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Eco-leather sofas: a new level of comfort (24 photos)


This piece of upholstered furniture is in any home: solid leather or with fabric upholstery, large or compact. More and more fans find sofas from eco-leather. It is good in many ways, so people invest in such furniture.



What is eco-leather?

Eco-leather is an artificial material of a new generation, a product of modern technology. Sofa from eco-leather leatherette does not look like and close. Although eco-leather belongs to this segment, it is much more beautiful and safer. Environmental friendliness due to its properties:

  • Two-layer composition: polyurethane plus a clean cotton fabric base.
  • Polyurethane does not contain additives, giving the "chemical" smell that is unavoidable for any leatherette. At the same time gives the skin strength.
  • Ecoskin is hypoallergenic, therefore it is suitable for children or especially sensitive people. This is also essential for a sofa bed regardless of color: juicy red or nobly-discreet gray is equally harmless.
  • Its structure is microporous, creating the possibility of air circulation. That is, it is a breathable material.

Breathing distinguishes it even from real skin: it does not let the air through. When a person sits on a leather sofa, for example, in shorts, he sweats. The result is clearly visible in areas where the body is covered with a cloth in contact with the sofa. In the case of eco-leather furniture this is excluded. On it you feel as comfortable as if the upholstery was fabric. Compatible with it, and any transformation mechanisms, so you can safely purchase, for example, a sofa click click from eco-leather for daily sound sleep.

Like natural material, eco-leather is very pleasant to the touch, it is just as warm, but at times cheaper.

Technical characteristics and sanitary-hygienic qualities of eco-leather sofas make it possible to use them safely in any residential area.


If the bed is missing and its function is performed by a sofa, it is usually in the traditional color palette of pastel colors. Most often, a white straight sofa is chosen from eco-leather. It looks gorgeous and rich, decorates the room, improves the mood of the owners. Although any light tone, for example, beige, eco-leather makes noble. Young lovers of novelty will arrange a large-sized sofa without a frame. True, it does not look very organic in the classics or modern, but it fits well with any modern interior such as hi-tech or techno.



Traditional sofa can be with any reliable frame. A good solution is the click-klyak transformation mechanism. In fact, it is a modernized sofa book with three levels of fixation: sitting, lying and “relax” (half-sitting or reclining). Such a variety allows you to choose the most comfortable position to rest.

In any case, you need to pay attention to the orthopedic qualities of the selected furniture.



Teen Room

Usually this room is small in size, so in order to use the free space to the maximum, an angular sofa is bought. The age of the owners of the room allows them to independently deal with the method of transformation, therefore, according to this parameter, you can choose any model. For example, with the mechanism of an accordion, the assembled sofa is almost imperceptible, and when unfolded it becomes a full-fledged sleeping place.

Young people need bright colors, so an orange sofa made of eco-leather or another rich color is appropriate. Adolescents will especially appreciate the frameless model of creative design.




Living room

Dimensions and model of the sofa are chosen based on the size of the main room of the house, but pleasant to the touch eco-leather upholstery will appeal to everyone as well as the presentable appearance of the furniture.

The spacious room will ennoble white straight sofa from eco-leather. As households gather here, they welcome guests, they need big models, preferably three-seater ones.

For compact living room sofa corner fit.

Transformers and modular sofas have earned a lasting reputation for furniture with increased functionality. Their configuration and the relative positioning of the segments are mobile, able to change or move easily: a small sofa suddenly becomes large. As a result, each time the familiar atmosphere of the room looks new, and the absence of a bulky headset will visually increase the size of the room, giving it lightness.



Entrance hall

If dimensions allow, it is advisable to put a sofa here, at least a mini one. He is more comfortable than a padded stool, because he has a back, which is convenient to rely on when changing shoes. This is especially important for families with young children and the elderly. To leave more space, sofas without armrests are preferable.

The color is determined on the basis of the overall design, but if you buy a white straight sofa from eco-leather, the hall will be simply magnificent. In a small room fit well a double sofa from eco-leather. At the same time, no tangible problems will arise: it will only be necessary to wipe it in time if it is raining or snowing outside.

Eco-leather, going to the upholstery of furniture, distinguished by good performance. For it does not require any special care. Even the kitchen sofa is not capable of complicating the life of the hostess, but in order to last longer and remain as presentable as on the day of purchase, you need to look after him.

This is especially true of light furniture. The brand is, of course, a white sofa, but for others some rules will be useful:

  • Special sprays serve as effective protection.
  • Ecoskin does not like high humidity. It is better not to sit on it, coming from a walk in the rain.
  • A good result is provided by impregnations intended for the care of eco-leather - they do not allow water or dirt to soak into the sofa.
  • Involuntary pests for a beautiful sofa can be pets. Against sharp cat claws, the most reliable coverage will not stand. No protection against this disaster has not yet been invented, so those who intend to buy sofas from eco-leather, but are unable to part with the cat, you need to buy a cape tighter, the right color.
  • Even small metal rivets, zippers and similar accessories can damage the upper layer of the eco-leather.
  • It is recommended to wipe the products with a soft, slightly moistened cloth, then wipe dry thoroughly.

Compliance with these simple rules for care will significantly extend the life of upholstered furniture.



Remove stains correctly

Regular care does not exclude sudden contamination, especially in the kitchen or during tea time in the living room. If stains appear before cleaning, consider several points:

  • often simple enough soap solution;
  • in more severe cases, you can use special stain removers;
  • if the soap did not help, and the chemistry is unacceptable, it remains to clean the sofa with an alcohol solution: diluted with pure alcohol, vodka or ammonia;
  • in any case, cleaning agents are applied to a cotton swab, which polishes with rubbing: a little effort is enough;
  • accidentally spilling tea or coffee, the liquid must be removed immediately - to clean the sofa from the eco-leather later is much more difficult;
  • this applies to any other stains: sometimes even supercleaners cannot cope with old dirt;
  • Use only a soft cloth or sponge: a more severe material can scratch a delicate surface.

Thus, you need to find out exactly how to care for expensive furniture in normal mode and emergency cases. If the recommendations of experts are followed, even in white she will be pleased with her appearance, and not upset.



Sofas for different purposes

Eco-leather upholstered furniture is purchased in the house to be used for various purposes. On it either sit or lie, therefore, in addition to the aesthetic appeal, the practical comfort of each particular model, especially the child, is of great importance.

Right in the store, it is advisable to check the vending folding sofa for this characteristic. That is, sit on it or even lie down. Ask the seller about the orthopedic properties of the product. There is no need to be embarrassed, because later, in the case of a failed purchase, you will have to pay with your health.