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Orange wallpaper in the interior of the apartment: rich colors in everyday life (23 photos)


Not everyone likes bright material for wall decoration in living quarters. According to psychologists and designers, this choice will be the ideal solution for cheerful, active and self-confident individuals. Orange wallpapers can be used as a separate element of the interior, and in combination with other colors, creating a harmonious composition.



Features of the use of finishing material

When choosing the color "orange" should be careful. He is very strong emotionally, so it is important to consider his impact on the mental state of a person.

In order for the design to look harmonious and appropriate, all the premises of an apartment or house must be designed in the same style. Making a choice in favor of such a bright finishing material for the walls, experts recommend to consider two points:

  • how color interacts with the space of the room - expands it or, conversely, narrows it;
  • what effect has on the emotional sphere of man.

Having pasted the walls with orange wallpaper, in such a room a person will be able to get peace, calm, positive emotional charge. Unlike red shades, orange does not cause aggression, but, on the contrary, increases the feeling of comfort, confidence, and improves concentration.

Designers actively use orange wallpaper in the interior of any room at home. They can be seen in the bedroom, living room, nursery, living room, in the kitchen and even in the bathroom.



Living room design

As a background for the living room will be relevant wallpaper of orange in any shade. With their help, it is possible to revive the room and improve the mood of those who are in it. Considering that this room is intended for meeting with friends and socializing in a family circle, the walls can be finished in the brightest versions. However, explosive orange paints are not suitable for small rooms; dark finishing materials should also be abandoned. Experts recommend making a choice in favor of light, neutral or muted orange shades.



Room arrangement for sleeping

Choosing a bedroom wallpaper in this color, you should be careful. This area of ​​an apartment or house should promote relaxation, rest, prepare a person for sleep. Given this purpose of the room, preference should be given to a delicate peach shade.

Traditionally, orange wallpaper can be seen in the bedroom, designed in the style of country or Provence. In this case, the appropriate combination of colors from other palettes - green or brown.



In many modern apartments you can see orange wallpaper in the kitchen. Besides the fact that such decoration of the walls makes staying in this area at home more pleasant, it also contributes to an increase in appetite.

If you used orange paper in your kitchen design, it is important to choose the right furniture and dishes for this room. On such a bright background it will look great white, green, beige, brown furniture. In cases where it is not possible to change the furniture in the kitchen, you can use these design techniques:

  • put a bowl of citrus in the center of the table: oranges, tangerines or grapefruits; these can be either real fruits or a decorative dummy;
  • use the vase to decorate the interior of the kitchen, made in the same color as the wall;
  • decorate the fridge with several magnets in orange tones;
  • hang an orange lamp shade in this area;
  • purchase pot holders, kitchen towels and a tablecloth in this bright color scheme.

For the kitchen today you can find a glossy version of the wallpaper that gives the room an attractive shine. The kitchen looks beautiful bright orange wallpaper combined with beige in the form of vertical stripes. This option will be the right choice for rooms with low ceilings. With this design, the walls will seem much higher.



Black elements of the interior are well combined with orange wallpapers in the kitchen - dishes, kitchen appliances, furniture. Vinyl wallpapers are best suited for the design of kitchen walls, as they are endowed with high strength and moisture resistance.



Orange wallpapers in other rooms

Often, orange wallpapers are used by designers when decorating other rooms in an apartment or house:

  1. Walls of orange shades for the hallway is a good solution for those rooms where there is no natural daylight or its insufficiency is noted. However, it is necessary to abandon the too bright and dark shades, a more hospitable hallway will look if the walls are arranged in soothing colors.
  2. In the children's room, both designers and psychologists recommend using wallpapers with an orange tint for calm, to some extent even phlegmatic or apathetic children. Bright and light shades will give the room cheerfulness and improve the mood of the room owner. For active children in the nursery should not make out the walls in such colors.
  3. If the other rooms of the house are decorated in orange colors, it is worth making it into the bathroom. You should not choose bright and dark tones for small rooms, so they will seem even less. For the bathroom the best would be the combination of "orange" with white or beige. If the room is spacious enough, then you can combine the orange walls with dark objects of plumbing and furniture - brown or black.

Plain wallpaper in orange colors - not the only option for the walls of modern housing. On the finishing material of this palette there are various patterns:

  • lines;
  • geometric figures;
  • flower ornaments;
  • abstract motifs;
  • oriental patterns.

The most popular are the figures in the form of geometric shapes - triangles, rhombuses, squares, arranged in a chaotic manner. Vertical or horizontal stripes of different widths also look beautiful.



Non-woven wallpaper

Flizelinovye orange wallpaper - a common version of the finishing material. It is represented by such varieties:

  • smooth;
  • relief;
  • with embossed pattern.

However, finishing material based on non-woven fabric is not suitable for all rooms. Non-woven wallpaper is a paper version, so they are not suitable for rooms with high humidity and a tendency to mechanical damage: bath, hallway, nursery and kitchen. They are most often used in interior design living room, bedroom, hall.



Top color compositions

When interior design, when the walls of the room are designed in an orange palette, it is important to observe the principle of the right combination of colors. To create a harmonious interior you should not use several shades of this bright color variant in one room.

Designers call a few shades that look harmonious with orange. All of them are divided into the following categories:

  • neutral;
  • achromatic;
  • warm
  • cold

The neutral category consists of natural beige shades. At the same time they can be both warm and cold. Designers recommend to give preference to the first version of the beige palette. If you decide to decorate the walls of the living space with a bright “orange”, use MDF or milky plastic as furniture. Admirers of restrained classics should look at the furniture of light wenge, ash, muted shades of maple, beech, alder and elm.

Achromatic colors are white and black, different shades of gray. These colors will harmoniously look "orange" of any shade. Orange color on a dark background becomes brighter and more saturated, but at the same time it does not cause discomfort and aggression.

The neutral group consists of green shades. When interior design, you can choose the wallpaper of green-orange color with different patterns. Green abstract or floral motifs on an orange background look interesting. When arranging the kitchen, you can choose a light green, pear, mint kitchen set. If you have set yourself the task of making the interior more fresh, so that it is associated with spring mood, combine “orange” with lime, avocado, and forest greens. Do not give up on the dark shades of green - emerald green, malachite, olive, khaki, fern. They will bring a sense of calm and stability to the atmosphere. Especially relevant such color combinations will be in the nursery and bedroom.