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The door is brown: classic combinations (25 photos)


Brown color is a thousand-year-old symbol of home hearth, blood ties and stability, therefore its range is the most popular in the design of home spaces. Brown interior doors surely overtake competitors of other colors in terms of sales.

What do psychologists say?

Brown is one of the most common in nature. It is the color of wood, earth, therefore today it symbolizes reliability, stability, comfort of home hearth.



During the Middle Ages, brown was considered an attribute of wealth and nobility. A noble-calm gamma adorned the upper class exclusively, and flashy colors were the lot of commoners.



Who needs a brown door?

Brown color, above all, embodies stability and reliability, creates a sense of security. It is proved that it has beneficial effects on human health. Therefore, such a door is necessary for a room in which people live:

  • with a weakened immune system;
  • lack of physical strength;
  • increased level of anxiety;
  • fear of change;
  • wishing to improve memory.

For those who study or simply cannot stay long on the same subject, it will help to concentrate.

Brown doors do not interfere in families where emotions are raging, there is anger or excitement. This color, especially warm varieties, instantly relieves stress.

The complexity of the structure gives brown the properties of cold or warm shades. Different tones solve different problems, and to determine the choice of a model for the interior, you need to clearly understand what is in priority: respectability or comfort.

If more important is the warmth of the family hearth, we need proven reddish shades, that is, a mixture of yellow and orange.

Brown, dark or light - a great solution for the living room, dining room or kitchen. That is, rooms where comfort and tranquility are always desirable. A noble range will debug the psychological atmosphere at home. In warm interiors, generational conflict is rare. Whatever the mood of the person entering, the light brown corridor sets him in a benign mood.

Caution requires bedroom. An overabundance of even the warmest shade, of the same beige, can negatively affect the intimate life of the owners, so it is used sparingly, but if the brown doors in the bright interior are paired with scarlet or pinkish-peach, the negative effect will be reset.



Doors of cold tonality are relevant in the design of business, industrial premises. It is the dark brown doors of the office that emphasize professionalism, increase the self-esteem of the manager, his authority in the eyes of business partners and customers. The same office - the only home room, where we also allow the cold option. A guest who gets into the hallway will immediately realize that the host is a calm, serious, but powerful person.

The main background can be combined with a beige, gray, white, golden hue.



Brown door: both chocolate and beige

Designers recommend to stay on the classics, that is, the brown doors, if the choice is difficult to make. By itself, the color is considered neutral and is able to balance the bright colors, creating an atmosphere of comfort. Gamma brown shades are classified into two groups: dark and light.


Most often, the door leaf is made from solid wood or imitation of fine wood. The most popular walnut or oak. These interior doors are coordinated with the floor and furnishing details. Both shades are not too dark, so the space is not visually heavy. Even a small corridor does not become smaller, but if you want them to appear airy, the canvas is partially carried out with glass.

The interior may have the following combination: the floor and the doors are of dark color; light floor and dark doors.



Dark doors plus dark floor

The usual solution for a room of increased pollution, which is the corridor. At the same time, the door leaf should be at least a couple of tones lighter than the floor covering.

Dark brown doors and the same flooring are allowed in well-lit rooms with a large window and high ceilings. It should be borne in mind that the doors of dark colors visually reduce the ceiling.

Dark doors plus light floor

You need to understand: the dark doors in the bright interior will stand out noticeably. To eliminate disharmony, plinths and trim are purchased in the color of the doors.

The dark entrance door, including metal, looks impressive and expensive. However, her duet with a light flooring is a bold, unusual design move. It is suitable only for spacious hallways. Another condition is the maximum contrast that the interior of the corridor does not become blurred.



The beige color of the doors perfectly combines with white or light gray. Particularly impressive is the door with a clearly marked array texture.

Beige doors will highlight any green tone. Noble shades of the golden scale get along well with the flowers of grass and lettuce.




The most optimistic option. It will especially please the inhabitants of the regions, where bright sun is a rarity. The original golden balcony door always seems to reflect its glare. In such a room is warmer, happier, more comfortable than in others. This color shade has pear wood, golden oak, walnut.

There is one "but": a model from a natural array looks really festive. No plastic imitation to repeat the effect can not, although it also looks good.



Light brown doors will become an organic transition between white or pastel ceiling and a dark laminate, tile or linoleum coating. This combination is suitable for any small room: a small hallway or another room with dark floors and doors will seem even smaller and darker.




Brown models are installed in rooms of different directions.