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Bed wenge color: dark wood in the interior of the bedroom (23 photos)


Wenge wood won the hearts of millions of fans literally right away. Her coarse-looking texture of brown color with dark veins fascinated with its singularity and nobility. Over the years, people's love has not passed, but on the contrary only increased its scale. If the first recognition was earned by an expensive array of wenge, then today its texture is perfectly imitated by more affordable veneer and laminate. Wenge-colored furniture is now found in homes and people of moderate means. The most popular beds made of wood. Combined with light linen, they, like yin and yang, create harmony in the bedroom and give peace.



Origin of color

Wenge is a rare and valuable tree species growing in Africa. Dense and heavy wood is highly durable and resistant to pests. However, furniture designers are not attracted to this, they first of all paid attention to the core color of this strange tree. The heart of the breed varies from golden brown to dark brown (almost black) and has pronounced streaks of darker color. These streaks are distinguished by roughness, which makes the cut of wood extraordinarily beautiful. Usually such decoration breed cheapens it, but not in the case of wenge. The contrast of a lighter background and noticeable veins made it the most noble texture that found fans all over the world.

Not bypassed fashionable phenomenon and the furniture industry. Designers each year present charming designs from rare African wood or its imitation, which greatly delights fans of laconic, stylish and noble interiors.

The most popular beds are wenge or imitation of this tree. These exquisite pieces of dark-colored furniture are perfectly combined with almost all styles and trends of design; they find their place in both large and small rooms. The interior with such a bed immediately seems more weightier and more noble, which indicates the good taste of its owner.



Varieties of designs

Beds of such a popular African tree make today beds of different configurations and sizes. You can find both wenge double beds and single beds in small rooms. The designs are high and low, with or without a headboard, you rarely find carved models, but they also happen.

Many designers offer interesting combinations of dark wenge nobility in other textures. For example, the combination of wenge and oak is considered the most common option. Milky oak with its whitish coloring harmoniously complements the depth of the dark color of wenge, creating a pleasant combination. There are options when the bed frame was made of dark wood, and the headboard - from oak wood, or vice versa. Such contrast and combination allowed to play with space and added opportunities to transform the interior in both directions.

Oak can also be made into wenge beds. In them it is convenient to store bed linen or things that are rarely used. Most often, the boxes are located in the lower part of the structure, so their white wood perfectly transforms the structure, as if lifting the bed itself. The feeling of solidity disappears, the bed looks more modern and youth.



Wenge Baby Bed

Yes, the color of wenge is also found in children's rooms: less often in rooms for newborns, more often in interiors for teenagers. Such a textured dark color doesn’t fit well with cartoon characters, but with brightly colored wallpapers this can be an unusual tandem. In addition, psychologists believe that to form an adequate outlook in children it is not necessary to overload the nursery with dark elements, and therefore the wenge bed will wait for a more conscious age.



A wenge crib can be of any size and design, as long as the size of the room allows. The transformer model is especially popular with teenagers when the bed turns into a sofa or a workplace. The bed in this case is equipped with a folding or lifting mechanism, the transformer is retracted into a special niche, into a cupboard or folds up compactly, representing another piece of furniture. This design is suitable for small rooms, because in fact you will have only one piece of furniture, which nevertheless will serve as many others.



Teenagers also like beds with wenge-colored boxes - you can hide books, comics and various favorite stuff in them. The boxes can be located both in the lower part of the structure and in the headboard. In the latter case, you should worry about the safety of the child and make sure that there are no protruding sharp details.



Loft beds are suitable for older children, because very young children still suffer from sleepwalking, and this design can be traumatic for them. A wenge attic perfectly suited to a purposeful teenager who equips a comfortable workplace with everything you need and can dream about your future on the top tier without fear for his safety.

So, if to sum up all of the above, we can distinguish the following qualities of wenge beds:

  • they are durable;
  • have high wear resistance;
  • wood is not affected by pests;
  • wenge can be used both in adult and in children's interiors;
  • suitable for any style and design;
  • combined with almost all colors;
  • wenge beds are multifunctional;
  • wenge is no longer the privilege of rich people, it will find a place in any home.

All these qualities speak of wenge wood, as a very practical material that quickly gains its popularity and does not deceive expectations, and the refined color every time finds more and more admirers.



Compatibility in the interior

Despite the fact that wenge wood is very complex in its essence, it has pronounced streaks and a rather contrasting background, designers do not get tired to repeat its compatibility with almost all styles and colors.

Of course, it will be difficult to combine such an active coloring with interiors where there are images of large colors or geometric patterns, but with the monochrome settings of wenge creates the very noble union.



Wenge in different styles

A lot has already been said about the universality of the wood under discussion, we recall once again that, for example, a wenge-colored bed can be placed in a room of any style:

  • Classic. This is the most popular style in which wenge furniture could be used. The nobility of the general decoration of the room will only emphasize the sophistication and rarity of the wooden texture, and also tell about the good taste of the owners. It will be difficult to make furniture with carved wenge headboards, but the laconic forms of the beds will suit here.
  • Modern The interiors of this style are usually used lighter shades of wood, but you can beat and wenge. A bed made of such dark wood will look great in combination with a mirror in an elegant frame or complete with a chest of drawers and bedside tables with smooth silhouettes.
  • Provence and Country. In these styles, wenge wood is least likely to be found, because country motifs still prefer the presence of light wood, most often unprocessed. However, there are variations when dark wood was used as small inclusions in the overall image of the interior.
  • High tech. This is one of the modern trends in interior design, which in principle does not use wood as the main component. But wenge furniture in this style can be supplemented with chrome-plated details or glass inserts. For example, the headboard of the bed can be decorated with glass or metal elements, the chrome bezel can also go along the entire perimeter of the bed.

As you can see a unique and rare breed of African wood, however, is a very versatile material for decorating rooms. It is combined with many colors and can be found in different styles. It is only important to remember the proportions: the abundance of dark color around the dark furniture will make your room gloomy and small. Choose a brighter design for exquisite and noble wenge wood.