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Round ceiling: design features (21 photos)


Ceiling decoration plays a very important role in creating a unique interior. Through the use of various materials, it is possible to create beautiful and unusual designs. By non-standard solution design should include a round ceiling.



Depending on the idea embodied, the ceiling in the kitchen or in the living room can have a design of one rounded surface or a circle-shaped figure can be made on its plane. In fact, there are many ideas for decorating the surface.



Creation of round plasterboard false ceilings

Before you make a round ceiling of plasterboard, you need to see in advance how it will look on the background of the general interior of the room. Often, ceiling structures are underlined by an arched opening, illuminated by a niche, or simply by a beautiful color transition.



The most popular material used to create structures, it is considered to be drywall. Armstrong ceilings have a good quality. The material is implemented in several versions:

  • Magnesium sheets;
  • Gypsum fiber sheets;
  • Plasterboard sheets.

The last two species can be moisture resistant.

Almost every repair uses plasterboard sheets. They veneer the walls, niches, arches and ceilings. The round ceiling of plasterboard with lighting is distinguished by such advantages as environmental friendliness, fire safety, ease of installation, good sound and heat insulation.



Using such a material, you can create not only perfectly smooth plasterboard walls with your own hands and functional niches, but also a two-level ceiling.

Often it is decided to make a ceiling with lighting. Halogen spotlights are built into such a ceiling structure.

Round ceiling made of stretch fabric

To the ceiling had a perfect design, you need to pay special attention to the choice of the shape of the structure and material for tension.



Depending on the purpose of the room, be it a bedroom, living room or kitchen, a certain approach to the design of its design is required. Every detail of the interior should be selected taking into account its harmony with the surrounding objects. Only under this condition will the room look as one.

The choice of material for the ceiling device will depend on:

  • The total area of ​​the room;
  • Texture wallpaper or wall paint colors;
  • Wall configurations;
  • Colors and type of furniture assembly;
  • Placement of furniture and household appliances;
  • Type of flooring.

It is these parameters that are taken into account when choosing a material to create a beautiful ceiling from a stretch fabric.

Round stretch ceiling can be made of such materials:

  • Glossy film will help create a surface design that will have excellent reflectivity and a good degree of light diffusion. Lacquered vinyl film can be made round the shape of the ceiling, which will be framed in the base, made of matte film. The result is an original two-level ceiling;
  • Compared with the first version of the material, matte canvas does not reflect light and objects. This film is most often used as the basis or frame of interesting shapes and patterns of the ceiling;
  • Satin canvas is something between a lacquer and a matte film. Due to the brilliant coating provides excellent light scattering, while not interfering glare. From such a surface comes a nacreous glow. Satin is great for framing figures on the ceiling and can be used as a background;
  • Metallic fabric looks like precious metal. Gold, silver and bronze tones are commonly used. To make the ceiling completely out of this material is impractical. Usually a separate fragment is placed in a structure made of a contrasting color;
  • Perforated film is often used for mounting hidden illumination, as well as to create a ceiling of the type of "starry sky."

Also, vinyl ceiling film can be transparent or translucent, which can be useful for mounting lighting fixtures.



What problems solves round stretch ceiling?

With the help of stretch fabric for the ceiling, you can solve many problems:

  • A separate part of the ceiling can look bigger and deeper;
  • Smooth sharp corners, underlining certain interior elements;
  • Focusing on individual parts of the room, emphasizing their importance;
  • Conventional division of a room into several zones. In this case, various curvilinear transitions are appropriate;
  • Creating a decorative lighting on the main ceiling structure.

Designers believe that the circle is a conventional sun, which can harmoniously look in any room, regardless of its purpose.

If you just draw round patterns on a perfectly flat ceiling, they will look great, but you need to understand that a three-dimensional image cannot be achieved in this way.

There is a large selection of materials for suspended ceilings, with which you can install a three-dimensional structure of various shapes. The most common options for creating round ceilings should include:

  • Recessed or, conversely, convex rings, framed spotlights;
  • Rounded recesses on a flat ceiling with a guide light;
  • Ceiling structure in the form of a convex drop;
  • Hemispheres protruding from the main structure, with external and internal illumination;
  • Disc shape with side lights.

The project of your future ceiling can be thought up independently or peep idea on the Internet.



Ceiling panels

Plastic panels can also be used for ceiling installation. Constructions made of such material with rounded corners are rare, but they look quite good.

Assembling the structure for a round ceiling is simple, it is carried out on the same principle as in the case of gypsum plasterboard, only this material will be attached in a different way.

The decoration of the outer round corner will also be done differently. To the ceiling looked neat, it is recommended to buy a bending corner for masking the joints.



Combining options

There are many ideas for arranging a round ceiling with a combination of different materials. A very frequent phenomenon - the round gypsum ceiling is complemented by elements of PVC canvases. Such a composition looks very attractive, and the installation will not be particularly complex.