half with a white-green shade, the second with a darker one. Get a kind of gradation.




Stretch ceilings are, of course, more expensive, but modern designers prefer them. Firstly, with the help of such constructions you can create a unique design that can become the highlight of any interior. Secondly, the color of the ceiling will never burn out and will not fade. Thirdly, they are absolutely safe from the point of view of people's health. Stretch ceiling in the kitchen - generally a find, because it is easy to clean from dirt and soot.



Another important plus is the possibility of applying 3D drawings, which have been very popular in recent years. Yes, on such a canvas you can now draw any pattern, the main thing is to approach this issue creatively.



Green ceilings in the interior of the apartment - this is the style, beauty and comfort of the home. Understanding closeness to nature helps people feel comfortable and protected. A large number of shades in the palette allows you to show all your talents and abilities to the full and create a truly unique and original design of the nursery, living room, bedroom, study, kitchen and even the bathroom.