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We live with taste: how to arrange furniture in a one-room apartment (57 photos)

Competent arrangement of furniture in a one-room apartment allows you to create a cozy and stylish living space. It is necessary to use creativity and analytical thinking in order to rationally use the living space and ensure the comfort of the household. Do not neglect the visual accents. They will help to successfully place in a single space and the living room, and bedroom, and the nursery, and even the office.

How to arrange furniture in a one-room apartment

Housing is associated with a feeling of coziness and comfort. Such an atmosphere is quite possible to create in an ordinary odnushku, regardless of its size. In the arrangement of the premises, it is necessary to focus not on the elements of decor, but on organization, so that each thing is exactly where it is convenient to exploit it. Choose furniture for a one-room apartment, taking into account the peculiarities of the living space. And remember, the situation in the home must meet the basic requirements of the household, it is not appropriate here to look particularly at the opinion of outsiders.

Interior designers question the rationality of buying new-fashioned furniture for a one-room apartment if it is planned to be repaired in the near future. No matter how impressive the new facades look in the glossy catalog, they risk losing their appearance against the background of dull walls.

To use the full potential of the dwelling, you should carefully study the features of the space:

  • The corners of the room. This area should be organized using corner furniture to create functional areas. Install an L-shaped wardrobe or furniture of similar design. The corner of the room can also be identified as a dressing room, to equip a bedroom or office there;
  • Sill. Equip a wide tabletop-sill, you can equip a comfortable seating area or a comfortable desk. In the first case, make a soft surface pillows. If you decide to organize a convenient place for work and creativity at the window, it will be advantageous to install a model of a transformer sill in the form of a folding tabletop;
  • Walls. Do not clutter the room with a large number of floor structures. In the planning of furniture in a one-room apartment, engage wall surfaces, the benefit is that there is a great variety of mounted structures in the form of shelves and racks. This is a profitable solution if you do not know how to organize a convenient and stylish storage system in a limited space of odnushki; do not forget that the sub-ceiling space with a successful design of furniture will become a full-fledged container of seasonal things, the main thing is to avoid the effect of the closet;
  • The hallway. Under the ceiling at the entrance it will also be not difficult to equip compact storage for seasonal accessories. The built-in closet-compartment of a narrow configuration in the corridor contributes to significant savings in usable space and reduces the “furniture” load in the hall.

In addition, it is worth effectively using the capabilities of the balcony, partially or fully combining the additional structure with the living space. Since the window sill between the living room and the balcony cannot be destroyed (usually there is a supporting plate), it can be used as an element of zoning. Intermediate window and door, the upper part can be legally removed with proper coordination with the BTI. If you hang the lockers on the blind sides of the balcony in such a scenario, it will not look cluttered.

If you want to leave the balcony intact, you should consider its insulation, to provide high-quality glazing - an additional usable area is formed, which is more necessary than ever before in a small-sized Khrushchev. Dreaming about your own gym? Install a Swedish wall and a folding treadmill there; even an elliptical or rowing trainer can fit. Need space for a workshop? The balcony is best suited, because there is an inexhaustible source of natural light.

The lucky ones owning odnushki with a balcony, combining the room and kitchen, manage to organize in this area a full-fledged cabinet. Closer to the kitchen is a seating area with a sofa (or a full-width bed). Mounted wide window sill that serves as a tabletop - if desired, it can be the entire length of the balcony. Shallow cabinets or open shelves are hung on both sides. As a result, two people will be able to work here comfortably - there will be enough space for computers and related equipment.

How to arrange the furniture in the one-room Khrushchev

The room in the house of Khrushchev's construction is distinguished by a low ceiling, which is very disadvantageous in terms of the efficiency of the organization of the space. In addition, here the kitchen is small in size, the bathroom is combined, the layout of the housing leaves much to be desired. At the same time, the presence of a spacious room allows you to successfully implement bold ideas for arranging space. With the correct placement of furniture in one-room Khrushchev can be organized several functional areas within the same room:

  • The area near the entrance to the room is made in the form of a living-room cabinet. It is advisable to use small-sized upholstered furniture, compact devices, such as flat-panel TVs, shallow shelves for books and accessories, a transforming table;
  • The far corner of the room is suitable for decorating the bedroom, it can be separated with a beautiful screen, a sliding partition, curtains;
  • If you have to design a children's area in a one-room Khrushchev, allocated area with sufficient natural light. It is necessary to eliminate the risk of drafts, by organizing a nursery near the window, to install a compact furniture complex with a comfortable place to sleep, a game / work area.

To expand the usable space, engage the wall by the window unit. Side surfaces should be equipped with racks up to the ceiling. The shelves of open type or with translucent doors are appropriate here. Make a desktop with a narrow bollard, drawers, shelves from the windowsill. With a creative approach to the design of the area by the window, you can create here a functional working platform with the original storage system.

Options for arranging furniture in a studio apartment

Studio apartments until recently were popular only in a bohemian environment. The unusual layout without internal partitions did not correspond to the ideas of ordinary citizens about a comfortable home. Nevertheless, progressive young people and older people with advanced views soon appreciated the advantages of spacious studio apartments. This category of housing is now among the most sought-after, and is popular with fans of original interiors.

With the help of the division of space into functional areas in a studio apartment, it is easy to equip the guest space with the appropriate attributes and a private sleeping area. For this purpose, various methods of interior design are used:

  • competent placement of furniture in the allocated space;
  • zoning with wall, floor and ceiling decoration;
  • the use of mobile partitions - relevant screens, curtains, sliding walls, partitions on rails;
  • construction of stationary protective structures made of plasterboard, translucent sheets of tempered glass, wall panels.

If a studio apartment is being developed as housing for young people, the design is supported by a trendy minimalist style. The leisure area is decorated with a sofa and a TV, a coffee table and several ottomans. Considering the options for a bedroom, it is best to opt for a model with a convenient storage system at the base and headboard. This easily eliminates the problem of a shortage of space and reduces the risk of cluttering the room.

In a studio apartment, it is easy to equip a comfortable children's room, while at the same time allocating a guest room and a bedroom. If you decide to organize a children's hall with a spacious area, choose multifunctional furniture. For example, a loft bed with a game complex or a model for a teenager with a sleeping and working area will help to significantly optimize the space. The platform near the door should be decorated with a closet with spacious mezzanines up to the ceiling.

In the design of studio apartments, kitchen-hallways are popular, where the functional area for cooking is separated from the rest of the premises by a bar counter or a low frosted glass partition.

How to arrange the furniture in a one-room apartment

Use original design ideas if you are thinking about how to arrange furniture in one-piece. Sectional design, perhaps the best solution for housing with a compact size. Modular systems will cost less than custom-made furniture. At the same time, they are able to harmoniously fit into the interior, regardless of the dimensions of the dwelling, it is only necessary to properly equip the design of the sections with the required size and functionality. Choose modules in such a way as to effectively use the space of the apartment without cluttering it.

A very interesting variant of the arrangement of furniture in a one-room apartment with a child is the use of the entire surface of the wall with a window. It houses a wardrobe with mezzanines up to the ceiling, floor sections with drawers and shelves, a chest of drawers under a wide window sill. The upper tier is decorated with open modules, here you can equip your home library, put a collection of souvenirs. Install children's furniture near the window, assembling a functional design from prefabricated modules. Gradually, it is possible to supplement the complex with new sections, depending on the needs of the younger offspring.

Furniture-transformer in the planning of one-room apartment

Residents of compact apartments especially acutely feel a shortage of space and prefer to use the minimum amount of furniture to leave as much free space as possible. Interior stylists are advised to pay attention to transformers. These designs are multifunctional, do not take up much space, they are very beneficial to use in the arrangement of small apartments.

The most popular models of transformers:

  • Tables. Great interest is caused by models with a folding table top, tables, cabinets, folding configurations, samples with a sliding surface;
  • Sofas. The model is transformed into a sleeping place, has compartments for storing accessories;
  • Bed-wardrobe. At an unnecessary time, the structure is retracted into the wall in an upright position;
  • Closet. Inside the structure, you can install a sliding tabletop, roll-out pedestals, ironing board on a special mount and other functional devices.

Transformer models allow you to create an organized structure for the storage of household items and help save valuable space.

How to organize the interior

First of all, evaluate the type of room and prioritize the choice of interior compositions. It is best to make sketches on paper or create a preliminary design project using a computer program. To select the desired combination, use the group model of furniture placement:

  • in the common space there are functional areas: a place to sleep, a dining area, a children's corner, a leisure area, a working space, etc .;
  • determine the center of each functional zone: a bed in the bedroom, a dining table in the dining area, a sofa in the living room;
  • then each of the central objects is completed with the corresponding group of objects. For example, the bed is complemented by a chest of drawers or a cabinet where accessories for a comfortable sleep and rest are stored. The dining table is equipped with chairs, TV is installed near the sofa, a coffee table is installed.

That is, additional elements are located around the center of each functional area. A universal principle works here: the larger the object, the closer to the central object. For example, a chest of drawers is located near the sleeping structure, and small chairs with a coffee table - a little further from the center.

Important points:

  • when placing furniture, it is necessary to leave free space for comfortable movement around the house;
  • choose only compact models of structures. No matter how attractive the furniture with impressive dimensions and rich decor looks, it is not appropriate in a one-room apartment with limited footage;
  • create a beautiful and stylish composition so that the objects fit well with each other and do not clutter up the area of ​​the room;
  • in the arrangement of small-sized housing in the priority furniture in bright colors, reflecting the surface;
  • pay special attention to lighting. Provide functional areas with spotlights, local lighting devices, directional light devices;
  • use the potential of modular systems and transformers in the organization of space, introduce creative design ideas into the interior.

Interior stylists emphasize the possibility of podiums in the arrangement of compact premises. The decision to organize a working area on an elevated platform under which the bed hides is a great success. The sleeping structure is equipped with a retractable mechanism, with the help of which it is easy to adjust the position of the bed, by sliding it under the podium during the day and pulling it out for the night to be used as intended.

Frequent mistakes in the design of furniture for a one-room apartment

Without knowing the principles of organizing space in a small residential space, it is impossible to create a cozy and comfortable interior in a one-room apartment. Here are the common mistakes that are made when furnishing odnushki and the right solution to the problem.

Indoors, in the shape of an elongated rectangle, furniture is arranged along a long wall. This gives the effect of a narrow corridor. Designers offer to bring the size of the room to the shape of a square, as in this form the visual perception of space is significantly improved. In addition, it is easier to work on the interior design in the form of a regular square and create spectacular compositions.

Discard the massive furniture designs. Place on a narrow wall spacious wardrobes with mezzanines up to the ceiling. What are the benefits:

  • the room becomes more square than it was originally;
  • there is a spacious storage system at hand, where there is a place for each thing;
  • furniture is not striking, does not create a feeling of cluttering the area.

Unconditional plus wardrobes - the presence of mezzanines, in which it is convenient to store seasonal items.

In the arrangement of one-room apartment Khrushchev built do not use pieces of furniture in dark colors. This is negatively reflected in the perception of space, as in Khrushchev the ceiling is usually low. This, combined with a large amount of dark surface, is depressing.

It is necessary to use any possible ways to expand the space. Here are relevant light colors in furniture and decoration, reflective surfaces, additional lighting. To make the interior airy and pleasant for perception, use the furniture in light shades of beige, white, milky, light blue colors.

The reason for the majority of failures in the independent arrangement of furniture in a room with limited space is impulsive decisions, thoughtless steps and acting on the occasion of emotions that new-minded owners of odnushek sin.

Examine photos of interiors with similar dimensions of the area, plan your actions on the organization of space, closely engage in the design project with the help of computer programs.

Successful ways of furnishing a compact room require a thoughtful approach: try even at the initial stages to make a list of multi-functional items, without which you just can not do.

Finally, to make the living space look lighter, not depressing, transfer all the “vaults” to the entrance hall, mezzanine in the kitchen - let the main zone become free for the penetration of light and air.