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Sofa without armrests - the actual solution for home and office (25 photos)

The interior of a room without upholstered furniture is devoid of meaning, because it is she who creates comfort and coziness, gives each design a charming uniqueness. Perhaps it is the sofa that sets the mood for the whole atmosphere. The design of this piece of furniture has not changed much. Thanks to the refined combination of new types of upholstery, the use of modular systems, modern sofas are able to satisfy the whim of any naughty customer.

The advantages of sofas without armrests

Orthopedic sofas without armrests are a universal berth. A person of any height can comfortably and comfortably seat on it. And certainly the model will appeal to very tall people, who sometimes have to huddle and suffer, putting their feet on the armrest.

Interesting sofas differ in compact size and fit perfectly into the interiors of small rooms. Good ergonomic qualities are complemented by excellent decorative features: non-standard forms, high-quality upholstery (textile, leather or eco-leather), elegant color palette. Some models are equipped with pillows, which can also be successfully used as armrests.

We can assume that the absence of armrests prolongs the life of upholstered furniture, because the fabric on the armrests is most quickly wiped off and this is often the reason for buying a new environment.

Some housewives do not represent upholstered furniture without covers, while the geometric shapes of sofas without armrests make it easy to sew a cape on furniture with your own hands.

The popularity of such models among young parents is quite understandable. Due to the absence of solid armrests and sharp corners, you can not worry about the possible bumps and bruises of the little restless.

Design features

Sofas are available stationary and modular types. In the first case, the model has a certain framework that cannot be changed (not disassembled and not completed). In cases with modular systems, the buyer can play with the geometry of the furniture, the number of seats.

Sofa classifications

What type of sofa is better to buy and how to choose the right model - not idle questions, because the furniture is different in appearance, shape of legs and upholstery color, type of filler and type of frame. Familiarity with the different characteristics of sofas will help you make the right choice.

Appearance of sofas

The traditional is the division of sofas on the corner, straight and island.

Direct sofas without armrests have the form extended in a line. The depth of the seat is determined by the presence / absence of a built-in folding bed. Sofas without a folding bed are compact (the depth of the seat is about 60 cm). Similar models, as a rule, are completed with legs.

Corner sofas can be divided into models of compact size and furniture for spacious rooms. Small sofas are L-shaped due to the elongated protrusion. The corner sofa, a dolphin without armrests is transformed into a full-sized sleeping bed measuring 140x160 cm or 195x210 cm. Large corner models are usually made in the form of a modular system (based on 3 or more seats). Some sofas are made so long that the seats are bent in the form of letters P or S. Angular sofas are sometimes placed in the middle of the room, but it is more rational to place such models in the corner of the room (it takes up a minimum of usable space).

Island sofas are placed only in the center of the room and do not involve the creation of a berth. A feature of these models is the decorated back wall at the back, so this sofa looks good from all sides. If the back of the sofa has a rounded shape, then put it against the wall does not work, which can be considered a minus of the model.

For those who like to rearrange the furniture, you definitely should look at straight sofas. This model is easier to rearrange and combine with other furniture (chairs, tables, cabinets), and corner models deserve the attention of lovers of free space. Also, thanks to this sofa, you can visually zone the room: separate the dining area in the studio apartment or unusually shield the work area.

Models of sofas by type of transformation

The sofa-book on the metal frame without armrests is the most popular type of sofa, on which it is convenient to sit both sitting and lying down (even if it is folded). To disassemble it, it is enough to raise the seat a little, and then lower it. The model is formed in the same way: the seat rises until the mechanism triggers (a click sounds) and then goes down. The minus of the model can be considered free space behind the back of the sofa, necessary for the free folding of furniture. Although, if the sofa rarely understands, then you can push it to the wall.

The model of click-klyak is a type of sofa-book of the improved look, which got its name from the sound that is heard when unfolding. Advantage - three options for the location of the back: for sitting, half-sitting and lying. Since the sofa on the metal frame without armrests looks compact, it is ideally suited for arranging the situation of small apartments.

Sofa accordion without armrests. A simple transformation mechanism and compact dimensions make the model known and in demand. The berth consists of three folding parts, one of which is the seat, the other two are the back.

When unfolding the product, the seat moves forward until the backrest is unfolded. Then the seat will rise and after the clack of the mechanism is lowered. The backrest blocks are laid horizontally. The model on the metal frame without armrests is great for small rooms, as it does not need to be moved away from the wall when unfolding.

Eurobook sofa without armrests. Simple transformation mechanisms help the elderly and children to use the sofa with ease, and thanks to a simple control system, these models will work longer than other folding sofas. In order to expand the furniture, the seat moves forward, and the back is placed on the empty seat. The sofa with a box for linen can be installed anywhere in the room.

Sofa "French folding bed". The principle of operation of such models can be compared with the unfolding scroll. For the organization of the bed seat cushion removed. Folded cot must be pulled up and over, and then deploy and install on the legs of the arc. The peculiarity of the model is safety for the flooring, as in the process of unfolding the legs do not move along the floor.

The drawbacks of the sofa are thin mattresses (due to three fold folding the mattress is up to 6 cm thick), there is no laundry box, the modest length of the berth (for tall people would not be comfortable), the fragility of the mechanism, so the French folding bed without armrests can only be used as spare bed, and not as an option for a full-fledged place to rest.

Appointment of sofas

A variety of models, layout mechanisms and types of upholstery allow you to choose the product that is most suitable for a particular purpose, so the following types of furniture can be classified by purpose:

  • office furniture reflects the image of the company, so leather sofas without armrests are the most common models for official furnishings. For spacious rooms, an angular model or modular systems will do, and for a personal reception in the office it is better to put a mini-sofa without armrests. Particular attention is paid to the filler and upholstery, as well as the frame, as the furniture is purchased for a long time;
  • for the living room pick up sofas according to the style of the room. Sofas without armrests stand out for their laconic design and are perfect for both spacious rooms and small ones (due to the possibility of approaching the sofa from different sides). Geometric shapes of furniture are ideal for high-tech, minimalism and loft interiors;
  • sofas in the kitchen are selected depending on the area of ​​the room. The spacious kitchen sometimes serves as a dining room and living room, so a comfortable sofa in the room is more than appropriate. Both straight and corner models look great. The main requirements for furniture: practical upholstery (easy to wash), durable frame, functionality (sofas for small kitchens are equipped with storage boxes for utensils);
  • The children's room is furnished with durable and easy-to-use furniture, so suitable options are eurobook models with a box for linen and click-dang. The sofa accordion on the metal frame when folded has a compact size and fits perfectly into the atmosphere of a teenager's room. Children's sofa does not have to play the role of a bed. In the spacious room, in addition to the bed, it is advisable to put a small double sofa - for guests and just for games. An interesting model will be with removable pillows that children can shift;
  • in the hallway sofa without armrests - the most suitable option. The furniture in the hallway is no longer considered a luxury item, because it is much more comfortable to take off / shoe shoes, comfortably seated on the sofa-baby. Suitable options - single or double sofa without armrest, upholstered in eco-leather. If the corridor is not wide, then you can order a narrow sofa.

If you immediately determine the "responsibilities" of the sofa, it will be easier to choose the appropriate model. However, the interior style, the number of tenants, and the time that the family likes to spend on the sofa in front of the TV or at the dinner table also deserve attention.

Size range of furniture

You can not clearly distinguish the parameters of sofas. Each manufacturer is guided by their own ideas about comfort.

It is conditionally possible to distinguish compact models designed for 2-3 people, and three-dimensional structures designed for four or more people.

Be sure to compare the floor space and the size of the sofa. Disassembled furniture should not restrict the movement of residents around the room, block access to the door and the TV, exit to the balcony.

When choosing a sofa without armrests, it is taken into account that upholstery and forms are not the main reference points. Be sure to be interested in the "inner world" of the sofa. The quality of the filler, the reliability of the frame and the mechanisms are the main components of the right choice.