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Classic hallway: the subtleties of the implementation (24 photos)


Elegance and severity - these two words, perhaps, most accurately characterize a classic design. It is demanding of space, implies clear lines, high ceilings and minimal use of accessories. Connoisseurs of the classics love sophistication and comfort combined with luxury, the right proportions, as well as practicality inherent in expensive interior items. Fashion trends are relegated to the background, despite the fact that photos of hallways in classic style can often be seen in glossy magazines.



The entrance hall is often neglected, but in vain. This is a place where guests begin to get acquainted with the apartment, so indifference to its design is unacceptable. A classic style hall requires a square or rectangular room with even corners. Roundness is not welcome.

Experts share the classic style of male and female. The masculine character of the interior implies luxury, pomp and brutality. Most often, this design can be found in the offices. Female is distinguished by grace, tenderness. It is mainly observed in children's rooms, bedrooms and canteens. However, the combination of two characters is more popular in classical design.



The origins of this interior are in ancient Greece, so the combination of gilding with bronze and pastel colors are popular in it. Carved borders on the ceiling, fancy chandeliers with a large number of pendants, expensive tiles of granite or marble on the floor, antiques, forged parts and living vegetation - all this can often be seen in such hallways.

Venetian plaster, stone panels and fabric wallpaper with a pattern reminiscent of medieval heraldry will look great on the walls. The walls in the traditional classic hallway are lighter than the furniture.

It is possible to enter a white stretch ceiling, not without a share of chic. For example, in combination with stucco cornice. The apartment type multi-level apartments or country cottage looks great staircase with wrought iron railing.



Furniture for a hall in classical style

The most popular Italian furniture, combining luxury, beauty, harmony and aristocracy. For many decades, furniture masterpieces have been created in Italy, and at the moment neoclassicism is prevalent, successfully combining classical features with elements of modern technology. The operation of such furniture averages 80 years, and the Italians do not like to disclose the secrets of its creation.

Natural shades and calm colors of furniture will successfully fit into the interior of the hallway in a classic style. If the choice fell on light-colored furniture, it is better to darken either the walls or the floor, otherwise the overall impression of the interior will be dull. Fit shades of walnut or oak. If the furniture is dark, light walls and the floor of shades of gold, cream or beige will be most welcome.

Want to add more classic details? Then follow the following recommendations:

  • If the cabinet, then massive;
  • If the chest of drawers, then elegant;
  • Tumba should all kind of hint at the strength and reliability;
  • It will be the way a stylish sofa in bright colors.

Traditionally, in the classical hallway there is a dressing room, the floor of which should also be finished with parquet. The walls of this room are decorated with wallpaper with classic patterns. High, beautifully decorated wardrobes made of painted or natural wood will perfectly fit in.



Without a doubt, there should be a mirror in the front. Especially if it hangs on the wall in a beautiful gilded or carved frame. Under it you can place a table console, stylistically close to the mirror frame. If there is a window (which in itself is already a big plus), it can be decorated with a drape of satin, organza or silk. Most often for framing used heavy fabrics, pelmets, giving the room a special pomp.



If the textile decor is emphasized, the ornamental carpet will play well with shades echoing the curtains. On all the wooden parts of the furniture of a classical hallway (including cabinets) there is carving or even inlay with semiprecious stones. Popular upholstery fabrics.

Most people live in apartments and houses with a small or narrow hallway. The problem of insufficient space can be solved wisely using all the free space. Harmoniously and effectively exploit the area of ​​a small room is possible, given some of the nuances.



Firstly, in almost any hallway or corridor there is a niche that can be used under the wardrobe, a classic which is indisputable. Even if there is no such recess, you can mount the cabinet along a solid wall or make a corner. This will smooth the problem of the lack of a complete dressing room and a large dresser. You can do without a shoebox in the hallway if shelves for shoes are placed inside the cabinet.



Secondly, an open coat hanger can not be put on the floor, but hung on the wall, which will significantly save space. This piece of classic interior is sure to be needed, because when you arrive home, it is better not to hang up outerwear right in the closet. Especially if it is wet. Seasonal items can be removed in pre-purchased plastic containers and stored on entresol. If there is not enough space to arrange the accessories, it will not be superfluous to make shelves for them on the back of the cabinet door.

Thirdly, you can buy a corner hallway. This is a set of furniture that properly consumes space and is a godsend for owners of small corridors and front.



A full chair can be replaced with an ottoman or stool. The chandelier in the hallway does not have to be bulky either. The main thing is to include artistic forging or casting. We will hang the mirror on the wall or on one of the compartment doors in the hallway and frame the wall sconces stylized as candelabra.

Even if only the modest dimensions of the front are available, this does not mean that it cannot look luxurious. Reproductions of famous paintings, beautiful floor vases and other decorative elements will help in this.



Classics of the genre

Cheap finishing materials made the classics up-to-date with luxury and wealth, but thanks to modern furniture manufacturers, security does not necessarily have to be an integral part of the love for this style, because now you can buy sets that fit beautifully in the hallway, and their classics are not worth the fabulous money.