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Furniture from kryag: absolute exclusive (25 photos)


Turn a country house or cottage into a unique space under the power of anyone. Enough to look at what surrounds you. For example, furniture made of branches, stump, nondescript snags turn out to be unique and at the same time comfortable.

Where to get the raw materials

You can find natural material in the forest, on the shore, in your own garden after pruning trees or pull it out of the water. Depending on the location of the detection, the pretreatment of the raw materials is different. Found on land sanded, cleaned from rotted fragments, remove rotten layers up to hardwood. Removed from the water is cleaned of contaminants, dried.



The jackpot is considered to be a bog oak find. Furniture from it belongs to the elite, and dark wood is recognized as the most durable. However, other tree species are quite stable.

The interior, which contains furniture made of zagryag and branches, is called rustic. Some consider it a coarse, even brutal kind of country style.

The classic design includes wooden floors and panels, dark ceiling beams. All this visually reduces the size of the room, so it is rarely used for apartments. But in country houses, in the country, in a bar, sauna or as garden furniture is the best option. And one hundred percent exclusive, which can be proud of. It will be appreciated by fans of all non-standard. In a modern interior, such things or a wall panel with imitation of living trees claim to be conceptual.




What is good furniture from kryagy?

The main advantage of rustic furniture is exclusivity. In nature, there are no two identical trees, trunks or twins, so any furniture from branches, snags, stumps will also be unique. There are more advantages:

  • Ecological purity and absolute safety of the material.
  • Reliability: strong roots from which a table, chair or other object is made guarantee their maximum strength.
  • A variety of material allows you to make any product: from an elegant lampshade to a chest of drawers or beds with branches on the backs.

With proper use of this furniture for centuries.




As in any business, for a start it makes sense to practice on simple products: small sculptures, lampshades, photo frames, mirror framing. When a skill has been worked out, you can take on the more impressive creation of your own furniture.

Preparatory stage

At first, the product layout is well thought out, in order to have a clear idea of ​​what should happen at the exit. It will require not only an exact calculation, but also imagination in order to connect disparate fragments by texture or pattern. For example, the backs of chairs, armrests, footboards or headboards of the bed, legs from curved branches will look more interesting than straight ones.

Then the material is selected. Wood of different thicknesses goes to furniture made of twigs or roots: delicate thin knots for a lampshade, thicker ones for a chair or bed. You can use dry or fresh raw materials.

Dry the tree slowly under a canopy, and at the final stage - in a room without heating.



Assembly by all the rules

In order for the furniture to serve for a long time and be aesthetic, compliance with the rules is required when making your own hands.

The ends of the roots are processed clockwise without pressure: first with a coarse brush, then with a drill, then with a smaller brush. After finishing the assembly begins.

Furniture from branches connected in parts in several ways:

  • gluing;
  • wedge thorn;
  • landing on the screws or screw.

Joints are sealed with wood glue.





Design options

Depending on the size of the raw material, large furniture is made from stumps and snags or small objects are decorated.

Furniture for all occasions

You can make rustic furniture for your home or garden with your own hands. Here are a few ideas:

  • Unusual look tables, chairs, bar counter and other furniture from kryag. On a cut of a large snag it is easy to strengthen a table-top.
  • Small boughs are suitable for the back of the chair, larger snags will go to the legs. The seat is made of roots, fastened with a hemp or solid smooth saw cut.
  • A bed of a bed is made of boards or thick branches, for a back use thinner knots.
  • If you managed to find a fragment that has powerful branchings, it is used as a basis for a floor lamp. From less solid branches will come the original candlestick, hanger.
  • From a wide log you get a bar counter or tabletop.

Thus, choosing the material in size and diameter, you can make any piece of furniture.



Pleasant trifles

The stylish framing of small branches will radically change the usual attribute of home furnishings:

  • a vase;
  • clock;
  • photo frame;
  • mirror;
  • candelabra;
  • shade.

In the last two options, it is worth considering the fire safety rules.



And even stump

If a stump forms at the site, you can use it as a center of the composition, surrounding it with decks. The main thing is that the furniture from hemp had an even cut - the table and chairs will be sustainable. If desired, they complement the back of the branches, put a pillow.



You can even use the old rotten stump as a flowerpots. They are placed in a rotten middle only in a pot so that the wood will not completely collapse, and if there is moss and other vegetation on the stump, this is only a plus: they will add decorative effect.