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Gifts for March 8 do-it-yourself: ideas relevant to women's day (54 photos)

Everyone knows that the spring period begins in March. And let this month be capricious, unpredictable, but there is something good in it. For example, the feast of all women. In the shops on this date, everything is filled up with flowers and chocolate, and on the shelves are built the whole pyramids of champagne and sweets.

However, you see, you always want to create a surprise by hand and give something extraordinary, cooked from the heart, therefore gifts for March 8 with your own hands will never lose relevance and will never replace that many boxes of chocolates that are sold on this day in stores. So, we offer you some unusual, and sometimes practical ideas for self-made gifts.

DIY photo project

Want something extraordinary? One of the ideas of a creative gift is a photo collage. Colleagues for a gift on March 8, with their own hands, you can make, for example, stories from photos. Everyone will be pleased to look at the joint photographs made at work. On March 8, Grandma will like the family tree you have created as a gift. For your second half, your beloved girlfriend on March 8, as a gift with your own hands, it is possible to make a heart laid out of your joint photo cards.

Children can build, for example, a photo frame with their own and your strengths. As an option, you can recreate not a banal frame, but original photo holders and holders.

A great gift would be a pillow, which again will be your shared photographs. This version of the product is suitable, for example, his beloved wife. Especially if you print on a soft little photo from the wedding photo.

Paper Flowers and Sweet Bouquets

If that nice lady, to whom you will give a gift, loves flowers, here you can also come up with some original options. For example, we make presents for March 8 with our own hands in the form of an extraordinary bouquet. You can put in wrapping paper, for example, sweets or even soft toys.

Many donors are happy to stop their choice on potted plants. Of course, this is not a very original gift, but if you decorate it with craft paper or a piece of cloth, the plant will take on a completely different look. Add here a tag with a wish, and your gift is ready!

By the way, lately indoor flowers in mugs have become particularly popular. Transplant the primrose in the tea pair, and your beautiful gift for March 8 is ready!

Need a gift for a friend on March 8? Is she a lover of all "chocolate and marmalade"? In her purse in a secret pocket is always a few sweets? Then boldly prepare a bouquet of candy! Not? Then consider the ideas of current gifts further.

We are surrounded by warmth and care.

If you love and know how to sew and knit, then you can create a festive mood with the help of interesting and functional home appliances. So, for example, if you really know how to hold a needle in your hands, then it will not be difficult for you to sew something simultaneous warm and useful for the house - for example, tacks with a spring motif or aprons made in the favorite color of the ladies.

If you want to show your imagination and make a gift will be able even to those who do not have the skill of sewing and knitting. For example, you can buy a base model and wrap it with a cloth, paper, beads, or even lace. You can also simply purchase a beautiful vase and, as a supplement, tie a beautiful lace napkin to it.

Dear and cute postcards

Naturally, no women's holiday passes without such an important moment as postcards for March 8. You can always attract children to this process, because they like to create unusual things out of paper!

Alternatively, you can make volumetric cards with your own hands with paper flowers. The necessary materials for making a gift of this type are always at hand. Such greetings with drop-down hearts, cakes and paper flowers are called pop-art postcards. If you do everything right, the manufacture will take no more than 10-15 minutes.

Pleasant surprises for the closest

What gifts for small and adult girls for March 8 can be prepared with your own hands? You can, for example, upgrade a large office, which schoolgirls are never superfluous. Various calendars and notebooks depicting different countries and home photos are a great option for both schoolgirls and employees. It can also be a great gift to the teacher on March 8 with your own hands. You can also purchase acrylic paints, a nice mug and put on it an unusual ornament or a cool inscription. And you can make a fairy tale "clothes" for the cup, which will warm not only the cup, but also its owner with its warmth. Bracelets woven with their own hands are a great option. It can be, for example, decorations from large beads, from different satin ribbons or from beads and ribbons at the same time.

What else can you give a nice lady?

We have already reviewed the most interesting options for gifts, but here are some more ideas. An interesting option is a handmade bag. Also crafts made of felt will always be relevant, because for needlework this material is a real luxury, it is so malleable and convenient. For example, with the help of this material, you can make a stand under the teapot or cup, glasses cases, tablets, and even pencil cases. The latter will be a particularly good gift for schoolchildren. Also made of felt will be a great option not only practical things, but also decorative - for example, a bouquet of flowers, which can be very useful for this holiday.

Pleasant sweets and not only

It is no secret that almost all ladies are delighted with sweets, and therefore, they, sweets, can be prepared for March 8. Of course, it is easy for those who are already engaged in pastry business professionally and can easily bake a delicious cake or cake set on March 8. But what about those who have only basic knowledge?

Alternatively, you can make something from a classic kitchen - for example, apple strudel or carrot pie. Do not forget to sprinkle it with confectionery dressing and decorate with craft paper and satin ribbon.

So, now you must have decided for yourself what to choose as a gift. Agree that such a surprise is much more economical than what will be bought in the store, and the heat in it is much more.