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Red wallpapers: all shades of passion (24 photos)


The background in the room sets a special mood. A lot depends on what shades of finishing material dominate in the interior. Red wallpaper is a powerful design tool. Having chosen several necessary shades and texture, and also having defined the design concept, it is possible to form a truly exclusive installation, exuding chic and cosiness at the same time.

The interior in red colors always looks especially charming and magical. Red wallpaper and any scarlet accents can completely change the situation in the room. Consider the most fashionable trends in contemporary interior art to ensure the special "magical" qualities of fiery decoration.



All facets of "passion"

Before planning the design of the apartments, using red wallpaper in the interior, it is worthwhile to carefully study the most trendy tones of the palette. There are several global categories, each of which will play in its own way in one or another interior composition:

  • Bordeaux and wine palette. These are saturated red, claret, crimson, purple shades. Dark wine tones perfectly complement the interior in the living room. Non-woven wallpaper with original texture and gold lettering will be an exquisite addition to the boudoir composition;
  • Poppy shades. These are quite bright "representatives" of the palette. They are well complemented monochrome wallpaper white and black and silver colors. Such combinations are recommended for the design of playing or working areas, where the stimulation of human activity is in priority;
  • Pale tones. Paper wallpapers, non-woven or “liquid”, resembling saturated pastel rather than bright canvas, are used to give the interior a special warmth, comfort, refinement, or even some intimacy.

Red wall-paper for walls is most often used with the purpose simply, but effectively to place accents indoors. For lovers of bold solutions, you can offer "total red" in combination with small zones of "peace", where lighter and more delicate color solutions will be used.

Wall-paper of red color will become a powerful stimulator of mental activity and physical activity. The human mind simply cannot ignore the scarlet tones. Actual all representatives of this color category (in particular, pink, purple, terracotta shades) personify joy, solemnity, pretentiousness and positive.

Beautiful red wallpapers of all types and textures perfectly complement virtually any interior, giving the composition a special refinement and respectability. They are well combined with any finishing materials, furniture of different formats, give a special gloss to textile additions in the interior.

The disadvantages of finishing in red

Too intense "active" color of finishing materials in certain situations can significantly overload the human nervous system. Red wallpaper in the kitchen or in the game room, bathroom or bathroom will always be relevant, but in the bedroom, children's room and other locations where you need to relax and unwind, the red wallpaper may not show its best.



In order for a room with red wallpaper to look stylish, spacious and cozy, you must carefully consider the interior, taking into account the smallest details. Sometimes unnecessarily bright colors with an inappropriate pattern make the room visually smaller. The same "surprise" can be expected from the dark maroon shades.

Dear classic, spectacular rococo or ornate and extraordinary baroque designers like to emphasize the finish in red. To create a spectacular interior in a classic style, it is necessary to remember the following features and characteristics of this area:

  • Wallpaper with red flowers look good on non-woven base with embossed;
  • Well emphasize the concept of strict classic "strip". Scarlet muted color goes well with white, cream or soft pearl shades;
  • Vinyl red wallpaper is better to choose more light "poppy" shades that can give the interior the desired lightness, peace of mind, peace;
  • Black and red wallpaper in the bedroom looks good with a pattern of "Damascus." A good similar decoration will play on the contrast with snow-white stucco in a similar style, as well as with a molding of golden, biscuit tones;
  • If the combination of red wallpaper and massive wooden furniture seems too gloomy, bright wall lamps and unusual lamps will help to “lighten” the design structure;
  • Damask ornaments can complement the stripes trim with radically different colors (bottle green, purple, navy blue, chocolate, black);
  • Wallpapers in the hall or trellis in the kitchen will significantly “revive” the design, if one of the canvases shows original paintings or photo installations. Large photo wallpapers with a picture can show ancient drawings, landscapes of ancient courtyards, natural motifs.




It is important to correctly use vintage accessories, which only strengthen the design concept. It is worth remembering that the red wallpaper in the living room, bedroom or kitchen are just a favorable background. Classic create details and rich decor.

Refined East in a modern apartment

Red wallpaper in the interior of the living room, personifying the best elements of the East, can be found most often. Indeed, it is the rich oriental flavor that can be emphasized with red tones in particular advantageous.



The concept of "traditional oriental style" today does not have any clear boundaries. The theme involves the use of Chinese characters, and Arabic embroidery, and Indian ornaments. Color remains unchanged: deep, saturated, languid, exuding ardor and spiritual passion.

Nevertheless, it is worth highlighting two key areas:

  • Arabic style;
  • Asian direction.

Red wallpaper in the bedroom in the Arabic style will create an erotic sophisticated atmosphere. For the formation of a special mood, you can even abandon traditional furniture, picking up exclusively the elements that have traditionally been used in the expensive apartments of the Arab rich. The special esteem is a trellis of rich warm colors, ornate patterns, gold patterns, intricate images with winding lines, and stripes.



For the Asian direction, calm neutral tones are characteristic for wall and ceiling decoration. Non-woven wallpaper or vinyl will not be very appropriate, but terracotta rice lanes or "bamboo" with an unobtrusive ornament will be able to emphasize the originality of the style.



The interiors in the English style are the perfect combination of rigor and sophistication. There is always a harmony of bright colors and rich accents. “Antique” furniture, ascetic striped non-woven wallpapers, old-fashioned posters on the walls: a lot of details that embody the English style and lifestyle, get on together perfectly in modern apartments.

Traditional restraint is not always appropriate in the bedroom. Such an interior will not be appreciated by a teenager, but such a color may reign in a study or living room. For those who do not decide to totally modify the room, living room or kitchen, you can choose a bathroom or a corridor as a location for experiments. Also interesting will look the English red wallpaper in the hallway.




All who are not alien to the English charm, should be aware of the following rules for decoration:

  • Non-woven wallpaper with a striped or other print most organically look burgundy, red and terracotta with elements of gold, pink or lilac tints;
  • To create an old English interior, it is better to use liquid wallpaper, combining matte finish of the walls with decorative elements “brickwork”. Well complement the interior fireplace;
  • On the walls can be natural scenes, floristry, strict geometry (wallpaper with stripes, diamonds, squares);
  • The ornament from classical curls and the Scottish cell effectively looks;
  • For a change, red or terracotta wallpapers for the kitchen are combined with inserts of wooden slats or panels.

Consider materials for wall decoration in red can be very long. In fact, any style comes to life on a red background. However, to avoid annoying mistakes, it is necessary to work with a scarlet palette with extreme caution.