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Doors for a bath: features of choice (20 photos)


During the construction and arrangement of the bath more attention is paid to the shelves, decoration and stove, but the door for the bath is given much less time. However, this is a completely wrong approach, because the doors must meet a number of requirements. They are operated in quite extreme conditions and must withstand high temperature, moisture and steam, so that such an attribute as the entrance door to the bath room served for a long time and as efficiently as possible, you should take into account the characteristics of the product.



The main points of choice

The most common choices are doors made of wood, glass, metal and plastic, the latter are installed at the entrance from the street. These materials can guarantee quality, reliability and durability.

Resistance to different temperature conditions

Glass doors for a bath can withstand temperatures up to 800˚С. These should be special models that are made of tempered glass. Another advantage is that they themselves do not get very hot. In addition, they meet the requirements of fire safety.

Wooden doors for a bath are also able to withstand high temperatures, but they heat less. Regarding fire safety, they are clearly inferior to glass. Unlike saunas, here you can use pine and spruce.



Care and appearance

In the case of glass matting is used - it is quite practical and beautiful. Such a matte finish glass requires minimal care, such doors are easy to clean with special means on alcohol. In addition, on such a surface can not see the stains and prints that remain on ordinary glass. Of course, such material cannot look, for example, like a semi-antique tree, but against the background of logs and natural material, it will look quite relevant and fit into the interior.

There are a lot of options for doors from an array, namely finishes. It can be a pattern of boards and slats, antique, three-dimensional panels, threaded, everyone can choose their ideal.


When installing the door be sure to comply with safety regulations. Doors made of wood should be treated with special means. Regarding the glass, the doors should have smooth edges or plugs, but soft.

Entrance door

Equally important is the quality of the front door from the street - this is, above all, protection and, of course, the safety of heat in the room. Most often, a metal door to the bathhouse is selected from a security point of view, which is completely justified. However, if such a material is chosen, care must be taken to insulate the door in the bath, because thermal insulation is also important. There is also a minus in such a design, if a person comes out to cool out of the bath, on returning touching such a door in a severe frost, he may freeze to it. Such a problem can be easily solved, for example, use the lining of the wall paneling and varnished on top. Beautifully look antique doors.




Doors for washroom

In the washroom or in the rest room the doors are smaller. Here the main condition is that the doors pass through a minimum of humidity. The approximate width of such structures is 60 cm. There are several options for material that can be used in such rooms.

If you give preference to the tree, then you must take into account such factors as moisture. When installing the door you must leave a gap between the blade and the box. If the standard clearance for apartments is 2 or 3 mm, then at least 5 mm is required. This is because the door will swell due to moisture, and it will simply be impossible to close it. You can choose a pine, linden or another tree, it is important to properly handle it. Choosing a tree, there are many options for how to decorate it. The most common options are carving, herringbone, antique.



Reliability and practicality will provide designs from glass. Appearance options are much smaller, but with respect to the characteristics they are more profitable. They are not affected by moisture and they do not increase or decrease in size, unlike pine. They are made of heat-resistant glass, and it is rather difficult to break them, therefore they serve for a long time. There will be no prints and stains on the surface, like on ordinary glass, thanks to the treated surface.



What is better to choose?

As you can see, each of the materials has its advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing when choosing to pay attention to safety, because the bath - is, above all, high temperature, and it is very important that all components of the building could not harm health. If we talk about the material for the door to the steam room itself, then you should pay attention to such a moment as visibility.