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Automatic doors: brief specifications and variations


In country houses and newbuildings it has become fashionable to make wide doorways for access to the balcony. In such cases, install glass doors to maintain a panoramic view. It is more convenient to open door leaves of such sizes with the help of automatics.

The main types of automatic doors: sliding, swing-out, hinged, folding and carousel.



The main functions of automatic drives: quiet and smooth opening / closing of doors. The devices are designed to serve both internal and external doors. We can distinguish the following principles of the device:

  • Electromechanical (installed mainly in hinged doors);
  • hydraulic.

The design consists of two sensors (as opening activators), one photocell pair (to guarantee a non-contact reverse), and a control panel.

The principle of the door leaf movement with the help of an electric motor is taken as the basis for the operation of any door model. To ensure proper automatic door opening (or closing), any model is equipped with sensors that react to movement. In the presence of movement near the door sensors give a signal to the electronic control device. And already this device starts the electric motor, which leads to the opening of the door leaf.

You can individually configure the sensor to automatically close the door in the absence of movement for some time.

Any model car has several modes of operation. Their exact work is monitored by the controller. Based on the time of year, you can program the desired work process. Standard equipment offers five modes of operation.

  • Standard process - doors provide full movement of people from both sides.
  • Winter mode - the devices do not allow the door leaf to open to the end, and slightly slow down the door in the middle of the path (this reduces the loss of warm air).
  • Mode "closed".
  • The mode is "fully open" (can be installed for the summer period).
  • Unilateral mode of operation. Allows you to control the flow of people passing.

Many auto door models have additional features that are customized individually. Thus, the open period of the leaves is set up and set, the distance from person to door, when the doors begin to open, the speed of opening the door leaf.



The security system turns on the door opening mode if the photocell detects an obstacle when the sash closes. That is, the person does not suddenly hit the doors, if he passes slowly or stayed in the doorway.

Advantages of automation:

  • convenient safe operation (guaranteed by different modes of operation and regulation of the device);
  • reliability and durability;
  • versatility (thanks to the individuality of the order, you can equip an opening of any size)
  • compatibility with various devices and systems, including the "smart home" system. Thanks to this, the door can be equipped with an electronic lock, video surveillance system.

The disadvantages of the design include the high price and regular maintenance.

This type of door is the most popular. The main requirement when installing such a model is to have enough space to move the door leaves sideways.

A separate model is considered an automatic sliding door, equipped with anti-panic hinges. The principle of its work - in the normal mode, the door functions as standard, and in an emergency, the doors open outward from strong pressure on the sash from the inside. This method of opening doors can still be useful in everyday life, when you need to bring large objects or furniture (when opening the shutter to the outside, you can maximize it).




Manufacturers offer the following designs:

  • flat (standard);
  • round (semicircular). This model is installed in buildings, the facade of which has cylindrical elements;
  • angular. It fits optimally into buildings with non-standard architecture. And you can order the door, the doors of which will open at angles from 90 to 135 degrees. It is rational to install such a design in doorways located in the corners of the room.

Qualitatively assembled round model is luxurious and perfectly decorates the facade of the house, but its cost is 2-3 times higher.




Automatic swing doors

These models are mounted in the absence of the possibility to put the sliding products. Installed hinged products are easily upgraded with drives. Actually attach the drive in several places:

  • on the door leaf;
  • on the jumper;
  • under the floor.

Swing doors can be single or double. Positive sides are excellent sound and thermal insulation. A significant drawback of the device - when opening before the door leaves there should be free space.

Automatic entrance doors

Such models are made only individually. The standard design of the swing door consists of a profile (aluminum) and a special glass leaf. Frames are issued painted. There are products made of stainless steel. To the profiles of the valves were able to withstand the strong pressure of the winds, they are made very rigid.



How to make an automatic door

Thanks to a special drive, it is possible to make the process of opening traditional mechanical doors automatic. To do this, the drive is mounted on the rail of the door mechanism, and electrical wiring is carried out according to the attached instructions. The device allows you to adjust the speed of opening / closing of the door leaf, the length of the path of movement of the door, the effort of movement of the door leaf.




By the automatic device, you can buy and install additional accessories: sensors, security photo barriers, guide handles and many other devices.
An easy maintenance of an automatic drive consists in the periodic cleaning of the door mechanism from dust.

Automatic glass doors are a great option for arranging wide doorways to terraces or balconies. It is most rational to install such models in homes / cottages equipped with a "smart home" system. Naturally, for their installation is better to use the services of professionals.