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Sea curtains for the children's room: beautiful and original (22 photos)


Many children dream of traveling to fabulous countries and fun adventures. If your child is one of those who wants to go on a ship to the unknown shores, help him build his own cabin or even a whole ship. Make your son or daughter happy by registering a room in a nautical style. To create such an interior will have to work hard and pay attention to many details, one of them are curtains.



Color selection

Marine themes in the interior is impossible without certain colors: blue, blue and white. In addition, the traditional colors can be complemented by such shades as:

  • white;
  • green;
  • beige;
  • sand;
  • turquoise;
  • brown;
  • yellow;
  • red.

Since the main palette is cold, it is important not to overdo it with its dosage. Light shades of blue should be chosen for small rooms in order to visually expand their boundaries. Especially good they will look in the nursery, facing the sunny side. So the room will look spacious and fresh. Yellow and sand colors will help you to add feelings on the beach.

In large and well-lit bedrooms, you can use rich shades of blue and green, but their excess will darken the room too much, so dilute bright colors with white or beige.

To diversify the color palette, refer to red or orange. However, remember that they can only be used as accents, because the maritime theme implies the predominance of blue.

Psychologists have proven that shades of blue have a beneficial effect on the psyche. They soothe and pacify. In such colors to rest well after a busy day. So it will be a great choice for an active child’s bedroom.

Types of curtains

Curtains in the marine style for the nursery are distinguished by their diversity. Consider a few of the most popular window design options.




Traditional option

The classic design method is the use of textiles with stripes of blue and white colors. Most often, the bands are arranged horizontally, but no one forbids to choose a vertical or diagonal orientation. Such decor is associated with sailors' vests, therefore, boys who present themselves at the helm of the ship will like it. This curtain design is suitable for rooms decorated in a minimalist style. Regarding the choice of fabric, give preference to natural fabrics: linen, cotton or silk.







When you design a window in a nautical style, you can create an image of "sail". Thin light fabrics (tulle, organza, satin) are attached to the main cornice. After that, the bottom of the curtain is fixed on the side with grabs for curtains or hooks, creating the appearance of sails filled with wind. The role of the sea will be played by vertical drapes of deep blue color, hung on the sides of the window. It is possible to use curtains of coarse flax, cotton and or jeans.

You can arrange the window opening with tulle imitating the waves of the sea, and add a thick curtain with a picture of a pirate sail to the picture. This option will please the boys who love the game of sea bandits.

Roman curtains

Roman style curtains in the sea - a great modern option. This design is best for narrow windows. These short curtains are easy to adjust using the lace mechanism. They can be lowered to protect the room from excessively bright light, or raised, so that the sun's rays easily fall inside.

The advantage of these curtains is not only in ease of use. Roman blinds - the perfect solution for those who do not want to spend time creating a textile composition. Modern models are made with already applied realistic drawings that will allow to convey the beauty of the sea.



The interior in the maritime style will not look complete if you do not use decorative elements that emphasize the chosen theme.

For boy

Rooms for boys most often make out in ship style. This direction originated from the design of rooms on cruise liners, yachts or pirate ships. For such design are actively used such details:

  • sea ​​map or globe;
  • compass;
  • Lifebuoy;
  • steering wheel;
  • anchor;
  • flags;
  • sailboat models;
  • binoculars or telescope;
  • rope ladder;
  • massive treasure chest.

If we talk about color combinations, then white, blue, blue and red are typical for this underlay. The furniture is preferable from a natural tree of dark shades.




For girl

Girls' rooms are usually more romantic and tender. They look as if it is housing located on the seashore. In the design of the walls used pastel colors, white furniture or light shades of wood. Fittings on furniture fronts can be made in the form of marine life (for example, skates or stars).

The decorative elements are:

  • seashells;
  • corals;
  • bottles of messages;
  • paintings or drawings on the marine theme;
  • soft toys in the form of inhabitants of the sea or textiles with their images.

Observe the measure in the decor, do not overload the overall composition of the room. No need to buy or make all of the listed attributes. Let there be a few things, but they will be of high quality and appropriate in concept.

Maritime theme is great for decorating children's bedrooms. Using our tips, you can easily create an original and comfortable room that will appeal to your child.