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How to choose a sofa upholstery color?

Sofa - one of the central interior items, performing several functions at once. It is intended both for a comfortable rest at night, and for watching movies with your family or for receiving guests over a cup of tea.

The choice of upholstery color is not an easy task, because the decision is made taking into account many factors: the color of the walls, flooring, other furniture and decor in the living room or bedroom. The color of the sofa should be profitably combined with other interior items, so immediately decide what color plan is implemented in your living room or bedroom:

  1. Monochrome. The monotony of color is reflected in the color of the walls and other furniture in the room. In this case, the play of shades is allowed - bright green sofas are combined with walls of light green color.
  2. Neutral. The main tone in which the bedroom or living room is decorated, suggests almost exact repetition of the wall color in the sofa upholstery, the difference is allowed only in saturation, so as not to make the room too boring.
  3. Contrast. It is based on the unity of opposites - a neutral sofa and the bright colors of the walls and floor covering, or vice versa, the rich color of the sofa in a relaxed atmosphere. Both that, and another allows to allocate visually any zone of the room, counterbalancing it with a neutral shade of walls or other furniture.
  4. Combined. Allows the unification of different areas within the same interior, combining elements that are not suitable at first glance. Suitable for those who like to experiment.

Color Type Selection

The importance of proper selection of colors affects the overall impression of the interior design in general and the harmony of the embodiment of the design idea. From this point of view, choose single-color sofas of various shades or a version of the upholstery with a pattern. The first type of furniture is easier to "fit" into the overall composition, the second involves difficulties with the selection of patterns, textures, colors in combination with textiles, curtains, flooring. But with good luck it looks just fine!

Sofa color and room type

It is necessary to select furniture depending on the area, location and purpose of the room. For the bedroom it is preferable to neutral, soothing shades, conducive to proper rest and comfort during sleep. Figure should not be large and challenging. Among such furniture is dominated by beige and white sofas, creating a peaceful, calm atmosphere in the bedroom.

With regard to the living room, this rule does not work, the furniture can be bright, and its tones are saturated. Here we welcome guests and give them the opportunity to admire our taste when choosing furniture and implementing unique design projects.

Sofa for a child's room, you can choose depending on the nature of the child. For hyperactive children, calm, neutral tones that are not irritating to the psyche are more suitable. Modest kids can add bright colors in the design of the room, including a colorful sofa.

Saturated tones in the kitchen (orange, yellow, red) will help improve appetite and energize, while people who are on a diet will be more suited to cold tones (blue, turquoise, white).

Selection of colors and a combination of its shades should be carefully thought out in order to avoid mistakes when drawing up a design project and its implementation in the conditions of a particular room.

Monochrome colors assume the presence of furniture and walls in one tone. In this case, the sofa may differ, for example, be brown with beige walls. The neutral color of the room creates a calm, not defiant atmosphere, so it is preferable to choose a sofa in pastel colors and light walls.

The necessary contrast in the form of colored walls and dim sofas, as well as colorful upholstery tones with a relatively neutral environment create an attractive interior in the living room. The combined version of the color scheme will allow you to experiment and create an original design of the room when selecting shades of colors that are not combined at first glance.

A few guidelines for choosing colors

The value of the key colors when choosing a shade sofa upholstery will help you determine the difficult choice:

  1. Red. Bright, saturated color, brings energy to any room. It can be used as a color for a romantic setting.
  2. White. Clean, neutral, fascinating, soothes the nervous system and creates a feeling of peace and cleanliness.
  3. Blue. Popular when choosing upholstery colors, especially in marine interiors, it soothes, relaxes, and pacifies. The combination of blue color with warm tones is welcomed.
  4. Orange. The color of power, energy, inspires, creates a feeling of warmth. Orange can be sofas in the kitchen and in the interior of the living room.
  5. Brown. Classic color for sofa upholstery, creates the necessary warmth and comfort. It combines with almost all other shades - beige, yellow, white, blue.
  6. Gray. Neutral, practical, allows you to create profitable combinations with other tones. Practical for a child's room, even if you have pets.
  7. Green. Attractive, bright, creates a beautiful and unusual interior with a green sofa in the center.
  8. The black. Not recommended for home, preferred for office space. It creates a strict, official, sometimes even gloomy atmosphere.
  9. Yellow. It creates a great mood, brings warmth and cheerfulness, the desire to create. Not recommended for excessive emotionality and excitability.