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Living room wenge: austere luxury (24 photos)


The concept of wenge appeared in domestic design not so long ago. His reputation as an undoubtedly chic material available to the elect was clearly fixed in the mind. The wenge-colored living room raises the self-esteem of the owners, commands respect from others.

What is wenge?

The color of wenge has wood of the same name exotic tree growing in the tropics. Wenge wood is all shades of brown, but not just brown. The texture looks royal dark burgundy, deep violet, slightly frivolous chocolate and strong black coffee. They make up an exotic wenge palette. However, this is not enough: the color is only an addition to the unique wood structure.



Wenge interior

Brown furniture is traditional and familiar. It is present today in many living rooms and in almost all styles of decoration, but only wenge can embody aristocracy and at the same time become a sign of asceticism.

You can’t attribute it to democratic - the same frame is obligatory for an expensive tree. So the living room in wenge style will require not only furniture. You need to be ready to buy everything else from the same expensive segment: wallpaper, flooring, entrance doors, carpet, curtains, down to small accessories.

To prevent the room from being gloomy, furniture and decor are made in a different range. A good combination for the wall is a wenge frame plus light white oak segments on the facade. At the coffee table it can be a tabletop made of frosted glass and legs made of wood to match.



Harmony of large surfaces

Furniture, walls and floor occupy enough space in the interior. Of particular importance is their measured ratio in wenge color:

  • Floor and furniture in the same range should not be combined, it is better to choose a lighter wall for the living room.
  • Harmoniously look dark floor and dark individual pieces of furniture on the facade of the wall.
  • The floor of wenge is complemented by doors of a similar color.
  • Doors of wenge color require wallpaper in bright colors. Such a contrast will bring noble restraint to the interior.

If any two of these surfaces are dark, even the most spacious bright living rooms become gloomy.

The laws of color perception say that the ponderous depth of brown needs to be compensated by light tones. This is true for the overall wall for the living room. There are a few more rules for wenge color compatibility:

  • Wenge is perceived remarkably well with pale blue, pale pink and turquoise hues. The hill of such tones seems almost weightless.
  • No worse than combining with a warm gamut.
  • In the living room furniture, the color of wenge is ideal: “internal” compatibility, that is, with a range of its own shades: purple plus gray, blue, purple shades.

Only the combination of dark with dark is excluded. Dark shades of living room furniture need to be balanced. It can be a light floor, wallpaper or accessories.



Impeccable duet - wenge and milk. It is possible in any variations, for example, in the decoration of the walls.

Almost monochrome wenge makes the interior of living rooms too calm. To "stir up" it, add color accents. One of them, juicy green, in the neighborhood with which a nobly luxurious hill of wenge, oddly enough, only wins.

Universal combination - wenge, white and beige. Stronger color accents are not contraindicated: pillow, curtains or carpet, but everything should be in moderation, otherwise even a massive cupboard will be drowned out by variegation.




Different options are available on the market. However, a slide from an expensive array or more affordable veneer looks equally great.

Style requirements

Any wenge cabinet or table is noble and aristocratic. There are several canons for such furniture:

  • Polishing is excluded: the true beauty of wood in natural dullness, not obscuring the unique structure of wood. Even high-quality imitations are only matte.
  • Wenge itself is unusual, so the closet or wall for the living room does not require an intricate decor in the form of curlicues. This will appreciate the adherents of the classics and concise forms in the design.
  • Furniture in wenge color in the interior of the living room does not tolerate the neighborhood of another tree, especially with a pronounced wood texture. From such a misalliance, the noble wenge is forced as it were to descend to the level of a less thoroughbred brother.
  • One of the few materials, bleached oak, is approved as a wenge companion. Together they create in the modern interior an atmosphere of an exotic, but without excesses, luxury.

Special charm gets in this combination wardrobe. Light oak inserts on the doors dilute its rich, slightly heavy monolithic look.



Design options

The design of the living room in the color of wenge exists in several versions:

  • Contrast. The easiest option: wenge furniture set on a pastel or white background. They can be light wallpaper, and spread on the dark floor white, light gray or beige carpet.
  • Accentuation. Wenge furniture, for example, a massive dark wardrobe, set off a bright background and well-placed accessories-accents.
  • Calm The main background is soothing, in pastel colors.

Opposite in color can be not only design, but also pieces of furniture, for example, a combination of bleached oak and dark wenge.


The composition of furniture wenge is no different from any other style: the same wall, slide, window case, sofa, table, chairs. However, due to the peculiarities of the tree structure, there are several points that should be taken into account.

The dark wall for the living room should not be too bulky so as not to overload the interior, so drawers, glass and plastic in the decor are welcome. For example, the facades of frosted glass on the doors of the wall. This gives ease and makes the furniture more modern.

The gloss of the open part of the cabinet will balance the matte of the dark base. Such a contrast is simply elegant.

Modular furniture will decorate small living rooms adequately: it can be arranged arbitrarily, using the maximum amount of space. If there is very little space, a wall is selected from the entire headset as the most practical option. If you want to put beautiful objects, a compact storefront for them can be equipped on the wall.

The wenge furniture color is not only traditional brown or maroon. A special atmosphere creates a mirrored showcase in shades of hazelnut, pine needles, as well as mint, dark and light olive.

Philosophically minded or dreamy natures will appreciate, for example, the walls of mauve, ripe corn, amethyst and other similar shades. Warmth and coziness creates in the interior a hill the color of milk chocolate, tea rose, ocher, carmine.


A unique palette and a suitable texture of the material made the color of wenge perhaps the most popular among modern flooring. As material, wealthy people choose natural parquet. Affordable laminate is much more in demand, but for wenge it must be of high quality.

Living rooms always look great with such a floor. Dark color makes the space of a large room deeper and fuller. In the small living rooms organically look lighter species, for example, bleached oak. The floor of the red gamma is exotic, and the most popular of it is the deep burgundy color.

Wenge laminate is valued not only for aesthetic appeal, but also for practical reasons. It is almost invisible scratches or other minor damage, which inevitably appear in the process of use. It is easy to care for him, quality species serve for a long time, even in the kitchen.

The only minus of parquet or wenge laminate, especially dark ones, is that dust is immediately visible on them, but the problem is solved by simple cleaning.




Immediately you need to realize that cheap paper options are definitely not suitable. Elite wood requires adequate supplement. From paper wallpaper with furniture wenge combined only the more expensive multi-layered species. Suitable options:

  • vinyl;
  • glass wallpaper;
  • non-woven.

All of them can also be used to decorate the dining area of ​​a wenge kitchen.


They are made from modified cellulose, which significantly improves the appearance and consumer characteristics. They are more durable and durable. Another advantage is the possibility of multiple staining. This is especially valuable in the case of wenge, since it is difficult to find the exact shade for the living room the color of wenge.




Also durable and withstand repeated repainting. The patterned embossing on the surface, in combination with the main decor, effectively complements the interior of the living room. It can be varied by repainting the wallpaper only partially.

Glass fiber

A new look in this segment of finishing materials. Environmentally friendly, durable, grateful for experimenting with color material.

A rock

The wenge hill looks unusual against the background of brick or decorative stone walls (or their imitation). Colors vary: white, sand, cream, beige, light gray. Even black, ocher, orange, red, shades of graphite are in demand. The choice determines the style of the room and the preferences of the owners.

This solution adds exotic, especially suitable for ethnicity. Against this background, a showcase with ethnic collections or hunting paraphernalia will also look organic. However, the stone surface needs proper lighting and the addition of light accessories.

Wallpapers occupy a large space, even if they are closed by a showcase or a large cabinet. They are immediately paid attention to, so saving in any case is unwise. Using cheap options will nullify the whole effect and the living room will look pathetic.




In the room of any style there are lighting devices. For wenge this is a laconic chandelier. Frosted glass and dark wooden parts almost copy the classics of the middle of the last century, but there are also designs in a modern style.

Another attribute of the previous era is returned - a floor lamp. He has strict forms that make the device stylish. Next to it, the same traditional wall for the living room is particularly appropriate.


As with all the valuable breed, wenge living room doors are not cheap. Not everyone can afford such an array. Gaining modern technology, offering high-quality imitation of veneer. So people with average incomes can feel calm.

Austere and noble version with a solid canvas with a geometric restrained pattern. If you want the door to look easier, use tinted glass with an unobtrusive pattern or without it, stained glass windows in a modern style and the same color scheme. They occupy the entire canvas or just some part. This solution is often used on the doors to the kitchen. In any case, everything looks great. The main thing is not to smear the effect of cheap fittings.

By color, the door can repeat the flooring or be combined with a touch of the wall in the room.




The best option in wenge living rooms is a luxurious Persian or other high-quality wool. With limited funds may be viscose, even from polyester, but the color scheme is required in muted tones.

A light carpet is suitable for a dark floor: white, beige, matte blue, tea rose colors.


There are curtains in each living room, this is the final touch in the overall interior. Gamma must match the tone of the furniture and walls. The basic coffee shade is combined with brown and purple.