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Crafts of tires for the garden: custom ideas decorating the site (20 photos)


Old tires are a versatile material in the incarnation of creative and non-standard ideas for decorating the suburban area and its comfortable arrangement.

You can conditionally identify several areas for the use of tires:

  • decorative crafts from tires for the garden and garden, simultaneously performing the functions of beds;
  • arrangement of garden paths and playgrounds. It is easy to care for such paths, coatings are simply laid, and weeds cannot grow through them. Playgrounds equipped with tire crafts will be safe for children;
  • for registration of beautiful and unusual beds. It is possible to install both individual elements and the creation of colorful compositions from multi-level decorative flowerbeds.

For the realization of most ideas for the garden with your own hands, you will need the following materials: tires of different sizes, paints, ropes, a knife / jigsaw, paint brushes, a shovel.



When working with tires, it is recommended to take into account several nuances: winter products are easier to turn out than summer ones; It is easier to work with imported tires - they are thinner and more plastic.

A cup of tires do it yourself

A craft made from old tires, made in the form of dishes, will not only attract the attention of guests, but also customize the area near the country house.

To create the required four tires (two - the same size, the third - from the scooter and the fourth - the largest), screws, paint, brushes, corrugated pipe, aluminum wire.





Children's rocking chair

Such crafts can be made separately or as one of the objects of the playground. For rocking need a strong and wide tire (preferably domestic), treated wooden board, screws, paint.

Stages of work:

  1. The tire is cut in half into two equal parts.
  2. Two bars are fastened to the board. The width between the bars is equal to the distance between the cuts of the tire.
  3. The board and the tire are decorated with bright colors.
  4. The seat is screwed to the tire. Before using the rocking chair, you should carefully check the design so that the nails do not stick out, and there are no gaps, splinters. On one side of the seat, it is advisable to attach a handle for convenience.

For the design of the playground, you can make several similar swings from the tires, and it would also be nice to put a big tire by making a sandbox out of it.

You can make an elegant "caterpillar", which is fun to run, from the tires installed vertically and dug into the same level of tires.



How to make a decorative pond

A small pool, equipped with a large tire, will give the site a sophisticated look. For the arrangement of the reservoir will need: a large tire, jigsaw, shovel, level, waterproofing material, crushed stone with sand and decorative stones of different sizes.




Stages of work:

  1. To organize the pond, a suitable place is chosen (preferably not in direct sunlight, so that the water does not start to bloom). For installation of a tire, a pit is dug out in appropriate sizes. At the bottom of a layer of sand poured and then laid tire. The level is used to check the horizontal position of the tire.
  2. The surface inside the tire is slightly sprinkled with rubble and then the upper side of the tire is cut off with a jigsaw.
  3. Inside the tire fit waterproofing layer, which is sprinkled on the outer contour of the gravel.
  4. The edges of the garden pool are decorated with large stones to give the pool a beautiful view and masking film.
  5. The tank is filled with water, and the decorative pond can already please the hosts and guests with freshness.

An interesting idea is to equip a similar reservoir with a small electric fountain. You can choose a suitable model in the hardware store. Such a device will simultaneously clean the water in the tank and delight the cheerful sound of water.



Master gardeners offer a lot of options for using old tires. In addition to the improvement of the site and the creation of decorative elements of old tires, you can make furniture (decorative tables, padded stools, swings), equip places for washing, decorate walls and place small hanging flower-pots in tires. Decorative fence, equipped staircase on terraced areas, can give the cottage a non-standard individual look.