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Create a cozy interior: how to hang curtains


Curtains - a simple and integral part of almost any interior. In addition to the main protective function of sunlight, they perform aesthetic tasks. With the help of perfectly selected curtains, your house or apartment can change many times and become an island of comfort and harmony in the stone jungle of the modern metropolis.

Eaves are ceiling and wall. Ceiling cornice for curtains visually increases the space, so it is recommended for rooms with a low ceiling and a small area. This option will look great in a small bedroom, children's room or miniature kitchen. Wall cornice can be installed in a room with large full-wall windows.

There are several options for how to hang a ceiling cornice. If you intend to use tulle and curtains made of light fabrics (organza, cotton, synthetics), then you can fasten it with the help of dowels-butterflies. For dense heavy fabrics it is better to use more durable materials.

There are several types of fasteners for curtains. Some fasten only on certain eaves, others are more universal. Interior designers most often advise choosing the following fixtures:

  • Rings. Used together with metal or wooden eaves. In this case, the curtains are mounted on the rings and put on the eaves. They are easy to take off and put on, which is important if you want to remove and wash the curtains.
  • Eyelets. Curtains on the eaves fit with eyelets. Here the rings are inside the fabric. They are located at the same distance from each other. Thanks to them, beautiful symmetrical folds are formed.
  • Hooks. Convenient and beautiful option. The hook clings to a special notch in the fabric and is attached to the eaves. Hooks are placed on a special tape made of synthetic fabric. Curtains on a tape look very stylish and fit into any interior.
  • Clamps. Clips help adjust the length of the curtains. Also with their help, you can create additional folds and flounces.

It is necessary to approach the choice of fastening with all responsibility. Since curtains, for example, with grommets, it will be difficult to change them for hooks or clips.



Alternative to classical curtains: Roman curtains, muslin, pleated curtains

Roman or roller blinds firmly entered our lives. They challenged the classic curtains and became their main competitor. Roman curtain is a cornice with fabric cloth attached to it. Thanks to the control rods, you can adjust the length, opening access to sunlight, or, conversely, protecting it from the penetration of rays. Roll-curtains - a fabric analogue blinds, which are also very popular in our country.



Roller blinds are most often installed in the kitchen or in bathrooms, where the use of ordinary curtains is inconvenient and inappropriate. For the bathroom and the dining room it is worth choosing a water-repellent material that is easy to clean. It should also be quite durable.

In modern apartments, plastic windows are installed almost everywhere, so it is logical that many people are interested in fixing roller blinds on plastic windows. You can attach roman blinds on each flap, on the upper part of the frame or on the window opening (on the window). In principle, everyone decides for himself how to hang roller blinds on plastic windows in his apartment.



If you are interested in the question of whether and how to hang curtains on the balcony, then you should not worry. It is completely easy. On the loggia you can hang any kinds of curtains: from roller blinds to classic ones. You can even hang curtains (yarn) or bamboo curtains, which will protect you from bright sunshine without dimming daylight. Curtains with mustache - a beautiful option that fits into any room and fits into any interior.



Another well-proven option - pleated blinds. The name speaks for itself. Pleated - pleated fabric curtains. They look like roll-up curtains. The main advantage of plisse is their versatility. They can be installed on any type of windows.

It turned out that fixing the curtains yourself is not so difficult. It is enough to arm yourself with knowledge and confidence that everything must come out!