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Plastic window sills: the usual design (22 photos)


The window sill is an important element of the window; it performs a number of practical functions: it closes the assembly seam, protects against drafts, serves as a platform for household colors and useful trifles. This element is made of various materials, but plastic window sills are in the highest demand. The reasons for the popularity lie in the advantages of PVC products, a wide range and affordable price.



The advantages of PVC window sills

Plastic windowsills are installed on the balcony, in the kitchen, in all living rooms of the house. The wide scope of application is explained by the following advantages of PVC products:

  • high moisture resistance;
  • simple installation technology allows you to install the window sill with your own hands;
  • the product does not lead, does not warp, it is not subject to shrinkage;
  • long service life;
  • easy care;
  • high strength and heat resistance;
  • low weight

The potential buyer can choose a PVC sill of different widths, thicknesses and lengths, white and brown. In assortment of model under various breeds of a tree and a natural stone. You can buy a window sill under an oak or marble, spending a minimum of money on it.

Classic white window sills appeared with PVC windows, they look perfect in the kitchen and on the balcony, but do not always fit into the interior of the living room, bedroom or nursery. This was one of the reasons for the emergence of such material as plastic window sills under the tree, which can be installed even in a wooden house. In their production, lamination is used with PVC films or paper soaked in melamine resins. They can have any decor that imitates the surface of the wood. The most popular solutions are oak, cherry, walnut, wenge.



Window sills are available for plastic windows, the surface of which imitates natural stone. Marble, granite - these materials are distinguished by high price, considerable weight and are not always practical. Laminating a plastic window sill under a natural stone is a more effective solution for a city apartment or a private house. Color PVC window sills are produced in a wide range of colors, this allows you to choose products for minimalist fans, as well as original products for the children's room.



Installation of plastic window sills

Recommendations on how to properly install a plastic window sill interest only home craftsmen. Every professional is familiar with several techniques that are actively practiced. The works begin with the dismantling of the old window sill and window, the installation of a stand profile and the installation of a new window on it. After that, you can install a new window sill. In this case, it is necessary to solve the problem of how to fix the panel. There are two main methods: using cement mortar or using foam. It is quite simple to fix the plastic window sill with the solution, since fixation occurs at 4-6 points, and not over the entire surface. This simplifies the work and saves material. You can effectively fix the panel with foam, but you should definitely choose products with good frost resistance.




The device design window is not complicated - everything is installed on the support profile, the role of which can perform a shaped pipe. The window sill is installed on it or in special grooves, and then proceed to leveling. To repair the window sill does not become a frequent occurrence, it is necessary to approach this stage with full responsibility. Pre-harvested bars of different heights, which will ideally align the panel along the window. It is necessary to leave a slight slope in the direction of the room so as not to accumulate water. After that, you can remove the protective film and install side plugs.



Repair of plastic windowsill is necessary in the process of restoration or because of the use of poor-quality materials during installation works. It is easy to dismantle the plastic window sill, it is done with the help of hand tools. It is much more difficult to resolve the issue of how to dismantle cement mortar or foam if they interfere with the installation. You can repair a window sill without removing it, for example, you can restore a scratched surface using lamination.



Choosing a plastic window sill

Everyone dreams of oak or marble window sills, but it’s worth assuming that these materials are very expensive and difficult to clean. What are PVC window sills, everyone knows well. They can easily replace products made from natural materials.

The rule when choosing colors is the same: the window sill should be combined with a shade of the window profile. If it is an oak, then the window sill should imitate the wood of this tree. The rule is valid both on the balcony of a city apartment and in a wooden house.



Products under marble will fit well into the interior of the kitchen, they will harmoniously look with a white plastic profile. In the nursery, you can set the color sill, pink in the girl's room, blue or light green - for boys. In the bedroom, the best look will be products under the tree, oak, cherry, walnut will create a more comfortable atmosphere. On the balcony or loggia, you can use simple white window sills, but if you finish with eurolining, it is better to choose a lamination under the tree. In that case, if on the balcony decorative plaster or MDF panels under the stone, then the balance should outweigh the benefit of lamination under the marble.




How to change the interior of the room? Installation of plastic laminated windowsill. Its surface is easy to maintain and its restoration will not cause problems to the property owner. How to make the right choice in the field of design? Focus on the exterior of the window profile and the material of the walls of the room. The range of manufacturers has dozens of models of window sills, which will help to make the best choice for the interior, made in any style.