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Pink curtains in the home interior (24 photos)


Pink - the result of a combination of white with all sorts of red shades. In the interior pink can be used as a basis, and as an auxiliary color accent. The room, fully decorated in pink, inhibits monotony and needs contrasting color splashes.

Fashion for pastel pink

Pink palette: pastel, dusty and powdery shades are again in demand by leading designers in the design of interiors. Of particular interest are pale pink, pink and white, ashy and dusty shades.




"Rose Quartz" is the leading color of 2019 according to the international institute of Pantone color, which sets global trends.

Powder shades appeared in the living rooms and boudoirs of Parisian nobility in the first half of the 18th century and have since become a characteristic feature of the classic interior of small rooms. Pastel colors faded away from the beginning of the world wars and returned only in the 1950s. During this period, "pink design" is experiencing a peak of popularity.

Modern fashion for the pink interior is associated with the style of midcentury and is caused by nostalgia for the golden middle of the last century.



The combination of pink curtains with different colors and shades

Pink shades can convey the mood of tenderness and carelessness, freshness and lightness. For this fit crimson and sky-pink.

Pink curtains of exquisite classic shades:

  • ashen;
  • beige;
  • pearl pink;
  • gray-pink.

Curtains of dark pink color are perfectly combined with light and pastel tones, taken as a basis in the interior of the room.



The pink shade cannot be completely balanced with blue - a third color is needed, for example, white.

Mysterious, fabulous and one of the most beautiful combinations: lilac / purple / pink.

Satin coral curtains wonderfully frame white window frames. On a sunny day, the whole room is lit with a delicate pink light. Pink silk purple curtains and curtains of tulle or organza look elegantly.

Preference should be given monotonous curtains. They should differ from the general color of the room by at least a few tones.



Pink curtains in the interior of the nursery

In the nursery or the girl room pick up pink curtains of pastel shades. The combination of pink with two light shades of other colors, for example: white and pistachio, looks tender and fresh. It is appropriate classic calm combination of light pink and milk blue.

Roman curtains of rich pink color are appropriate for a child's room, which faces north and is poorly lit during the day. Fuchsia curtains will refresh the room with dark furniture.
To create a fabulous child's atmosphere, use curtains or drapes with floral patterns or images of magical creatures.

The blackout curtains for the maiden gray-pink hue with delicate monograms or floral patterns will create sound insulation and complete rest of the child.




The pearl-gray neutral tones of the bedroom go well with the curtains of deep pink rich shades. The bedroom, designed in beige or light colors, together with gray-pink curtains speaks of restrained elegance.

To choose pink curtains in the bedroom is to create a romantic and feminine atmosphere. The contrast of pink powder with gray wallpaper adds sensuality to the interior.



Create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom will allow curtains pink milky shade. They are exclusively combined with lavender and gray-blue, light green.

Full blackout of the bedroom - blackout curtains. The blackout curtain called blackout (full blackout) falls in a uniform wave and is very good in powder shades.

The bedroom in white color with pale pink curtains and natural cherry wood furniture looks gently and feminine.

Curtains for the hall

Exquisitely combining gray-pink curtains, light wallpaper and pastel-pistachio decoration of the halls and guest rooms. Pink curtains and copper or silver home furnishings - the richest combination.
Curtains in the hall, combination with other shades:

  • powdery / young greens and dogwood;
  • beige-pink / hazelnut;
  • cream pink / light turquoise;
  • saturated pink / golden.

The above color combinations are developed by the Institute of Color. They echo the flowers of nature, inspire, but do not depress the nervous system. In the interior of the hall, you can use curtains with lambrequin in the proposed color combinations.





Kitchen curtains

For the kitchen and dining room fit all sorts of bright options for pink curtains as a color accent. The combination of pastel background and pink kitchen curtains can be diluted with small pink patches, presented in various details: upholstery, pillow, vases, paintings, lampshades.

Curtains in the kitchen can vividly contrast with the general mood of the room. Among the interesting combinations: pink with gold or warm yellow.



For the interior of the dining room will suit the main warm chocolate color in the ensemble with pastel pink curtains. Gray-pink (dusty curtains) successfully contrasted with the surfaces of eggplant shade.

Bright pink (margenta) paired with black - a bold and expressive design of the hall in modern style.



Pink curtains - require inspiration and skillful approach to the combination of pink hue with other colors. Atmospheric, delicate and feminine pink curtains should be sewn only from expensive fabrics. Saving on the material of the curtains will result in the loss of the appearance of the entire room. In addition, cheap fabric quickly loses color saturation under the influence of sunlight.