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Beautiful ceiling in the nursery for girls: design features (25 photos)


The children's room in which the little lady lives is her separate little world, therefore the interior of such a room, and especially the ceiling decoration, should be thought out to the smallest detail.

In the nursery, the girl spends much of her time. She sleeps in her, plays, draws and dreams, that is why it is so important that the child is comfortable in her, and the interior inspired her. It is not enough just to make repairs and renovate the furniture, you need to think out a draft of a single interior in which all objects and coatings will be combined and in harmony. And here it is very important to make the ceiling in the nursery for the girl right: not to be mistaken with the color and finishing material.



How to trim the ceiling in the nursery?

When creating the interior of a children's room for a boy and a girl, first of all you need to pay attention to the quality of the materials used. They must be perfectly safe for the health of the child. It is better to choose completely natural materials that do not have an unpleasant smell, do not produce harmful fumes. Before buying ask the seller for documents confirming the certification of materials. Ceilings for girls in the nursery can:

  • to sew up gypsum plasterboard;
  • close the tension canvas;
  • to paint;
  • glue down the wallpaper.

Choose a finishing material for the ceiling in the nursery need to be based on the size of the room, the location of the window and financial opportunities.

Plasterboard ceilings are ideal for the children's bedroom. With it you can not only close the pipes, wires, cracks and other flaws, but also to build a multi-tiered structure. These tiers can be painted in different shades, and you can all toned in one color. However, to make such a ceiling in the room, you need space. If the nursery is too small, do not artificially lower the ceiling level.

An important advantage of drywall - its environmental friendliness. This material is made of gypsum and cardboard, so they are allowed to trim any room, including children.

The ceiling of plasterboard can be painted with paint of any color or decorated with any decorative elements. In the room for a young girl on the ceiling it is appropriate to look bright butterflies, fairy-tale characters, characters of modern cartoons, and the ceiling in the room for a teenager girl should be monotonous and decorated more calmly. In the plasterboard you can cut holes for the original chandeliers and lamps, you can make an interesting lighting.

Drywall has its drawbacks. A lot of time is spent on installation work: installation of the frame, GKL paneling, then their preparation for decorating and painting itself. Sheets are large, so this ceiling in the nursery can not be mounted without an assistant.




We make stretch ceilings

One more successful option for a girl’s child’s room is a suspended ceiling. It is especially suitable for those who want to finish the repair as soon as possible. The installation of the structure itself will take several hours. And under it as well as under drywall, it will be possible to hide all the flaws of the ceiling.

Today, any picture can be applied to the stretch canvas: animals, a starry sky, a landscape, an image of your favorite fairy tale characters - all that your child is interested in. Also stretch ceilings in the nursery can be made of any shade that will be ideally suited for furniture and walls. The color that can be applied using photo printing on the canvas is unlikely to pick up even in the process of tinting.



To create a fabulous atmosphere in the room and make your child feel safe in the room, you can install multi-tiered lights in the ceiling. Depending on the mood, it can shine with a cold or warm light. In principle, installing a suspended ceiling is an opportunity to create any design of a child's room, even the most daring and original.

The stretch ceiling has a significant drawback: the canvas does not allow air to pass through, so you need to regularly ventilate the room so that the child has constant access to oxygen. But the stretch ceiling is easy to clean. It is enough to wipe the dust off of it with a wet cloth, and it will shine again.



Stretch ceiling can last a long time, but for a child, this figure is not so important. If your daughter is still young, you can decorate the ceiling in the nursery with bears, butterflies and pink ponies. When the child grows up, she will already be uncomfortable in such an interior, and the design of the ceiling will have to be changed. So, for a teenager girl, the ceiling will fit in a solid color and in a more restrained color scheme.



Wallpaper and painting

For a room with low walls, painting and wallpaper are considered one of the best options. Unlike suspended ceilings, these covers do not eat up precious centimeters of space. The advantage of such coatings is that they are breathable.

Even with the help of inexpensive wallpaper, you can make an original ceiling design. You can choose small flowers, butterflies or wallpaper with a large pattern. Today in the shops are presented the whole picture on the wallpaper, which consists of several parts.

To make this wallpaper look good, they need to be very precisely docked. If you do not have skills in such work, it is better to call a professional team of masters.



There is also a universal version of the wallpaper for the room for teenagers - wallpapers with stars that glow in the dark. This idea will fit into the nursery and the boy and girls. Just imagine, your child will not sleep under a normal ceiling - there will be a real starry sky above it.

The ceiling in the nursery can be painted and to create an atmosphere, apply pictures to it using stencils. Monochromatic figures would be appropriate not only in the room of a little girl, but already an adult girl. The main thing is that the paints are on a natural basis and not have an unpleasant smell. If you do not want any extra elements in the interior, you can simply whiten the ceiling and update the color approximately once a year.

Previously, the design of the children's room for a little princess was done in pink, but today this trend is changing, and decorators suggest decorating children's rooms in other colors:

  • green;
  • mint;
  • beige;
  • cream;
  • apricot;
  • brown;
  • blue;
  • purple.

And you can choose one color and combine its different shades. And you can use several colors for the design of a children's room. For example, make the walls mint, and the ceiling is white. Or paint the walls with brown paint, and the ceiling in calm turquoise. In principle, the ceiling color can be anything. The main thing is that it is in harmony with other interior details, combined with the walls and does not put pressure on the child’s head.



For decoration of the ceiling in the nursery for the girl is better not to use:

  • the black;
  • dark brown;
  • bright yellow;
  • Gray;
  • Navy blue.

These colors can adversely affect your child’s psyche. Being in a room with a ceiling in such tones, your daughter may begin to experience anxiety, fear, longing, and other unpleasant emotions. Pick up finishing materials for children in bright colors, dilute the interior with bright spots, and then the child will be comfortable in such a room.



Expanding space

So that the child would like to be in his room, you can try to visually expand it and decorating the ceiling will help us solve this problem. The easiest option, of course, is to paint the ceiling in a light color. This will add a few centimeters in height.

You can go ahead and stick on the ceiling wallpaper with a 3D pattern. The ideal option for a child girl is a blue sky with light white clouds.



When you look at the ceiling, it seems that they are really floating. The sight of these clouds will calm the child and improve sleep. Girls will appreciate the ceiling, which will be applied 3D-image of any of the characters from the cartoons. The hostess of the room will feel that her favorite characters have come to life and are about to descend to the floor and play with her with pleasure. But when choosing such wallpapers, keep in mind that children's preferences change very quickly, and the character you love today may lose the eye tomorrow. If a boy and a girl live in the nursery, make the ceiling neutral. In this case, it is better not to decorate it with pink ponies or race cars.



Some parents don't want to make the ceiling too complicated. In this case, you can make it white, beige or cream and decorate it with an interesting shape with warm light. With such chandeliers in the room will be very comfortable.