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Two-color ceiling: advantages, use in the interior (23 photos)


Two-color stretch ceilings - a great alternative to hanging products, which consist of several levels. Original colors and attractive texture of the canvas allow you to implement a variety of design solutions. The correct selection of shades visually expands the space and divides it into functional zones. Coatings, painted in contrasting shades, can be used in any rooms. It is important to consider when choosing a particular ceiling, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as a combination with the interior of the premises.




Product Features

The two-color ceiling has gained immense popularity due to its durability, attractive appearance and simple installation. A wide color palette is actively used by modern designers to create unique interiors. The main features of the paintings include:

  • Contrast tones are effective in dividing space into zones. This property is especially important for small apartments and studios that do not have internal walls.
  • PVC canvases have limited size, so they are not suitable for rooms with a large area. This machine will help to cope with this problem. Two-color stretch ceilings are installed so that the seam is not striking, but looks quite harmonious.
  • With proper use of the combined surface easily corrects the flaws of the layout. For example, they visually expand narrow rooms.




Products consisting of two colors differ in design:

  • Single level ceilings. Multi-colored canvases are interconnected and look like a single whole. Additional materials and devices during the installation will not be required, therefore, this option is considered to be more affordable.
  • Multi-level ceilings. In this case, each tier is different in color. Installation requires the use of auxiliary structures. Models can take a variety of forms, however, installation takes more time and money than the first option.

When creating a design, you can combine not only colors, but also various materials, textures. The combination of a monophonic surface with a photo printing, gloss - with opaque panels looks interesting. The latter option is set at the same height, but an illusion of a multi-level surface is created.



Advantages and disadvantages of two-color models

Multi-color ceilings, consisting of one or more levels, are famous for their aesthetic appeal, and also have high technical characteristics. The main advantages include:

  • Durability. Many manufacturers give a guarantee of up to 10 years on their products. With careful handling products last much longer.
  • Easy to care. Two-color stretch ceilings do not require special maintenance, they do not lose their original appearance and are easily cleaned of dirt.
  • Resistant to water. Ceiling cloths do not absorb odors and do not deteriorate after contact with moisture, which makes them indispensable when arranging the kitchen space.
  • The ability to reliably hide all wires and communications, which ensures attractive appearance.
  • Protection of the main ceiling from various negative impacts, including the accumulation of dust, dirt, fading of colors. This allows you to install the ceiling in the bedroom, as well as in the bathroom and in the kitchen.
  • The ability to install any chandeliers and fixtures.
  • The design of a two-color stretch ceiling differs in variety of paints, forms, patterns therefore it is suitable for any interior.

The disadvantages include the presence of a seam, albeit unobtrusive. Cloths are unstable to mechanical stress, they are easy to damage. Many consumers point out the high cost of the models, but it pays for itself with durability and reliability when used correctly.




Options for combining different colors

Today there are many different ideas regarding the design of stretch two-color ceilings. The most popular and aesthetically attractive are the following combinations:

  • Diagonal. Depending on the style to which the whole interior of the room belongs, the seam is either flat or wavy. The presence of smooth bends gives the room softness and lightness.
  • Two halves. Single-level ceilings consist of 2 parts, painted in different colors. This allows you to divide the room into two equal parts.
  • Strip in the center. Such a pronounced accent looks incredibly impressive. To give harmony to the strip can go in line, located on the walls.
  • Numerous stripes. This solution looks bold, so it does not suit everyone. Excellent visual effect is obtained if the design of the ceiling is repeated in some interior items.
  • Emphasis placed in the center of the ceiling. The middle is in the form of any geometric shape: a circle, an ellipse or a rectangle. The two-color stretch ceiling in the hall can be decorated with a beautiful chandelier in the middle of the ceiling; spotlights hanging at the border of colors look no less attractive.
  • Chess board. The panel, which consists of four identical squares, looks strictly, original and stylish.
  • Drawings. Individual design based on the wishes of the customer, allows you to create unique products. Such pleasure is quite expensive, so people who want to save money will be able to purchase canvases with ready-made patterns.



Compared to plasterboard streams, stretch counterparts have a wide variety of colors. Quality models are able to transform any room, make it more comfortable, attractive, stylish.



Combined paintings in the interior

The use of two-color ceilings installed on the same level, is carried out everywhere. Each room in the house or city apartment will be unique. The combination of the ceiling with walls and floor will help increase or decrease the room. Consider the most common design ideas for different rooms:

  • Two-color ceiling in the kitchen will help divide the space into a work area and a place for eating. This solution is especially important for a dwelling, the area of ​​which does not allow using other means: additional walls, platforms, arches. In the center of the ceiling you can install a chandelier, the dark colors of the canvas are suitable for a work area equipped with lamps. The rich shade is selected in accordance with the color of the furniture, so it can be red, brown, green. Contrast tones in this case should be beige, white, light yellow.
  • For the bathroom are suitable cloth, decorated on one level. Successful combinations - white with blue or blue. Dark shades are suitable for highlighting the area on which the furniture is located. Light colors are used where there is a bath.
  • In the bedroom before installing the ceiling should carefully consider the arrangement of furniture that will make the design uniform. If the wall, against which the headboard of the bed is leaning, is decorated with variegated wallpaper, similar shades should be present on the ceiling. The two-color ceiling in the bedroom allows you to select a sleeping area and a place to read or work.

The use of contrasting shades allows you to mask the layout defects or, conversely, make them more visible. When choosing colors, be guided by the size and features of the home.




In contrast to the ceiling of gypsum stretch two-color models are more attractive and practical, are not afraid of pollution, moisture and other negative influences. Products open a wide scope for the implementation of a variety of design ideas.