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One-room Khrushchev can be a comfortable dwelling: professionals advise (79 photos)

Initially, during the construction of such apartment buildings, the comfort of living was not a priority: the main task was to quickly resettle the millions of compatriots who lived in the dormitories. As a result, apartments of up to 35 square meters. meters have become a legacy of the past, and contemporaries have to tweak in every possible way to improve their aesthetic characteristics in addition to household aspects. To one-bedroom Khrushchev became a place where you want to return, you should take care of its competent redevelopment or use ready-made zoning scenarios.

Reasonable design of one-room Khrushchev: how to make a project

Such housing has a small usable area, low ceilings, a tiny kitchen and a separate bathroom. To redevelop one-room apartment-Khrushchev became a reality, it is better to invite a designer - he will work out the full scope of changes, help get rid of excess, competently arrange partitions, will oversee the repair.

Experts provide general rules applicable to all categories of small-sized typical housing:

  • it is better to refrain from excessive use of dark and warm colors - they make the space heavier, visually eat up the area. The priority should be bright calm tones;
  • all heavy and overall furniture and household appliances are excluded;
  • sharp contrasts will not benefit a compact room.

Alteration of square meters can be carried out as with the help of redevelopment and demolition of walls, and through zoning. Consider the pros and cons of both options.

Redevelopment: what you need to know

In this case, you can get a full-fledged studio - the area will not increase, but it will become united, this approach will visually look more spacious, the room will be filled with light and air. There will be an unlimited field for the realization of design ideas. Redevelopment is more appropriate for bachelors (both men and women), young or mature married couples with whom children do not live.

The weak side is the need to coordinate the project in the BTI, which does not always have a positive outcome (if the walls are load-bearing, they cannot be dismantled or modified). We will have to start a major overhaul, which requires considerable financial and time costs, attracting professional designers, designers and repairmen-performers. In addition to the decorative components, you will need to take care of the replacement of communications.

But the possibility of turning Soviet real estate into an ultramodern apartment eliminates all the flaws and associated difficulties. Let the redevelopment - a cardinal irreversible step, the result will be a stylish and at the same time very practical interior.

What will help zoning

The main advantage of the method is the ability to do all the work with your own hands. It will require redecoration, then comes the turn of replacing furniture with more practical modern modules. No authority has the right to influence such local changes.

Minus - with an inept approach there is a high risk of cluttering the living room, creating a cluttered effect.

Often, the budget becomes a weighty argument when choosing from the two described methods: in the second case, all changes can be made faster and at lower cost.

One-room Khrushchev zoning: rules and tools

Regardless of whether the one-room Khrushchev 30 sq. M. Was redeveloped. m, or the owners decided to limit the redecoration - zoning elements will help to place the accents correctly. Decorators suggest using partitions:

  • fabric (traditional, Japanese, French models of curtains, canopies, roller shutters, blinds);
  • drywall (help to delimit the space with the use of unusual forms, decorative openings);
  • shelving (including shallow wardrobes with mirror finish doors, shelves relevant to limit the children's area in the Khrushchev);
  • wooden;
  • metal;
  • glass (frame and block).

Constructions may be stationary, that is, fixed in one place, but they are not desirable, since in Khrushchev residential areas rarely exceed 17-20 square meters. meters, this is not enough for the additional introduction of monolithic elements. Studio design studio apartment of 30 square meters. m, on the contrary, allows the use of stationary partitions - in particular, for the separation of the bathroom, bathroom or kitchen.

Sliding variations are presented in a rich assortment - these are folding, sliding, rail configurations. They practically do not occupy a useful volume, moreover, they are successfully introduced into the Khrushchev for the localization of a berth, a children's zone. Their main charm - the ability to use if necessary - during periods of inactivity, they are carefully folded, pushed to one of the walls. The frame is usually made of wood or metal, used to fill the fabric, plastic, wood panels, glass, bamboo.

Acoustic models, that is, tightly fencing off the site from the rest of the space, are not used in Khrushchev houses — they are too massive. The presence of a dense latch and height to the ceiling only exacerbate the considerable dimensions of the design.

Mobile variations are a real find for amateur decorators. This is a wide range of screens that are easy to move from place to place. When folded, they are compact and retain their appeal as interior accessories. They can be incorporated into any style - from country to modern and loft, the main thing is to correctly combine basic materials with the decoration of the room.

Furniture used for zoning does not have to occupy space to the ceiling. A rack or shallow cabinet (note: only one!) Can be tall, especially if the design involves numerous openings. Often, a compact bollard or backrest of a small sofa is used to isolate zones (they are placed with their backs to the bed, thereby logically delineating the living room area). The high headboard also localizes the bed, if you place attributes behind it for receiving guests.

In order to make a one-room from a one-room one, it is worth noting the furniture that does not have 2-3 side functions. In particular, modular variations, transformers, products that have hidden storage systems are appropriate. Only in this case free space is formed, which can be harmoniously occupied by a partition.

In a limited area of ​​small-sized it is easier to introduce curtain-type bulkheads. Japanese designs are questionable: wide canvases will be comfortable except in the studio, but soft draperies will help to remake any apartment. Roller shutters and French configurations also require space, but they are easy to operate and do not require time-consuming maintenance.

To fix the curtains should use the eaves or strings, and the heavier the fabric, the more massive the base should be. Facilitated conditions are best absorbed by lightweight fabrics of light shades - both dense and translucent. If you need a picture, give preference to small, inconspicuous ornaments, departing from the main color by 2-3 tones. Big bright flowers, photo-pictures steal space.

Decorators are advised to perform partitions, curtains in the form as close as possible to the decoration of the walls. In this case, the room will seem visually wider, the ceilings will gain the missing height. If you decorate the windows with roller blinds of a material that is consonant with the partition, the design of the Khrushchev will become complete, self-sufficient.

Vertical blinds - a good attribute for modern design styles. They are typical for the zoning of rooms with minimalist decoration - without additional furniture, accessories and an abundance of interior textiles. In the folded state, they occupy 10–15 cm at the wall, the opened ones completely localize the selected functional angle. Such a solution is appropriate in the interiors of the manufactory type, only gaining popularity among compatriots.

Where to put the bed in a one-room Khrushchev?

Creating a secluded sleeping area is one of the primary tasks in creating an apartment with a small square meter. Well, if there is a niche - you can put a bed in it and disguise it with a mobile screen ¾ of the height of the walls. A tightly fixed non-removable partition will put such an improvised bedroom and a closet in one row - it will be uncomfortable behind it.

Designers do not recommend placing the bed directly at the entrance to the living room - it will be uncomfortable to sleep, a shaded place can put pressure on the psyche. If the family way allows, it is better to put a loft or a double model with the long side parallel to the window: in this case, you can perform zoning using the L-shaped partition-curtains.

If the lighted area is already occupied, and the bed has to be placed at the beginning of the room, get elegant floor lamps with a long leg and place them at the headboard on both sides - a cozy light will help to level the angular location in the entrance area. A partition or screen is relevant here as never before: a sense of intimacy, solitude will brighten the absence of a window.

Alteration of a corner one-room apartment allows for a more practical division of space - the presence of an additional window significantly expands the potential of the room. This question is particularly relevant if there are children in the family - they need to master the areas with the maximum coverage of natural light.

If the task of creating the illusion of a two-room apartment or settling in a studio is not worth it, the berth is placed in the middle - this is the point of reference, a key interior accent.

Very small apartments are not made to equip the bed - it is inferior in practicality and functionality of the folding sofa. During the day it is a place of rest, reception of guests, at night - a full-sized bed, convenient for spouses of any age.

But what about the bed for guests? In Khrushchev there is hardly a place for a folding bed, so you should keep a high-quality inflatable or wadded mattress in the closet.

How to correctly enter the furniture? Arrangement of functional areas from the hallway to the kitchen

Interior designers advise that you limit yourself to a multi-functional minimum: the more designs, the less living space.

Subtleties of arrangement of the residential segment

The interior of a one-room Khrushchev must be divided into sectors. A key item (the largest) and related items (creating an entourage) are set in each of them:

  • Sleeping area - a bed, compact cabinets or bedside tables. The headboard can be equipped with shelves, a place of fastening stylized lamps. It is desirable that the bottom serves as an additional storage area with a good capacity. Pedestal models are successful solutions, their height serves as natural zoning, the base is equipped with boxes;
  • Guestbook - a small sofa or a couple of chairs with a coffee table. If desired, a soft group can be replaced by a round dining table and comfortable chairs. In the same segment is a TV - in a hover or in a shallow wall rack;
  • Working - ergonomic table and chair, thoughtful lighting, narrow rack or shelves. If possible, it is better to re-equip the sill for this purpose;
  • Children's - loft bed will be difficult to enter, as the height of the ceiling in Khrushchev rarely exceeds 2.5 meters, it is better to stop the choice on a comfortable bed, desktop and cabinet for toys, office.

If desired, you can also place a closet, which will also become a partition.

Conceived arrangement of furniture will produce the expected effect only if order is maintained in all rooms. Self-discipline and the love of purity work wonders: the small size of the Khrushchev is compensated by clear details.

Transforming a miniature kitchen and bathroom

The design of the kitchen will be comfortable L-shaped headsets, fully using the wall from floor to ceiling. Standard built-in modifications allow you to rationally alter every square centimeter, introduce a compact hood, roomy refrigerator. An excellent move is to purchase a hob with 3 burners, it is also convenient as the traditional one, but takes up less space. The ideal place for washing is the docking corner. The size of the dining table depends on the number of tenants, the purchase of an expandable or folding model can be a farsighted step.

When arranging a bathroom, it is worth thinking about replacing the bowl with a universal shower cabin. In this case, space is made for a large washing machine. The space under the sink should be given to the shelves and drawers. If the bathroom is separate, the upper part of the walls above the toilet (which does not disturb the residents of high growth) can be allocated to additional storage systems.

Expansion of the hallway

In Khrushchev, it has a symbolic area, and often this limitation becomes the cause of inevitable cluttering. To bring square meters in order, it is necessary to put a closet here. Firstly, it will help to unload the living room - in it you can fit and clothes, and infrequently used household items. Secondly, the outerwear will be removed from the eyes, the room will look more neat.

So that the shoes do not lie in disarray, take a look at the newest models of shoemakers - they are compact, have a beautiful design, amazingly roomy.

When choosing furniture for all functional areas, materials of light shades should be in priority: they are easier to perceive, create a high mood, visually push the walls apart.

Clearly undervalued room - balcony

Even 4 additional square meters can play into the hands of the owners - it is only important to properly equip them. And if the balcony covers the hall and the kitchen? This is almost the second room!

Unfortunately, the majority of small-sized owners devote the fate of a warehouse to a balcony. Here over the years accumulate things that do not have a regular use, even glazed areas remain neglected. First of all, it is necessary to get rid of everything that has not been taken in the last year - it means that it will not be needed any further.

Overhaul of housing may be accompanied by the removal of the separating door and window, the window space. It is rarely possible to obtain permission to demolish a window sill - usually it is part of the supporting structures. In this case, it is possible to leave it as a natural partition - the absence of upper delimiters will still allow us to consider the space from the entrance to the room to the outer glass as a whole.

There is also a simpler solution - the use of a balcony as separate residential square meters. Both options include the installation of reinforced glass and high-quality thermal insulation of the floor, walls and ceiling.

How can I use the balcony:

  • as a workshop where shelves are being introduced, a window sill is turned into a wide tabletop (if this is not possible, custom-made furniture is made), lockers are hung from the ceiling; here you can do handicrafts, sew, devote time to men's hobbies;
  • as a gym - depending on the area, you can install a folding lightweight model of a treadmill, ellipse, rowing or exercise bike, build in the wall bars, put a stepper and dumbbell rack. If a plasma panel is installed on the side surface, sports will be accompanied by a corresponding visual line, along it there will be shelves for towels, sportpit, bottles and other accessories;
  • as a guest bedroom - you need a full-sized bed, the width of which is ideal for a balcony, you can even take care of a stylized canopy, a fluffy carpet, provide a compact table or cabinet;
  • in the form of a cabinet for one or two. Associated attributes - reworked window sill in the entire length of the room, small office chairs, racks, table lamps, organizers;
    as a relaxation zone - you need to put a hookah, introduce a mini-bar, find a couple of comfortable chairs.

Even if the balcony is quite tiny, you can make a pantry out of it - a place for systematic storage of tools, home canned food, sports equipment, household appliances. To properly organize the space, it is worth using frame racks of wooden or lightweight metal panels, plastic and cardboard boxes with lids, metal baskets.

For convenient control of the amount of penetrating light, you can take note of classic or roller blinds - they do not steal the useful space, fit snugly to the frame, thereby excluding gaps. If the balcony is a working area, care should be taken to introduce spotlights.