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How to make beautiful slopes on the door? (21 pictures)


Installing a new interior or front door adversely affects the appearance of the opening. In addition, between the door and the opening there are cracks, due to which thermal and sound insulation is disturbed. High-quality slopes for entrance doors guarantee reliable protection against extraneous noise and heat loss. There are various options for finishing slopes using natural stone, PVC, laminate, MDF and other modern materials.



Door slope device

Slopes for doors are parts of the wall on the other side of the door frame. And if earlier they were used only to refine the opening that was damaged after the door was installed, then a wide range of materials allowed them to be used to decorate the door opening and the space as a whole.

To understand how to make the slopes on the doors, you need to imagine a layer cake. Each material layer follows a specific order. This allows for good thermal insulation, durability and visual appeal of the structure.



Popular ways to trim slopes

There are various ways to make the slopes of the front door and interior design. Different materials are used. Their choice depends on the type of door, features of the opening and the design of the room as a whole. You can trim slopes with plastic, wood, laminate, decorative stone and other decorative materials. Each option has a number of advantages and disadvantages and is best suited in each case.


Making a doorway with drywall is quite a popular, but laborious process. After the sheets are installed, it is necessary to putty on it, and then paint or paste it with wallpaper. Only in this case, the surface will be neat and beautiful.



Decorative plaster

Installation of slopes with decorative plaster is similar to the previous version. The decorative solution is applied on the previously applied layer of the solution. However, decorative plaster differs texture, so the draft layer does not necessarily do perfectly smooth.

The advantages of this method include a wide color palette, the ability to do the work yourself. In addition, you can buy decorative plaster with the addition of stone powder. It is characterized by visual appeal and high strength. Among the minuses should highlight the cost of materials and the complexity of the work.


Making the slopes of the front door MDF - the easiest and fastest method of performing work. The slopes of the panels can withstand a significant load without the formation of cracks or dents, they are not scratched, so their use is recommended even with significant operating loads.

The panels are installed without the use of special tools, and even a person without experience in construction can do it. However, MDF panels can be used only for the design of narrow slopes. Otherwise, there will be unsightly seams between them that will ruin the look of the door.




Slopes of laminate on the entrance door can be used even for deep openings. At the same time, the seams are almost invisible and are quite nice. Such slopes for interior doors or entrance structures will be inexpensive, but their modest appearance can spoil the impression of an expensive and high-quality door.

A rock

Decorating the slopes of the front door with a decorative stone is one of the most beautiful and sturdy ways to design the opening. Decorating doors with decorative stone is a long and laborious process.

Decorative stone is perfect for a private house. After making the slopes with artificial stone, the adjacent walls can be painted, covered with decorative plaster or covered with wallpaper. Independently conduct work will be done only by an experienced master.


External and internal slopes of the entrance doors can be decorated with wood. This option is suitable if the interior of the hallway is created in the same style. It is recommended to install those who prefer to use natural and environmentally friendly materials. Wooden slopes are inexpensive and easy to mount. However, in order to protect the material from damage, it is recommended to treat wooden parts with a special varnish or paint. In addition, they must be periodically updated.




One of the most accessible ways to design door slopes is the use of chipboard panels. As a rule, they are used with a large thickness of the walls. For slopes, this material is rarely used. It is not durable, badly tolerates mechanical damage and prolonged exposure to moisture.


Plastic slopes look neat, but it is quite simple. PVC panels are less durable than laminate, but their cost is much lower. They are not recommended to use for the iron door due to heavy loads.

Plastic panels are not afraid of moisture, so they can be used to design the slopes of doors in the bathroom or the kitchen, and the installation of such panels does not require special materials or experience in the construction business.

When making slopes with plastic, a strip of plastic lining is required every 10 cm. The material is easy to maintain and durable enough when used on entrance and interior openings.




It is extremely convenient when such structures are installed in the hallway, where there are several doors, for example, the entrance door and the door to the bathroom and living room. This allows you to make boxes and slopes of the material of one type. The device door in this case will take less time, and the result will be a neat appearance hallway in any style. Installation is extremely simple. And the material from which they are made, much better quality chipboard, plastic or laminate, but its cost will also be higher.




The choice of material for creating slopes depends on many factors. This should take into account the type, size, weight and material of the doors, their place of installation, the level of humidity and operating load. Materials for finishing slopes also vary in cost and complexity of the work, so to bring the doorway in the proper form, it is better to turn to professional craftsmen.